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Very strenuous .Beautiful.

This set of falls is stunning! The hike is extremely short as well as incredibly easy. The hike takes less than ten minutes, starting from the parking area and there are a multitude of places to swim along the way if you wish. Once at the falls, there is an observation deck built to view the falls or you can hop off the side and walk directly to the water. Additionally, there is an extremely strenuous climb to the top of the falls which you can do if you wish to see the falls from above. Lots of cute critters and foliage to view at the falls and there is also some cool bits of history placed alongside the trail itself. I cannot wait to do this one again

Short walk to an absolutely beautiful fall! My Jeep Compass performed perfectly on the dirt drive to the location. Lots of mushrooms and pretty ferns to view along the walk. Overnight camping is permitted in select areas surrounding the waterfall if you wish. I cannot wait to walk this one again in the winter!

Loved this trail, lots of great waterfalls to see. Not being in best shape I would still consider this trail somewhat moderate but absolutely worth it!

Left the trail and beelined it down slope towards the falls. Immediately got attacked by yellow jackets, found a crashed airplane, got right on the lower falls and had a blast. Climbing back up through the dense foliage after the yellow jacket attack wasn’t fun but the day was great with lots of amazing photos.

This trail is a moderate to easy trail! The views are beautiful and the water is cold but feels so good to swim in! It took around 45-50 mins up at a normal pace and a little less than 40 mins down!

10 days ago

These Falls are amazing and worth the trip!

A MUST!!!!
BEAUTIFUL waterfalls (way bigger than I imagined) and stream along the hike. Really an ideal hike- little over 1.5 mile one way, areas of steep climb, enough to get your heart rate up. Well-marked trail in orange.
Took us ~ 1 hr 15 min driving from DT GVL.

Nice short hike with a great payoff at the falls.

This was an amazing start to the many trails we covered this weekend. The trails are navigatable but I used walking sticks to help a little climb up and down the terrain. Going to the bottom was well worth it. A family brought a picnic and sat on the rocks at the first area of falls to enjoy the scenery. So worth it if you want to try your skills at hiking along tree roots to get around.

best waterfall trails in the state...two great falls on this trail....bring your shorts so you can get a swim in at turtleback

Mostly an easy hike up a muddy trail alongside a creek. It was a pretty forest setting and the falls themselves are viewed from an observation area built a hundred feet or so from the waterfalls. When the water is lower you can approach the falls on the rocks right below them. But a pretty view all around.

Extremely easy walk along a paved path from the parking lot. Seemed like a ten minute walk at most. But the waterfall is beautiful and you can see it from an observation deck.

Wonderful trail! Very rocky and wet in places, but I had fun!

Absolutely beautiful! I’m new to hiking and out of shape but it was easy for me. Very short hike, but took a bit of time to get to the bottom because of careful footing. So worth it!!! After parking, it took just a couple minutes to the Falls. The trail to the left leads to one waterfall, then to the right 3 more waterfalls. Camping areas were spacious and fairly clean (especially for being the day after Labor Day.) It was pretty muddy and rocky but so much fun. Bring LOTS of bug spray

1 month ago

Please do not use Busted Rock Rd for access to Reece Place Falls. This is a private road on private property and is not an access point for Headwaters State Forest. There is signage and a gate for a reason, please do not use this road.

Beautiful falls! The trail was challenging but fun. My 11 year old was a little nervous going down but we made it. Great swimming at the bottom.

We wanted to camp and swim but it rained almost the whole time we were there. The gates close at 8:30, so if you changed your mind about camping after that (because of rain) you can’t get out. Also, all but one campsite had been reserved- the vacant one had had bear sightings! The actual trail tho is very well marked and maintained. There are lots of cool mushrooms and flowers along the way and the river/falls are some of the best I’ve seen! There are signs posted that say swimming is prohibited due to dangerous currents- we even saw a memorial to a dog who’d been swept away! There are small pools to wade in, however. I want to go again when it’s not raining!

Awesome hike — I recommend going to the top of the falls and walking out on some of the bigger rocks that approach the edge. We picnicked up there and it was great! Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit for once you get to the falls, too.

This is not an easy trail if you are starting at the foothills trail. It was challenging climbing over some of the rocks with my 4 year old, and the path was pretty narrow at times. Nevertheless, the view of the falls was beautiful.

easily the best hike to waterfalls in the state of NC....

1 month ago

Excellent waterfall that is very secluded.

When turning on to Busted Rock road there was a sign stating no state park access. There was a gate blocking the road .2 mile prior to the trail head on Busted Rock Road with a sign that stated do not enter but that didn’t stop us. The trail head was on the left about .2 mile, if you get to the creek you have gone too far. It was an easy trail and easy to follow with great pay off. However at the end the trail got a little dicey, this was amplified by the fact we were doing the trail with a 3 year old and a 9 month old. Shouldn’t be a problem if you are comfortable crossing streams and some what agile.

Not sure why the gate is closed and if this trail should even be access but a great fall.

Great Trails! Bring a truck for the 2 mile long drive down the gravel road

Nice forest, well marked trails and two waterfalls

Not a fan. This trail is not well maintained, which increases its difficulty. It’s also worth noting that this is not a destination trail to the falls, but rather some falls located along 24 miles of total trail.

We took kids ages 7 and 3. Okay for the seven year old, not for the 3. I’ll pass on doing this one again.

1 month ago

An extremely easy hike with a great scenic view the end.

Make sure to visit all three levels of the falls. My dog and I took a quick dip in the lowest level and it was amazing! Very easy hike although the trails to the falls can be precarious.

Great views of the falls, stairs are new and easy to climb

2 months ago

Absolutely fabulous hike! Not really difficult, but can be a little muddy and slippery at parts. I highly suggest going all the way to the turtleback waterfall. Also, try going on the rocks (dry ones) that are a little bit off-path to get really good shots. We were warned about copperheads, but did not encounter any.

Have only done the upper portion from the parking lot to platform. Very easy. Post fire rebuild is excellent.

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