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My family and I walked this trail. We aren't seasoned hikers, so this trail was moderate for us. A few steep hills here and there, but we got it done. Some areas had loose rocks so be careful of those. We were definitely tired when we got home. Had some beautiful views of the lake, but the brush around the trail is very high so the views were few and in between. Still a great hike! We started at Vista Point.

2 days ago

Some nice views along the way but after doing so many hikes in Sequoia NP, King's Canyon, Tahoe, Big Bear and Mammoth, I was left wanting more from this hike. Yes, I know I sound like a spoiled child :) It's a good workout though. I kept thinking "this is such an easy hike. why is it rated hard?" Then we hit the ascent :) The ascent takes some time just to get to so it's easy to be lulled into thinking it's an easy hike. The ascent isn't unbearable or all that grueling but once you start climbing up and up and up and up, you begin to understand why it's rated as hard. We were disappointed at the end of the trail when it simply ended and hit a paved road. We were hoping for a majestic lookout. A reward for our efforts to get to the top. If that's what you are looking for, you're going to have to continue the hike out to Reyes Peak. Also, be aware that while AllTrails lists the hike as 7.1 miles, it's significantly longer than that. We clocked it at over 10 miles. This is a nice trail for a good workout and some pretty views along the way. We only saw one other person on the trail. Bring a lot of water. There was zero water on the trail.

Beautiful 5.5 hour round-trip hike through four different ecosystem levels. First section goes through big rock formations -- several false trails though, which I mistakenly followed on the way up and the way down. Next, level section goes thru lovely treed meadows with red and blue and silver shrubs and passes the first shaded campground. Third section begins the main climb thru bright red manzanitas and small boulders and pine trees, and you start to see the amazing view open up all the way to the coast. The final section is the steepest part and passes thru huge old pine trees and boulders and becomes much cooler than the lower sections (bring layers) -- also passes by Chorro Springs campground but zero water running. The Channel Islands now come into view on the far horizon -- wow! Had enough daylight to check out the Reyes campground off the road at the top -- great views and the one-lane paved road seemed surprisingly well maintained. What I appreciated about the trail is how you can see the ridge you're hiking to from the start -- no false summits -- and that the trail was well trodden and easy to follow except at the rock formations at the bottom. Came across poopy toilet paper strewn around the trail near the bottom and packed it out. Come on folks. Birds and lizards abound and lots of scat on the trail but no other wildlife sightings. Logged 13.8 miles and 280 stories. 3 liters of water was just right with temps in the low 70s.

The Cold Spring trailhead on East Mountain Dr. is closed. Not sure how people are hiking this, unless they accessed the trail from another point?

I did this hike yesterday 11/5/18 for the first time. There was little water in the river. Areas were effected by the Thomas fire. Flowers were starting to grow, few white poppies. I liked the gradual elevation and steps. At the top there was a lot of loose gravel and the trail got narrow. We didn’t make it to the top. We stopped at two miles when we turned back. My left foot slipped off the trail because of the loose gravel. Lucky it was just my left leg and I was able to catch my fall with my hands. Be careful when you get higher up. There was some shade at first and then mostly sun.

One of my favorite hikes in Santa Barbara. Great views all throughout.
Moderate hike

16 days ago

Beautiful fall day!! About 80 degrees. Very warm on some of the ascent. Nice to see some water in the creek. Quite a lot of horse traffic!! It was a strenuous hike for us but reached the Pine camp! Recommend morning!! It was a little tricky to
Find the trail head on the grounds of the school! Trekking poles were very helpful!

this trail needs some love. very loose surface. 500ft from the top there are 2 slides that are 10-15ft across and extremely dangerous to pass. we turned back. not safe.

23 days ago

it takes longer to drive here. Beautiful hike but stop at Potrero John on the way down for a more full filling day.

The trail is closed! Super disappointed I was not aware of this before I made my trek over there.

1 month ago

Love that Jesusita connects you to other trails giving you a choice to seek more or turn right back and seek more maybe another day.

well kept up trail..great to bring your best friend..very enjoyable

Beautiful trail with breathtaking views towards the end. Also, a nice workout, especially the last mile or so. We also didn’t see any rattle snakes, which was a welcome relief.

Completed the hike today with my dog. The first portion of the hike is very easy, almost flat. Once the trail splits, stay to the right. If you go to the left, you'll end up at Haddock Peak.
After the trail split, it leads you up several switchbacks that are relatively steep. The soft ground coupled with fallen pine needles could make it easy to slip. Next time I will bring a hiking stick for extra footing.
Once you get to the peak, you'll see large boulders that you can climb on and get an amazing 360* view. It is absolutely worth the hike. You can see the US Geology markings, and there is a red can with lots of paper in it where people sign and date when they completed the hike, as well as share thoughts, poetry, etc. Make sure you plan this hike with some time to relax on the rocks and soak in the scenic views.
The only other thing I would mention is that there's several paths. If you're a novice, pay attention and make sure you go back the way you came up.

Beautiful hike for most of it. There is a point where you are standing under some very big shady trees and you have to choose to go straight or to the left. There is a trail sign, but neither direction is called Rattle Snake Canyon. To the left is the remainder of the trail. It’s at this junction most of the regulars turn around. I learned why. The rest is really steep. No shade and hot. The views are not that impressive and the end of the trail is nothing special. It just links up with other trails into another canyon. Great if you want a leg burner or a sunburn or to link up to the other trails. Up until those beautiful trees it was beautiful, shady and I couldn’t stop talking pictures. Will make this a regular hike.

Trail is open.


Nice views but trail definitely needs work- very hard to follow at times. We found ourselves sliding on dirt and having to whack through bushes.

Worth the winding ascent to be flanked by the Pacific Ocean to the West and Lake Cachuma to the east. Saw many native lizard species and some insect species also. The switchbacks have some loose sand as it is currently quite dry in the area, but otherwise a very straightforward hike and I would say more "Moderate" than Hard. We were completely alone with only Mother Nature for company. Lovely! Highly recommend (but bring bug spray)

Did this hike last year, attempted today but the trail is closed. You might be able to push through but from what I saw it isn’t worth it. Hopefully the trail will be open by the end of the year.
Again as of today, the trail is marked as “closed” when you get there and the road is closed on your way there as well.

wonderful views

3 months ago

Probably best to go earlier in the day, when we set out for the hike it was after 12:00 and quite hot. It's true what they say about Rattlesnake Canyon, we saw one on the way up and one on the way down. Don't kid yourself, the rattlers are out there, be aware!

3 months ago

This trail doesn’t have more Rattlesnakes than any other trial in Santa Barbara (it’s just a name). The East fork is overgrown and not worth risking poison oak but the main trail is in great condition and easy to follow. Surprised to see and hear water in the creek even in late August.

This hike had a good amount of shade, which was nice when I went in August. There was a spot with waterfalls and small pools of water. Lots of dogs on this hike. Rattlesnakes are common, this hike lives up to its name! I heard about) but didn't see) a rattler at the end of this trail.

Went in June, however much that shapes the experience, and had a difficult time with water. For anyone going, just know the last stream you'll run across is 2 miles before the schoolhouse and the school house is the final camping spot. We made the mistake of traveling on from the school house, thinking there might be water further along and another campsite and were forced to turn back. Cool hike though.

3 months ago

Would love to finish this hike!

on Tunnel Trail

3 months ago

Views are great along the trail. it's a hard trail that is mostly open with no shade. you must take lots of water if you plan to finish the whole main trail. also, hiking shoes would help as it's easy to slide with running shoes.

3 months ago

Without markers this hike was difficult to navigate and stay on target.

I hiked the shortcut up and it is hard and steep
Got off the trail twice
Fortunately All Trail got me back on course
1.5 miles up about an hour non stop

Down was very moderate to easy
4 miles an I mostly did a trail run down
About an hour fifteen down

No snakes
Very buggy on the way up

This was my second time hiking this trail. From the road and going in the main entrance you can take a left and take the short route following the creek or you can go right to do the Oceanview, I took this route. About 4 1/2 miles in I missed the shortcut route coming down and ended up doing 6 miles almost to the top. Thank goodness I ran into other hikers thar shared I had passed the shortcut path but followed them down. Steep and a bit challenging since the mudslides and gets a little confusing with the new markers. Did 7 miles in 2:45hr. Great hike highly recommend it! Just be sure to pay attention to the shortcut if you’re looking for it!

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