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As other reviews have said this is a busy hiking trail, great way for holiday hikers to be submerged in mountains and lakes! The view from the lookout was out of this world and the wild flowers throughout the meadows are beautiful. Recommend the detour to Monarch lookout, stunning views and next to no one else around!

An amazing hike. Definitely recommend doing the loop in a clockwise direction. The scramble up is challenging but coming down that section would scare me! Both my gps and my partners gps came up with this being a 12.5!km hike.

We went counterclockwise (up Prairie View to the lookout, then continued down Jewell Pass). Glad we did it this way as it was nice to get the steeper incline done first and then end with the relatively flat walk along the lake back over the dam. We registered 17 km start to finish.

15 hours ago

Park in the King Creek Day use area, from there walk the trail besides the highway towards the trailhead, it'll be to your right. At the fork before you enter the trees take a left, the trail on the right is the old trail.If you have hiking poles use them, and if you don't have any I suggest you borrow some. Going up was steep,but hiking poles weren't necessary.Going down is when you need them(sucks I left mine in the car). Not many people know there are some false summits, technically 2. When you are near the top, take a left and keep walking up the ridge, views just keep getting better. There are a couple pink markers up top in case you don't remember how to get down, otherwise trail is pretty straightforward. Dog friendly hike. Pack lots of water. Stunning views!

16 hours ago

We hiked this trail on a windless, clear, warm day. The view from King Ridge of Opal range (to the east) and the valley in between are spectacular. Pictures do not do it justice!

- Do not attempt in flip flips, sandals or sneakers. You need hiking boots. This is a difficult hike!
- Poles *STRONGLY* recommended
- The hike is broken into two segments (1) from parking lot to ridge. Runs northeast. We took 1 hr 20 min to do this, one stop to adjust pack and take photos. Much of the trail is a 45 degrees climb (2) along ridge to highest point. Runs roughly north. An easy hike, lots of stops for photos
- Get an early start (9am at the latest, we left at 8:30). You do not want the sun beating down on you as you hike up from the parking lodge to the ridge
- To pick up the trail from the parking lot, walk north along hwy 40 until the end of the steel guard rail - a few hundred feet. You will see a footpath leading into the forest. DO NOT cross the creek from the parking lot. Those are game trails used by mountain goats!
- To avoid taking side trails, look for subtle clues. Sometimes people stack a few stones across the side trail, or lay a stick across it. If it's all rocks or stones, chances are you are looking a dry stream bed, not a trail. Another clue is if the trail peters out within a few hundred feet. Just turn around! Don't try to bushwack you way up. The main trail doesn't peter out
- Around the time that you start thinking "will this blankety-blank climb ever end?" you will suddenly emerge on the top of the ridge and encounter one of the best views you will ever see while hiking
- Once you get to the ridge, look around to memorize the area, it will help you on the way down. There are two pink markers tied to the trees (July 2018) marking the start of the trail down the ridge
- The hike down is also difficult. Expect your legs to burn
- After the hike, we had a picnic by the stream. A great finish to the hike!

16 hours ago

I did this with my 14 year old son, 12 year old daughter and 10 year old daughter. It was our first hike together. We had a great time. We started hiking around 7:45am (first ones there) and made it back at 1:45pm. It was very scenic once you get to the scrabble. It was some nice scenery in the woods as well. Not much in the way of water in the trail if you wanting to purify water. Some cool rock forts and rock formations around. We all had a great time and we were tired when we got back but we did it :).

on Ptarmigan Cirque

23 hours ago

Fantastic view that changes as you go around the summit. A bit strenuous, especially during the last stretch

First thing - views at the top and along the ridge are stunning!

Second thing - the incline is significant. I wouldn't try this hike again simply because the trail is not maintained, easy to lose and can be dangerous for inexperienced hikers on the way down - even more so if the ground is dry. Becomes a loose gravel and stone scramble almost all the way down.

This is not a trail you should attempt without good boots and poles.

If you do, however make the ridge, the view is breath-taking!

1 day ago

Breathtaking views at the end of the trail. It has 12 stop for total 6km.From stop 1 after crossing the highway 40 to stop 3 the trail has mild to moderate slope. After that really flat trail offering nice view of meadows with wild flower beds surrounding. Its great experience for kids, we hiked with 8 and 12 years old kids. They enjoyed snow balling at one stop where we found remnants of snow dump.Make a stop at the small water fall to feel the water.

1 day ago

One of my favourite places to go! Brought up a group of people on Friday night and stayed until Sunday. Lots of fish caught and released as there is now a 0 limit harvest, whereas it used to be a limit of 2 cutthroat trout.

The hike up is pretty steep, lots of up hill but as long as you take your time it is a decent hike. Lots of people on the trail early morning and midday.

We camped between two of the lakes, and despite it raining lightly one of the nights we stayed, the weather was warm and sunny with a little bit of cloud later in the day.

Highly recommend spending a night or two and adventuring around or fishing to spend time in the great outdoors!

Yup yyyyytt

Lots of people, trail is very dry, the switchbacks were overall manageable until I reached a couple of very narrow points on the path.

Their is popular skiing and hiking place.
We took gondola and chair lift to go up there and went loop around lakes.
It was very beautiful views and lots flowers.
It took 42 dollar for gondola ticket.
But it’s worth it and save you time for this view and hikes.

Steep in the trees but then levels off to beautiful views

2 days ago

Was good hike we took the dogs up and had lunch at the first lake got some fish all fingerlings then hiked the up to the rest of the lake all and all loved it was about 20km there and back with the bit of wandering around the lakes and definitely don’t skip the last lake you’ll beat yourself up about it later

Beautiful hike today. Weather was perfect. Made it up to the ridge but not before our group was split in 2 by a momma grizzly and her 3 cubs. Walked right in between our groups. Beautiful sight but made us realize we were definitely in bear country. Do not go up the valley closest to the mountain ( snow ) as her den is right at the top of the saddle. Papa grizzly was just on the other side. We had to yell to one group to stop and turn around as it would have been a sure disaster if they would’ve continued on up. Hike up to the highest point instead please.

2 days ago

Beautiful hike. Some steep sections. Some later sections through loose boulders. A nice mix of open and covered areas.

Incredible hike. Would recommend counterclockwise from the base as there's a steady incline and a few switchbacks on the way up (we chose to get that out of the way during the first part of the hike) then a steep hill and then you're at the glorious lookout which is totally worth the hard trek up. Steep rock down the other side of Jewell pass then smooth sailing from there. Nice waterfall to take in on the way down too. Took our golden retriever and she did really well (a few stops for water). All in all took us about 4 hours with the water stops and about 20 mins for lunch at the summit.

This is a beautiful hike with panoramic views on the ascent. Unfortunately we were unable to complete our final trek up to the ridge as there is a mama Grizzly with her cubs. Please be very aware she has been in the area for a while and frequents the meadow surrounding (ptarmigan cirque)

After reaching the top,the view is breathtaking!

Great hike. No flat spots at all, straight incline from the first step! The was amazing. arrived on top at 9pm the sun was setting and it was well worth it.

3 days ago

A fantastic hike! Yes, we did proceed despite the large signage suggesting not to hike this trail but we had to see the views! Carry bear spray and make noise! Unfortunately, we saw no wildlife whatsoever ☹️.

It is pretty much uphill all the way. A little over an hour in, we saw the rocks in the form of an arrow pointing us left. Don’t miss it! Rainfall made it a bit slick on the muddy trail and scramble to the South Summit. Took us about 2 hours. The views are amazing!!!! We descended from there but if you wish, you can go further to the North Summit and go down from there as the trail loops back.


Awesome hike, very worth the views.

Great hike! Like others said, be careful not to miss the trail directly to the right of the pretty little waterfall. The trail goes up quite steeply and appears to almost be an animals trail. The hike is steep and the dirt is loose and easy to slip on but the views are amazing at the top! Great short hike!

We almost got lost because there weren’t any signs. I found it hard but it was all worth it at the top!

We approached the trail to White Buddha (Otherwise known as Vents Ridge) by way of the Powderface Trail on the south side of Powderface Creek. Maps suggested an optional route along the north side but we didn't see the starting point of the north side trail. The trail north from Powderface is pretty clear once you get there but it is easy to miss it when the waterfall catches your eye. My old knees found the trail kind of steep but footing was good and overall the trail up wasn't particularly hard. The cliff face was really great. Obviously well used by climbers. Lots of hardware bolted into the rock. Shale and scree was a bit slippery for the last few feet but not a problem with the right footwear. Beautiful views all around (Calgary is visible some 60 km away). On the way down we found the trail on the north side of Powderface Creek and followed it back to the parking lot. Not easy to pick up the start among the cars but it's there. Overall a good hike.

Great Hike. And tremendous views. Highly recommend.

5 days ago

Excellent hike with gorgeous views!

Once you are up there It’s a bit like a moonwalk. The view is fantastic and absolut amazing (on a clear day). The trail is easy to find, but walking on the loose gravel for a couple of hours is a bit tiring.

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