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Good hike. Fairly quiet compared to more popular trails

It’s more like 7 miles round trip..
I would recommend going up early to avoid the people traffic. Please have hiking shoes or boots, running shoes are no problem going up, the problem is coming back down and stepping on slick rocks.

Amazing hike. Walking amongst the hoodoos is incredible. We descended from Navajo, went to Queens Garden, then ascended up to Sunset Point. The hike from Queens to Sunset was pretty strenuous as was all uphill but manageable with breaks and rewarding with beautiful views and the wind cooling you off. Wall Street is still closed as of 5/20.

This is a must see hike. Took us 2 hours but definitely worth it. I would start early as the parking lot was full when we completed it at 11:30 am.

I thought it was very hard but totally worth it. I was with 20 somethings and they had to wait for me a lot but since it was Mother’s Day they were very kind. I loved the challenge and felt very accomplished when we were done. Beautiful waterfalls but very crowded.

Awesome and amazing hike with gorgeous view all the way to the top! WARNING this is a difficult hike with trail consisting of mostly stones and rocks "A cement stair master"

Quintessential Yosemite trail!
Very enjoyable despite the heavy traffic.
Early to mid May (on a weekday) best for more impressive waterfalls with Spring thaw and lesser throngs of other hikers.

My son and I did this hike last week. Definitely get to the park early to get in line for the first shuttle. It is tough hike to get to Scouts Landing and then another 1.1 miles out and back to the top of Angels Landing. I’m 55 and in okay shape. I wish I had done some training on a stair master or squats before the hike. My thighs were hurting the next day!

leave the bay area around 3 a.m. Roll into Yosemite about 6 or 6:30. In Hit Yosemite Falls Trail. And then have all day afterwards.

Gorgeous hike! The switchbacks are killer, but paved. Then after that its a pretty skinny trail with sheer cliffs, sometimes on both sides. Its an adrenaline rush, and the views at the top are amazing! I dont know if I could stomach it with snow or even rain though. Always be aware of your footing and bring plenty of water.

Amazing trail! One of the best in the state of Utah, and that's saying something.

Breathtaking hike! Highly recommend

The best hike of my life, exhausting like hell.
hike has two parts, one which is a long walk of 3.5 miles steep slope with a well built trail.

after that comes the part were you have to climb a strenuous mountain all the way till top.

the hike is a experience in itself. take lots of water and good food to keep you going.

Easy hike with lots of huge sequoia’s. Lots of people but nature takes over and you can quickly forget who is around you

The views are unbelievable - worth going up all the way! The stairs do get tiring but I'd call it moderate. Coming back down is very quick.

Did Queens Garden to Navajo loop on 5/14. The hoodoos were pretty cool (was our first trip out here). Took about 2.5 hours total, but we took our time. Lots of people on the trail in mid-morning but not too many to make it unbearable.

Definitely hit the trail early, as others have said it gets really crowded. A hundred feet from the trailhead a bobcat walked right by me. The trail and views are phenomenal, especially the rainbows from Vernal Falls. As you ascend up Vernal the steps get pretty crazy, but the view from the top is so worth it. I continued on up to the top of Nevada Falls. Let me tell you, it’s no joke! Quite a work out, but when you get to the top of Nevada Falls you forget all the pain of going up. I opted to descend the John Muir Trail to skip the steps I hiked up. Ended up being about 9.5 miles (from trailhead parking), 2500’ elevation gain, and a little over 5 hours for me... that includes several breaks! Watch your step, take plenty of water, and know your limits and you’ll be fine.

The biggest recommendation is go early! I got to the tree by about 8:30am and there were just a few others there. I also suggest continuing on to the Congress Trail to see more giant sequoias without the crowds.

So much fun hiking up and down this trail. Beatufu view on the top!

Get their by 7 if you don't want to be overwhelmed by the crowds. You don't get soaked though. You get misted, moistened, sprayed, or damp but unless you fall in the river you're not getting soaked. I dried off in 15 min of sitting in the sun. The stairs are huge so take John Muir if you're short or have problems with stairs.

One of the most popular trails at Yosemite and an awesome one. Was my girlfriends first big hike. Plenty of people on Vernal falls mist trail but fun getting wet and enjoying the scenery. You get a break between the two trails as it is more flat, then a sharp ascent to the top of Nevada Falls. Took us a 8 hours to do Vernal and Nevada up with John Muir trail down. This was an easy pace with stopping for lunch for 45 min at Vernal Falls. As we were coming back around 7 pm, we saw a bear about 5 minutes from the base of the trail. My first time! Although looking back the bear seemed more afraid of me than me from him. I made myself Big and yelled. He went away. But was very cute looking back. Highly recommend this great trail!

On the top of the fall there’re several lovely rocks that looks like penguins on the edge of the cliffs next to the fall. Magnificent view of the valley and the snow mountains far away.
So many places you can take postcard style and Instagramable photos. My personal favorite is the flat rock on the edge of the cliffs on the top of the fall overlooking the valley.
There’s a small bridge across the river to Yosemite point but if don’t have the time to go to Yosemite point definitely check out the bridge, it’s very close to the top of the fall.

If I didnt want a longer hike this ones good. I did it when I finished hidden canyon late afternoon. The observation deck was popular earlier but near the end of the day not many people were there.

Once you get inside the canyon its cooler and narrow. Really get an up close feeling of the sheerness of the vertical rock walls. We got a frog symphony at a small pool. good reward for the uphill climb. There were just a few chains on the trail. Small arch on the right side of the canyon as you continue in.

One of my all time favorites! The climb up was absolutely an epic experience and the views are phenomenal!! Stay aware of your own personal safety and be courteous to others along the way. Pace yourself and have fun! Gorgeous hike.

Well done trail. Walters wiggles switchbacks are an engineering marvel. Many chains on the final ascent by the sheer dropoffs. Non stop gorgeous views of Zion canyon. Plenty of room at the top viewing area. You will never be alone.

Beautiful view ... well worth the time greeting up early and watching the sunrise. If you are up for a long day and a journey, get up early and watch the sunrise at Moro Rock. Then proceed to the coast and watch the sunset at Morro Rock.

This is even more beautiful in the winter. You will need a pair of snow shoes and hike from the museum. Well worth the hike in the snow. Gorgeous!!!

Okay trail. Paved and very accessible for those that may struggle with walking. Very, very busy though.

Great short hike from the museum to Moro Rock through some Sequoia Trees and great mountain peak views. Only wish is that the railings when you get to Moro Rock were just slightly higher and all the way up.

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