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3 days ago

What a great hike! Definitely do the slot canyon, and if you want to avoid any crowds go early morning weekdays. There was practically no one there.

such a fun hike with great views of the mountain landscape. I would highly recommend.

Dogs not allowed on trail

Awesome little spot and a short hike to get to it, but be careful on the roads there. It’s not car friendly by any means

6 days ago

Second time to hike this trail. Love seeing and visiting with people from all over the U.S. and other countries. Took more time to enjoy the views and survey the slot for the best light. Moral of this story is slow down and enjoy!

gorgeous riverbed canyon hike. you have to pass the blue fence to get to the river.

Super beautiful geology!
Be aware, hiking on a hot summer day is overwhelming, due to all the bright quartz sand, you can literally feel like you’re being cooked in the oven.
Bring water and shelter tree to tree from the sun.
just making sure you hike this in cooler weather, or plan for the extreme heat and sun.
The formations are definitely were this hike I have done it several times.

11 days ago

Great easy hike. A couple of places to shuffle up some rocks, but nothing my pregnant wife (2nd trimester at the time) couldn’t manage. Beautiful rock formations along the way, and fantastic views at the top. Watch out for snakes in the warm months.

7 miles of badly maintained washboard dirt road makes getting there a little jumpy, but the trail is easy and the cliffs are incredible. Full sun the whole way but not so bad in fall.

12 days ago

November, 55 degrees, fall foliage against a southwest landscape, boulders, beautiful. This is a hike through a river bed the entire way, so yes, the trail was soft/sandy. To see the Rio Grande, you'll have to go another 2/3 mile beyond the end of the trail in the description, through a simple fence. Not intimidating in the slightest. Worth it!

Beautiful scenery and pretty easy to navigate. Highly recommended.
You will not be disappointed.

12 days ago

The trail was heavily trafficked on a September weekend, but the more difficult section called 'the slot' was worth fighting the crowds. Very cool formations and a nice climb to the top view point. Please wear good shoes if you go, and be aware of letting slow or fast groups pass or pull over as needed.

18 days ago

Used to do this hike as a kid growing up in Los Alamos. Recently went back and it was just as awesome! Would recommend for an easy hike with fun sites

18 days ago

As someone mentioned before, this is a great trail for an easy overnight backpacking trip. Beautiful views and fall colors. The trail is in good condition and is easy to follow. Park at the "upper" parking lot next to the road (not in the Picnic Area)- they don't care if you park overnight as long as you don't camp within 1/4 mile of the trailhead.

Great hike, horrible road - be careful or drive an SUV type of car

Closed until further notice. Completely roped off and no other hiking in the area. 10/27/2018

21 days ago

Gorgeous view at the end; it moved me to tears! Plus, there were some bighorn sheep sightings.

Short walk to hot springs! Water was beautiful and crystal clear! Enjoy the peaceful setting.

21 days ago

My brother and I were on a mission to hike this trail and find the springs! We failed the first time and somehow took a wrong turn and ended up on a strenuous hike up to a wooden teepee and campfire! It was beautiful but we really wanted to see the springs. Two days later we attempted again and finally made it! We still aren’t sure how we got so off trail the first go around! When we finally made it we were awe struck! The views are spectacular and made it all worth it! The springs were not as warm as we expected but we could have cared less because it was still amazing! We met some great people, swam around and relaxed, walked to see the falls and had lunch on a rock in the middle of the mountains. It was such a great day and I think I speak for my brother and I when I say I would highly suggest this hike to anyone!!

Absolutely beautiful. Fun climbs, stunning views. Nothing short of amazing. We went on a somewhat rainy day with a little hesitation. This trail is not to be missed.

For all those worried about the caution sign of biologics, if you are worried don't ever go swimming in a lake or river because it is worse than a natural spring. By law they have to put the caution, same as cigarettes and yet people smoke or medications and even alcohol. Dont get so wrapped up and avoid these beautiful springs due to the sign. You wont get sick by hanging out in the springs.

I enjoyed the hick. The Spring was nice and relaxing. It was clean with no trash around. When I went I sat alone for 15ish minutes before people started coming. The people were friendly and nice. It is a great place to relax. The water was warm but not hot. It was nice with chilly wind making the water definitely warmer then being out of it. Over all I had not been there since I was a child, about 25 years ago, and I loved it. I will return.

25 days ago

Amazing hike through the slot canyons and a great view at the top. The canyon can be narrow at times so you have to watch your footing on the way down to avoid possibly twisting an ankle. Was hard not to take a lot of photos!

Fantastic hike!

scenic driving
26 days ago

Decided not to hike our second day. We took this drive and had a blast. Enjoyed the views, stopped to take pictures. The lake at Eagle’s Nest State Park is beautiful! Make sure you stop. Before we made the complete loop, we turned off on Lower Arroyo Hondo to go to Black Rock Hot Springs. Highly recommend it.

26 days ago

Absolutely incredible trail. We had to wait a little while at the entrance as they limit the number of people on the trail. During the drive in we saw a tarantula making it's way across the road. The trail starts off easy and gradually becomes more narrow. It was very crowded, even on a Friday morning. You'll have to stop often to let people pass. The formations are amazing, as well as the trees that grow in the canyon. The rocks against the blue sky is breathtaking. Towards the end of the Slot Canyon Trail, the climb becomes tougher, there is some scrambling and actual climbing. The 360° view on top is absolutely incredible and worth the climb. Bring water, there is no shade and since it is so dry, you will need it. I highly recommend this trail!

So scenic!!! I advise sturdy hiking boots though. Saw an injury and too many people hiking in shoes that could easily cause a fall or ankle twist.

How to get your kids into hiking.

27 days ago

Slot Canyon trail was excellent. I went early (arrived around 0845) and was glad I did. 35 degrees when I started and 74 degrees by the time I finished. Some parts of the slot canyon really only allow for one way traffic so I’m glad I really only had to deal with the heavier foot traffic on my way down. A bit steep near the top, but the views are worth it! Bring hand sanitizer in case there isn’t anymore left in the bathroom at the trailhead.

Great, easy trail, steep at the end but not for long. Took two hours total to go up to the peak, relax for a bit, then make our way down and around the cave loop. Only issue is the narrow trail through the slot canyon slows you down when you meet traffic.

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