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One of the best hiking places in LA county , I went after 4 days of heavy rain it was very beautiful and green.

Okay. Stay on trail but climbing was fun just tiring. Lol. cold this morning. This was a fun family trail. Lite and easy too.

3 days ago

Beautiful trail. Fairly easy to find but I accidentally took a private road coming back. Easy parking, clean bathrooms, great views!

9 days ago

Great hike, check out my guide on HikingGuy for more info

10 days ago

Easy yet epic hike, check out my guide here: https://hikingguy.com/hiking-trails/best-la-hikes/devils-chair-hike-devils-punchbowl-natural-area/

Great challenging hike. Rained heavily last night so the trail was pretty muddy. Good workout. Uphill for the first 4.8 miles.

perfect hike for a good workout but not too difficult. A few up hills. very peaceful. Not a lot of people on the trail. beautiful rock formations.

Beautiful hike. Trails were a little muddy due to last nights rain. Went counter clockwise which made the ascent a little easier

Beautiful trail, great for beginners. Lots to see and explore.

Great hike with friends

19 days ago

Great hike! Well marked trail, beautiful views, and Devil's Chair itself was quite an experience (for a person that is not too keen on heights!). The day was cold and windy and we went early...which was a good thing, because a huge group was on it's way up when we were coming out. Many parts of the trail are single track and washed out, especially on the way down to the Chair. Best to go early to avoid any weekend crowds. We tried to do the Punchbowl Loop, but the wind was just blowing too hard. Will do that the next time I go. The rock formations are truly beautiful!

This is one of my favorite trails in Santa Clarita. It offers two trails, one approximately 5.5 miles and another approximately 1.5 miles. This trail is often heavily trafficked, and this includes mountain bikers (why they choose to ride on this pedestrian trail is beyond me). In the summer, watch out for rattlesnakes.

21 days ago

Beautiful trail! Got to break in my new hiking shoes

22 days ago

Loved this hike. I would say it is on the easy to moderate side based on my experience with other AllTrails hikes and ratings. The hike in is a breeze. The walk down to the chair is steep for about 25 yards and then easy peasy. I do hike a lot, as my daughter reminds me, but it is not hard at all. As for the trail eroding, it's not bad at all. I have a fear of narrow, steep trails, and I was able to do this without too much effort. Beautiful area! It would probably be hot in the morning in the summer months when the sun is shining on the trail, but most of this trail is in the shade on the north side of the mountain. Cool in late December.

My friends and I were camping down below and decided to go on a hike. we thought this was the 2 mile hike and as inexperienced hikers we packed a granola bar each and a bottle of water each. "Travel light" we thought. it was mid July and about 80° one kid forgot his water so we had to share with him. Thankfully even with the dehydration and hunger, we still enjoyed this hike. Once you reach the "chair" it's well worth it.

Nice place ,, it does get crowded after like 10am ,,, nice quick hike with lots of nice rock formation ,Great for kids to run around and climb

beautiful rock formations beautiful scenery great hike Trails were great took my 19 year old 17 year old 10 year old and 4 year old daughter with me the climb rocks we ran down steep hills overall this is a beautiful place to take the family boyfriend or pet. moderate-difficult only if you want it to be. safe for kids. at least mine.

Great hike up to the white gate. We ran into hikers who had just seen two mountain lions and he showed us a video he took. Luckily we didn’t see them ourselves. Great view from the top.

We hiked the trail up to Mission Peak and down to the bottom of the peak using a car shuttle. Wonderful terrain throughout.

28 days ago

Great short-ish hike. Pretty well covered throughout with beautiful views of the high desert. The beginning mile and end mile are steep but the bulk of the hike is pretty easy. A few hairy spots where the trail is eroding pretty bad, but all in all this is a good hike with kids/dogs.

1 month ago

What a gem of a hike. So much here to see geologically and botanically speaking!

I really liked this hike! It was well maintained with good signage and trail markers. the Towsley Loop had lots of beautiful vistas and rock clambering, I brought my dog and she loved exploring all the different areas. I definitely hope to return to explore more of the creek bed and tar pits.

1 month ago

In 1870's, Tiburcio Vásquez, one of California's most notorious bandits, used these rocks to elude capture by law enforcement. Although Vasquez came from an accomplished family, he chose the outlaw path and dreamed of reclaiming California from the "Yankees". One of his criminal acts involved the heist of 500 lbs. of silver from a Death Valley mine owner. The stolen silver was never recovered and legend has it, the silver is still hidden somewhere in Vasquez Rocks! His name has since been associated with this geologic wonder. However, in 1873 his life of crime hit its lowest point. Vasquez and his gang robbed a store in Tres Pinos (just east of the Salinas area), which claimed the lives of three innocent bystanders. After evading a posse (and a $1000 reward) he spent the next two years eluding law enforcement as he worked his way south into the Los Angeles area. In May 1874, Vasquez was captured in West Hollywood and in late May, he was moved by steamship to San Francisco where he would eventually stand trial in San Jose. And in January 1975 a jury trial for the three murders did not take long, four days followed by two hours of deliberation. Vásquez calmly met his fate (death by hanging) in San Jose on March 19, 1875. He was 39 years old.

Finally, if you want to see where Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi (1931), Apache, starring Burt Lancaster (1954), Blazing Saddles (1974) Star Trek (TV and film), Power Rangers, The Flintstones (1994), Planet of The Apes (2001) and countless other films and TV shows were filmed (and hunt for missing silver), go to Vasquez Rocks! You can hike and climb where all your favorite characters lived, died, and battled.

Great hike for sure, fir being right off the 5 highway you only notice it in view. Loved dome of the areas that challenged you up some decently steep grades. Even areas that have nice mature old Oak trees along the route. I went on a Monday mid morning and only passed a few people. The trail connects to others if you want to make it closer to a 6.5 mile hike.

Great hike. Took the family including our little who is only 2 but even she enjoyed it! There are some steep banks and you gain decent elevation throughout but all in all this has been one of my favorite hikes in LA.

Very cool hike. Pretty hard to stay on the trail mapped out here, but wandering around and getting off path is part of the fun! Take time to climb around on the rocks and stop by the interpretive center to learn about the geology and natural history of the area, Tiburcio Vasquez and all the movies and TV shows that have been filmed here. It's a fun area to explore and I definitely feel like I could come back here multiple times and not get bored.

Brought our small terrier and he had no problem keeping up and hopping around on some of the rocks with us. we didn't take him up the major rock formations, though, so that might not be the safest for dogs.

Awesome hike. My wife and I really enjoyed it. Took our time to let the scenery sink in. There was a little snow on the trail from last week’s rain, but it was all worth it.
Started at 0930 got back to parking lot at 1430.

Great hike, beautiful views, very clean trail but some sketchy path areas but easy to get through, not may people along the way either. Some challenging inclines if you’re not used to them. Seen lots of hikers with poles to help with that. We started off at 10:30 am and got back around 2:30.

We did this hike the Friday after Thanksgiving and it wasn't very crowded when we got there shortly after 9am. The trail was a little difficult to follow but we just made our own trail and had a great time. The trail is rated moderate but could probably be rated as easy, we have been on other trails that were rated easy and we're more difficult. Overall it was a nice hike and recommend it to all. Also when we finished around noon the parking lot was full and many people on the trails.

Had a great hike! Start a bit later (around 10am) and the weather was perfect. We hiked the loop counter clockwise (which I recommend as most folks seem to be going clockwise). There are many lookouts just before the summit over Santa Clarita - if you keep going you'll get to what is the 'actual' summit on the trail, but there is a side trail on the right that loops around and takes you to the spine of the ridge up to an actual summit. Lookouts from up there are great! It also seems like that used to be a maintained trail but no longer is (it keeps going to other summits nearby). With that extra spur we clocked around 7.2 miles and were back to the car by 1pm.

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