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I hiked this back in 2013 in a large group. Short but steep, so it’ll get your heart rate up. Beautiful views of the ocean and surrounding mountains. There is camping on the state beach below. Not sure if dogs are allowed on this trail but they are not allowed on the beach. Very windy, obviously, so dress in layers. The caves are really cool, but unfortunately there is a lot of graffiti.

Be prepared for a tough hike and take plenty of water! The route is VERY steep over the last few kms with little to no shade to shelter from the sun. If you’re after a challenge then this is an ideal trail with great views on the way up - you really feel like you’re walking to the top of the world! Not for beginners.

Pretty quick hike up to the caves with lovely views. Not super strenuous but a decent work out.

I didn’t think I could make it all the way, but I did and the view was amazing!

Not particularly beautiful and poorly maintained in sections. I don’t regret going, but likely won’t go again.

Lovely ♥️♥️ Miguel y yo

it's beautiful when it rains. the right amount of light hits through the trees and the stream to your side keeps it from being too quiet. it's a bit short but perfect for having a picnic at the base

Easy hike to take the kids. Plenty of shade spots and open trail!

Beautiful hike! Quite steep in some parts but relaxing in the caves with a view of the ocean was the best part.

Cool hike! Caves are neat. I would say kid friendly if 6 or older. 4 year old had trouble with the steep parts. My two year old got a shoulder ride once we were off the paved path. Short hike but definitely moderate due to steep trail.

2 months ago

Amazing views. Very tough.

3 months ago

I am in no shape of form a hiker. This trail was supper fun and I brought my 4yr old with me and she handled it like a champ. I definitely felt the burn during the hike but it was doable and I had a blast

3 months ago

Beautiful hike especially when done in April. The mustard flowers coat the small valley and hills and it becomes very scenic with the ocean as the backdrop. The caves themselves are interesting but not mind-blowing. The hike itself is pretty enough to do it though. Unfortunately some of the rocks are tagged with graffiti.

Nice little trail in a beautiful setting

Fun loop but be sure to bring water as it can get hot at times on the trail because some of it is totally exposed to the sun. Lots of free range cows along the path which can add confusion regarding which is the trail and which is a cow path. Obviously there are cow pies to avoid.

Family friendly hike. Sad we can't take our dogs anymore. Beautiful caves and views.

Awesome hike! Nice wind caves. Wish there was more to hike.

Overgrown and kind of hard to decipher the trail. Today the trail was impossible due to cows all over the trail, also the overgrown weeds made it feel like we were going to be coming out with at least one tech.

Great hike, very challenging especially the last 1/3 which is steep with loose dry dirt and rocks. It was hot took 2 liters of water and drank it all. Beautiful views and very peaceful didn’t see another person on the trail!

Went up the “hard way” and had to make our way through tall grasses and some brush as the trail isn’t well maintained. It’s doable though and there were some amazing views all the way up. Came back the “easy way” to complete the loop.

great hike. mountain was covered in color today. very steep for the last mile but the view is worth the effort.

5 months ago

Well maintained and beautiful views - was easy to make it a lollipop loop out of it instead of an out and back. Nice vert

Poppies were in full bloom on the way down around 1:30pm. The last mile of the accent is truly painful. Steep grade with loose gravel/dirt means hikers should be in shape with proper shoes. Views are nice at top but not much more spectacular than what's visible at 1,500 ft. Hiked on a Wednesday and saw just a couple of other parties.

Loved the vistas and rock formations.

Nice trail, but overrun with poison oak almost the entire way. Shaded, which is nice in the heat, but unfortunately there is almost no view of any mountains, landscape, etc because the entire hike follows a creek down between two large mountains. Only saw two other people the whole way so it was quite peaceful. The only animals I saw were birds. The lower part of the trail, near the Davy Brown Campground, is very lush and green. A bit late for wildflowers seemed like (late April) but still lots of tall green grass. The drive up Fig Mountain to the actual trail head is stunning, a windy, one lane road, with lush green meadows and oak trees the entire way. (PS) Don't park your car in the loose gravel at the trail head, stay as close to the metal fence as you can. It can and will get stuck.

Hike is definitely advanced as far as fitness is concerned. Lots of loose footing on the way down, steep, and uphill the whole way back. (I'm not kidding. I trail run several miles everyday and I found this difficult) I used Strava to track myself: 2,244 feet of climbing, took me just under 3 hours to make it down to the Campground and back up to my car.

If you start from the Figueroa Mountain Road trail head (which the app gives great directions to) the trail goes through a grassy meadow and then down into a ravine. When you reach a river crossing, the trail forks into three. Be sure to stay AWAY from the left trail, this is Willow Pond trail, which I took by accident on the way down and it is nearly impassable. I am covered in ticks. Keep to the center trail at the fork to stay on the Davy Brown Trail. Not sure where the right trail goes. Once you take the center trail, you will almost immediately come to another crossing, this time again, KEEP RIGHT. Don't go up the left trail, this is Willow Pond. Keep right and follow Davy Brown Trail downhill. (SEE PHOTO WITH GREEN ARROW) On the way back up, remember these crossings. Take pictures if it helps. Can get confusing. Stay away from Willow Pond Trail it is overgrown and infested with ticks.

kool little hike big plus tat theres water coming down the fall easy parking!!

This trail while difficult was beautiful today. Poppies and lupine were alive. Nice to be so close to water too.

Went two days ago for a 21st anniversary hike. I hike on average 25 miles a week and am in good shape, and it's no joke that the last mile to the top is tough! The views are incredible though. Went around 11am, and the poppies weren't open. They seemed to be opening a bit more as we were leaving. I've lived in the SB/Ventura area most of my life and had never done this hike. It was on my bucket list. Definitely is beautiful this time of year and worth the tough climb. Celebrated with wine at Sunstone afterward!

We saw snow in the morning. How luck we are!

6 months ago

Went just after sunrise, so the poppies were closed still for the most part but I assume if you go in the afternoon they open up. Lots of poppies and lupines blooming right now! Pretty hard last bit but doable it if you are in okay shape. Cheers to Sean Kelly for the dank review 5 days ago saying to go now!!

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