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love it. take the connector trail on the fire road near the start it's a great view steep....straight up...

Closed due to the mud slides

great hike as always..i haven't been here in a couple of years, too bad the streams are just about completely dried...the gate was closed so we decided to hike ,jog,backpack our way to red rock...took a few hours..and was a 11.4 mile hike

I originally planned on hiking the Gaviota Peak Trail but two cars were broken into when I got to the parking lot. Hide your valuables. I wasn’t let down when I decided to do Sweetwater Trail. I also did Vista Point and all the side trails. Sunset was incredible. This hike exceeded my expectations.

This was a neat little trail that is better done in moderate weather due to the lack of shade along the trail, but it is a quick hike. I would rate it as easy. I took the trail to the top to extend the length beyond the 2.7 miles, which made it more interesting. The best vistas are beyond the 4000ft mark along with the nicest trees. you get pretty good views of the Hurricane Deck, but the majority of the trails in the area do. There were some interesting rock formations, an abandoned mine, and a lot of healthy trees unaffected by bark beetles on the mountainside, which is a rare sight as of late. Note: there are a ton of deer ticks in the area, and we had to constantly check our dog. I highly recommend using tick repellent and treating your clothing with permethrin and then doing a full body inspection after your hike. On IG as @picbynathan

2 months ago

This is one of my favorite hikes in Santa Barbara. The pools and the water in the creek is not reliable, however I always really enjoy a good creek bed hike. The trail is narrow and there is lots of climbing over rocks but not challenging for an athlete and a super fun ascent. Be forewarned to get down to the pools your choices are to hop the rocks in the creek bed or to take the trail along the creek bed and use a rope to sort of wrap hell yourself down and incredibly dirt steep hill. All in good fun.

loved it went after it rained

3 months ago

it is a good trail but not recomended for little kids cause there are dengerous clifs.

I was amazing, full of colors !

This trail is ok, nothing to exciting. Also I don't know if I would rate it "moderate" it seems to be more comparable to other "easy" trails. There are a couple of short hills but not that steep, the rest is relatively flat. There are a couple of views of the lake, but not as many as you would expect. To re-iterate another hikers comment: Free parking if you start at vista point.

Though rated easy this trail took you through the dry river bed for a lot of the 1st half of the hike making the footing a bit challenging. Beautiful views everywhere. At the time we hiked this trail it was very still and warmer and the flies were relentless. I would defiantly do this hike again but when it’s cooler and with a bit of breeze.

Uphill more than anticipated. Next time I'll let my dog swim at a lower pool and be content with that. Lots of pools.

Still plenty of water this time around.

The last bit to the peak is a little sketchy but do it - it’s totally worth it.

Pretty good. As advertised.

I wouldn't really call this moderate. The riverbed was okay, and had a lot of rock hopping. The end of the actual 7 falls trail was okay, but not much to see. This route then takes you to '3 pools trail.' After scaling the rope / mountain side we ran in to a ~17 foot vertical wall. We looked for ways around but couldn't find any. It was basically rock climbing / bouldering. The views weren't really worth the effort. The trail is also heavily graffitied after the rope climb.

6 months ago

The trail along the creek is lovely and the pool with the waterfall is beautiful, but the hike to the top is nothing special, and the end of the trail is a road, which is pretty disappointing.

6 months ago

Free parking if you start at vista point

It was a pretty tough hike but definitely worth it.

I would not recommend doing the whole hike with young kids. Hike to the pools and swim and then hike back. I also don't think this hike should be rate as easy. Very pretty though.

There was a race going on the day we did this race, which created some extra traffic on the trail. Overall, nice views of the ocean but the humidity and heat was too much for our much experienced dogs to continue after only one mile.

8 months ago

This is a great hike! Especially after some rain! Did it a few months ago and it was awesome! A bit dry now that it's summer. Still one of my favs!

if you do this in june during the day, bring a good half gallon of water. went up to peak then the road. Little under 1.5L water and a Monster protein drank def not enough but I figured as much once i go to the peak but wanted to go up to the road, too. Nice views past the peak up on the road. anywyas, That last push up the peak was fun and steep, almost tripped at one pointing while swatting at the myriad of flies and bees that kept kamikazing into my face and pissing me off lol. Trail was easy to follow, and I only had one accidental off trail that saved me a third of a mile on the way down but bent my raybans in my camelbak when I slipped on a narrow tangled bush and rock embackment.

Nonetheless, I'd recommend this easy in and out burger joint

8 months ago

Bottom part of trail was mostly shaded and followed the creek. The upper half was a very hot hike but the view from the top was incredible.

Amazing mountains view when you reach el camino del cielo ...love it !!! I will do it again!!!!

9 months ago

Access road to the trailhead is open again. Valley trail crossings are tricky to follow with all the brush from the winter rains. That actually is what makes the hike fun. Lots of great swimming opportunities.

Pools have water but the big Falls are down to a trickle just enough to keep the moss growing. Not too overgrown up to East Camino, just really dry. Couple of flowers left.

9 months ago

Such a beautiful hike this morning. You couldn't see much because of all the fog, but on the positive side I wasn't getting baked by the sun. Came across 3 snakes and more people than I expected.

9 months ago

more like two cesspools

9 months ago

ALMOST Done! ; )

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