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Great snowshoe trail mainly through the woods.

1 month ago

Great snowshoeing trail after you get past all the fallen trees for the first 1/2 mile or so, hard packed snow till the last mile up and deep wet snow the rest of the way up. Beautiful view at the top.

great hike..very difficult for someone not in good shape. half way up about 2ft + snow and the trail very narrow with little foot traffic. views are completely worth it. We took longer with more breaks and hiked out in complete dark..not recommended! we saw no animals but lots if tracks. hiking poles a must..the road to get to the trail not great, pot holes, lots of limbs down and icy..

Great hike was expecting a tougher hike, so I was very happy...
Unfortunately I went two weekends in a row 10/1 & 10/8 and didn't get a view at the top due to fog and clouds. The views heading up are amazing. Incredibly rewarding. Both hikes were at sunrise. Recommend afternoon arrival at the summit. Bring a heavy coat it's cold at the top.

This was a really beautiful hike. We were the first to put tracks in the fresh snow which was neat. We hiked in snow boots with no issue, no other gear was needed. Definitely suggest hiking in layers!

3 months ago

This hike is a great one. A few switchbacks, but fairly moderate incline overall. There were some downed trees to climb over on the way up, but other than that the trail is clear. Beautiful view from the top. Worth adding to your list of trails. Also, seemed like a great mountain bike trail beyond having to lift your bike over the few trees crossing the trail.

This is a nice leg stretcher. Despite the rain, I decided to hike it on Thanksgiving Day. Most of the trail consists of mellow switchbacks, leading through pine forest. There are few vistas beside the pine forest, for most of the hike. Towards the end, there are some splendid views of the lake and Sandpoint, Idaho below.

I got soaked in the rain, and it was totally worth it.

4 months ago

Very cool hike

Very nice trail. Switchbacks ease the elevation gain. Excellent viewpoints 2.8 and 3.0 mi up with the latter having benches for snacking and taking in the vista. The trail ends at a forest road 3.5 mi up. Popular with mountain bikers. Larches very colorful Oct 30.

5 months ago

Scenic once you gain some elevation and break out of the forest. Not overgrown now. A couple nice camp sites and a Bear box.

We climbed to the saddle and around with the idea of heading to Hunt Peak. There's no trail, of course, and the terrain makes it slow going. Cat II & III on the back side of the left horn of the saddle. Fun but we had a late start from the TH so we turned back before the ridge. Maybe another time.

Creek was flowing.

Great hike and beautiful lake views

Great trail to get a morning workout. I only ran into two other groups on the trail so felt safe that there were other people around but not crowded. Not too much to see along the trail but the lush feeling of greenery is refreshing. The view at the top is pretty cool though :)

5 months ago

Must do hike!! Trail is well maintained! Trail is steep and some hikers may find it challenging. The beauty distracts though. Don't let this stop you, just plan on extra time.
Near the top (last 1000' roughly) the nice dirt changes to large fist sized rocks. It's not technical, but does require extra attention to not roll an ankle.
We hiked October 2, 2017: light sprinkle as we started from the trail head. This turned to snow at 5000', and started sticking at 6000'. By 6500' there was 1"-2" on the ground. At the peak our visibility was roughly 100'. Just enough to appreciate the steep slope on all sides. We also saw two mountain goats; a mother, and a kid.
Note: the getting there directions on AllTrails blow. Look up proper directions from Friends of Scotchman Peak and save your self some headache.

5 months ago

Wonderful views. Well worth the effort.

This should be 10 minutes from my house. No one I've talked to has ever heard of this trail and I drove for two hours and there is no trailhead sign for this hike. That is most likely why no reviews. I am guessing someone stole the signs.

5 months ago

Great hike on a fall day. Many of the trees are turning and looking very beautiful. The trail is well maintained. My gps measured 5.5 miles from base to look out and back again.

The views are beautiful and the goats are really cool. I am glad I did this one.

5 months ago

Not a lot of parking spaces so beware. Great trail. Very well manicured. Absolutely beautiful view. Worth it.

5 months ago

By far my fav. The 6.3 mile hike in was difficult for me but so worth it to see the view. You can also take a day hike from fault to hunt lake. It was a little long but very pretty.

Great trail! Not for those who do not hike on a regular basis. It is all up hill then all downhill. (The next day it's the downhill that you will feel the most.)
The trail is well groomed and easy to follow. Please use proper trail edict and give the right of way to those going up.
The view at the top is magnificent, and the chance to get that close to mountain goats is special.
A few helpful hints.
Bring extra water.
Wear boots not running shoes, preferably with a thicker sole due to the rocks.
Follow the guidelines for the goats.
Don't be too proud to use trekking poles.

6 months ago

Trail was clear and easy to navigate. Apparently one small black bear in the area but no worries, make a lil noise and the timid things usually scurry away. The peak was well worth the 2.5hrs of hamstring punishment. Highly recommend.

6 months ago

Great hike with a little side hike up to the peak above Hunt Lake for some awesome views. First four miles is a bit blah but after that things get pretty nice. Great trail pretty easy.

6 months ago

It a good trail

6 months ago

Grew up just a few miles from this trail. It's been a favorite hike since my childhood. Not much to see on the way to the lookout unless you're a birder or like identifying plants/trees. Boysenberries can be found near the end of the trail in summertime.

This time of year, very dry and plenty of smoke in the air. Made for a very different setting. The trail to Bottleneck lake is well marked and in very good shape. Some horse riding activity up to Snow lake, however we had the Bottlneck trail to our selves. Beautiful lake, brought home a half dozen pan size brook trout. And had a great day! Certainly will be more enjoyable once the smoke clears out.

Mountain goats!

mountain biking
6 months ago

I take my bike on this trail at least twice a week. It's just a nice trail to add to my 19 mile ride. There are a lot of people that use this trail. A lot of dog walkers. Which I love to see all the good looking dogs! So far all owners have been gracious to be aware of me passing and coming toward them. I try to be respectful of them and slow down and give them a heads up before passing.
This trail is gorgeous and I love how wide it is! Just an easy, low key trail and I'll keep using it. You can't beat the views from this trail!

Directions and markers were awful. We got lost and found some locals to direct us. Having said that, the hike was hard even for a seasoned hiker. Views were amazing and mountain goats were epic as we saw two adults and two babies. App had us at 10.9 miles and 264 flights of stairs. Favorite hike thus far!

What a spectacular hike and view!

Definitely hard. Like everyone else posted it is closer to 8 miles. Glad I did it, don't need to do it again.

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