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Really fun trail that has a pretty good incline the whole way up. I think Pino Trail was a bit harder. It is kind of easy to get lost on this trail, but stick to the app and you'll be fine. Really rewarding top and eerie to see the wreckage from the plane so far spread out.

Very hard! My muscle endurance was definitely challenged on this trail. We had to climb a huge boulder before getting to the crash site, and I slipped on the way back down. Very rocky so proceed with caution. It took us about 5 or so hours to and from. Really beautiful! This app was a lifesaver for staying the course.

A multitude of trails makes reliance on gps a good idea out and back. I’ve gone clockwise, and counter clockwise, and the latter is a bit steeper. Can be windy at the top. And wonderful views!

Four stars because the last 200 feet were frankly dangerous, with a steep grade and loose scree preventing us from the crest, even after 500-1000 feet climbing through thorny plants. “Goat trail” above the wreck site is accurate.

Below and up to the wreck site, beautiful and challenging. Well worth it.

18 days ago

Beautiful trail... especially now that the leaves are changing. It is a tough one though... I just wish it was signaled better (we lost the trail a couple of times)

I love this trail but it is really easy to miss your trail due to washes and gullies looking like the trail you should be on. The real magic happens about 1.5 miles up when you get into the shady woody area where you’ll cross the stream and see some beautiful views of the mountain. Be ready for a butt-kicker.

What a great hike!
A little trailblazing, a few sections of class 2, with a couple of class 3 moves on my route, thick brush and brambles in places, a little wayfinding in there, a stream, 2 waterfalls, trail difficult to follow in places...
Awesome hike!

26 days ago

Nice hike with SNOW in places! Recent wind had knocked some trees and branches, but was passable!

It could be marked a bit better at the several forks. Mostly should stay right.

1 month ago

Should be rated moderate. As it seems to be the case with All Trails, mileage listed is shorter than actual. I recorded something closer to ~7.7 miles. I prefer to go counterclockwise on the loop.

This is a very good trail and the plane wreckage near the end makes it quite unique. The first mile or so is completely exposed and rather gradual incline. As you get into the forest it gets quite steep and there are several spots where you have to scramble up some rocks. It’s easy to lose the trail and I got off track for a bit but managed to find my way back.
The wreckage is located almost directly below the tram cables so you will know when you are close. I was amazed at the site. It was truly a sobering experience to see and identify almost every part of the plane. It is a stark reminder of the fragility of life.
This trail is not for beginners with rapid elevation gain and rough terrain.

Trail’s well maintained. There’s lots of varied terrain on this hike. Lots of shaded areas as well,
A great hike!

trail running
2 months ago

Lots of wild flowers and deer out. Beautiful, well maintained trail.

2 months ago

The trail spur to the waterfall was closed from March until August 15th. we attempted on Aug 19. The trail was pretty overgrown in spots, and we ultimately turned around after seeing fresh bear scat (1/3 way to waterfall area). Lovely hike on a hot day with 2 parents and one child.

2 months ago

LPT: As you go into the canyon, stay on the North or left side for the easier way through the rocks. This is dog friendly. Make sure and look for the trail leaving the wash as you leave the big rocks, otherwise you will be walking in stand. When you catch the trail on the South side, you will then see the Embudo Horse Bypass coming in from the South or right. If you do an out and back, come back on this trail for a change. It will take you above the rocks with a good view. Once you get to the west end of the ridgeline, turn north and drop down to the trail you came in. on.

Worth the trek. Navigation gets tricky after Domingo baca trail as you head towards the TWA crash site. Highly recommend to keep an eye on waypoints.

challenging hike. shade was nice, dogs found it super hot regardless of shade. lots of loose rocks, easy to roll an ankle if you aren't mindful of where you step. great glute and calf workout though!

Did the first 4 miles today. Going back tomorrow to do it all.

Steep. B’cse of poorly marked trail in early miles, general recommendation is ‘bear right.’ The trail is good.

Back open

Nice trail for three of us (including 6 year old). Plenty of tree cover and views. Occasional fallen tree to climb over or around.

Park in Sulphur Canyon picnic area ($3 user fee). Stay right at Faulty Trail.

When you turn off to go up to the waterfall the trail becomes much more rugged. I did not make it all the way to the end. About half way you have to scramble up side rocks and I was not going to try it while packing my son.

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4 months ago

**CLOSED All wilderness areas (trails to the peaks)** because of drought and fear of wildfires. Shorter trails in the immediate area are open. Beautiful area, will be back for the peak. Call to figure out when they re-open

on Osha Loop Trail

4 months ago

Whole area closed due to high fire hazard.

This is a shorter hike, but there is very little shade and a lot of elevation changes. If you aren't acclimated, I'd rate it Difficult.

There is a cutoff, visible on the Topo map, beyond the Needle (Rock gap) by about half a mile.

Very rocky and steep the first 2-3 miles. Then it tapers off and becomes moderate with plenty of shade. Take lots of water. This trail is definitely NOT for beginners

Very pretty hike, but a few things to note: I would say this is more of a moderate hike. The first 0.6 miles from the trailhead near the bathrooms was nothing but uphill. Also, definitely take some kind of map, it's very easy to get lost at the intersections. Lots of shade, I do recommend taking time to bird watch and just enjoy the location.

5 months ago

Hard to believe this trail is moderate! I think we need more classification levels because the difference between this trail and some others (also moderate) is night and day. I know it's not quite hard but it's on the high end of moderate! Still, the view at the top makes it worth it.

Good shade, not much of a view

Really an enjoyable hike with plenty of shade and wonderful views. Lots of parking and places to picnic after your hike.. trailhead kind of hard to find...it’s on the east side of the parking lot in the Sulpher Canyon picnic ground and spits you back out in the same lot,

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