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13 days ago

What a great day to do some snow hiking! The trail was packed down and clear to find. It’s amazing how people find the trail in snow and mark it for others. We didn’t make it to the top. We went 3/4s of the way and turned around. But some people said it was icy and steep towards the top. Give it a few more sunny days and parts of the trail will be muddy. I want to give the trail another try!

Beautiful trail just outside of Albuquerque!

We hiked this with our 4 and 5yr old kids and we loved it! The mountain views are pretty cool all the time. The terrain is very slightly hilly but not much so kids weren't too tired. And the views are changing every few minutes thanks to these small hills. I liked the high desert environment too. There were a lot of people today but it had a very nice atmosphere wishing everyone Merry Christmas. Very nice trip today!

Quick christmas eve hike, nice mountain rock formations.Has a sheepish climbs, would've been perfect with trail running shoes instead of hiking shoes.

one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever been on

the trail is not Mark that good the last couple miles back to the tram parking lot

Love this trail for its beautiful views. Also nice that it’s short which means it doesn’t take all day!

1 month ago

Beautiful views. Some parts are very icy and slippery. So be careful.

1 month ago

Amazing place to (hike to) see the sunset. A good hour jog up and you can see surprisingly far... it's truly a beautiful view.

trail running
1 month ago

I love this trail! Sometimes I hike it, sometimes I've run it. Did it Today, up and then back down, in 3 and a 1/2 hours total!

Great trail, a little rutted out in places. if you plan going out and back it gets kind of slick on the way down the steep parts.Really great views as you gain elevation. I plan to connect to Embuto and make it an up an over to the Albuquerque side next time.

Great hike. Way more than 11 miles; closer to 15 round trip if you go to south peak, but well worth it. The views are spectacular. I would bring micro spikes if you do it in winter, a lot of the trail is essentially on the edge of a cliff in deep snow/ice.

Nice trail, just what I needed to see how my achy knee would hold up to some climbing.

Amazing views.

Clearly marked with alot of rock scrambling

1 month ago

Snow the last few miles but great hike

Easy to access, steep, scenic and counter clockwise is definitely better. Fun hike nice mix of single track, switchbacks and light bouldering

Explored the trail after the TWA crash site. I’ve done this three times and have never gone the same way. There are many blind paths and rock slides that lead to rock walls. But I’ve always managed to find my way to La Luz. The easiest ways stick closest to the trail shown on All Trails.

See recording from today for waypoints and also one from Nov 1 for waypoints and trail options below the crash site.

1 month ago

Amazing trail! Very little snow and ice left on the trail in the shade in early April. Views are breathtaking.

1 month ago

A tough 10.3 miles out and back from the parking lot to the intersection with the South Crest trail, but beautiful and worth the effort

Few inches of snow on steep section approaching the ridge. Possible to do without poles and traction, but these would’ve come in handy. Basically glissading down certain sections. Butt kicker with nearly 4000’ in gross total elevation gain.

2 months ago

A tough 10.3 miles from the parking lot to the intersection with the South Crest trail, but beautiful and worth the effort

Really fun trail that has a pretty good incline the whole way up. I think Pino Trail was a bit harder. It is kind of easy to get lost on this trail, but stick to the app and you'll be fine. Really rewarding top and eerie to see the wreckage from the plane so far spread out.

One of my favorite trails close to home for an early sunrise hike

2 months ago

I am a 68 year old man who hiked this trail yesterday with my adult daughter. Yes, it was strenuous but it was wonderful. Definitely will do it again.

This was a great hike and my longest to date. It was 30 degrees when we started and it seemed to be mostly in the shade, so bundle up in layers and then take them off as you start to warm up. The views of the city along the way are amazing. It was tough on my knees and the way down made me really sore, but if you want a trail that is a step up from the Pino Trail (and with better views) then this one is perfect. We only passed 2 people the entire time we were on the trail. Was not that hard to stay on trail. There were a couple wash outs, but just continue straight when you get to them and periodically check your app to make sure you're on the right path. Really rewarding when you get to the top. Before we set off, one of the neighbors from the surrounding houses at the trailhead told us she saw a bobcat that morning, so we just took extra precaution with our dog, but never ended up seeing any animals. Bring water, bring snacks/food, and some good shoes/socks cause you may get blisters on the way down! We did this the first week in November and there were patches of snow, but overall, highly recommended and beautiful hike.

2 months ago

Last two miles is pretty snowy. Still able to make it through with just tennis shoes, though. A great hike as always especially with tramming down.

Trail head has some construction going on so we opted to use the tramway trail to get to la luz and the tram is going to be closed for two weeks or so after today.

Very hard! My muscle endurance was definitely challenged on this trail. We had to climb a huge boulder before getting to the crash site, and I slipped on the way back down. Very rocky so proceed with caution. It took us about 5 or so hours to and from. Really beautiful! This app was a lifesaver for staying the course.

Wow what a different view of the Sandias! Beautiful. St the top you can decide to go right and explore knifes edge or left and explore another good bouldering spot. Very beautiful.

A multitude of trails makes reliance on gps a good idea out and back. I’ve gone clockwise, and counter clockwise, and the latter is a bit steeper. Can be windy at the top. And wonderful views!

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