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Extremely easy trail. Extremely. Perfect for just strolling, wheel chair accessible. Lots and lots of Palmettos. Gave it 3 stars because though it was pretty, I personally wouldnt go on this particular trail again unless I was with someone who had a physical handicap.

This is where you go when you want to see some nature while keeping your joints intact. lots of simple trails, a nice little running creek you can cool your feet off in. There is a campground, but I've not personally used it. Wild rose trail is gorgeous in late spring- packed with...wild roses. there are rattlesnakes so stay vigilant. I've gone 4 times and seen 2. Golfing for those who enjoy golfing, a swimming pool and gift shop with light snacks and bottled drinks.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Good ride with rolling hills. Apparently I went the wrong way, starting on the east side of the park with kinda steep climbs and gradual declines. several spur options. Nice tree cover. It rained last night and is a bit muddy today but not bad. Will return.

But y B.B.

3 months ago

My best friend and I came here during the week in the heat of the July summer. We were disappointed we were not able to swim, but the beauty of this place is worth exploring. The drive in from either Austin or Marble falls is peaceful with lots of scenery. The park attendants are friendly and informative.

If you have any health risks, I wouldn’t recommend this hike for you. Also, bring extra water in the hotter months.

A staple of respite from the grind.

Worth it! Every inch! The walk and sweat was worth the view I love this park. Wasn’t crowded at all. You will love it ! A must go

mountain biking
3 months ago

I liked this little trail. There were some parts that were tough which was a nice surprise. No one else was there when I went in the middle of the day on a Monday. I got a lil lost as the signage isn't the best. I will definitely be coming back here.

Go for the pool, but don’t skip the hike!

Great directions and trail ratings!

Great hike. Short but just enough for an easy Sunday morning hike. Beautiful place!!! The only real challenge is the BIG hill. Get here early, they reach capacity quick and will not let anyone else in. $$entry fee!

So beautiful!! We went the day after thanksgiving and didn’t have a reservation. We waited in a car line for 20 minutes and it was more than worth it! If I could imagine a place where mermaids live, it would be Hamilton pool. So thankful we got to visit!! The hike is super easy and pretty heavily trafficked. I think most people don’t bring water which is a must do when hiking.

4 months ago

4 months ago

The San Marcos Riverwalk trail, while providing a decent orientation of available recreational activities along the river, was shorter than we prefer. Additionally, we were hoping for a trail that closely paralleled the river with more nature and less urban scenes.
All in all, the trail wasn’t bad and was pretty deserted and quite early in the morning that is probably ideal for a leisurely walk.

Can’t get enough of this trail. Not crowded at all but when you come across someone they are super nice

5 months ago

Easy trails with lots of shade. Don’t forget bug spray, you will get eaten up by mosquitoes!

really nice view!

on Oxbow Lake Trail

6 months ago

Super easy trail with plenty of boardwalks. Lots of butterflies/moths and their caterpillars. Take the Palmetto Interpretive Trail that joins the Ottine. W Lots of swamp!

Super easy trail with some nice benches to watch the lake. Takes you by a church. Watch for snakes as we saw several in the lake. May 2018

Great trail for kids/family of all ages. Lots of chances to do part or all of the trail. Love the boardwalks and the palmettos.

A grouping of several trails that can be scaled up to the full five miles or scaled back to as little as three miles. The centerpiece is the painted bunting trail (have not seen a painted bunting yet), which is 70% meadow to 30% forest. In Spring, the flowers are your main attraction and, if the trail has not been recently mowed, grasshoppers might bounce off of you as you forge ahead. In Winter, the attraction is the unrestrained wind carrying the intoxicating scent of distant fireplaces. You will hike several inclines, but none too high or too rough (just rough enough). You will have to hop-scotch over the rocks; most have been placed by nature at intervals that will favor your feet, but do keep your eyes on the ground as you navigate them. It is true the surroundings are not the most handsome; this is the grizzled Hill Country landscape, after all, and I believe some controlled burns were conducted in the past, giving the place a war-torn appearance in spots. On the other hand, the open view allows you to scan occasionally for feral hogs, whom you might see trotting about. A distant hello is sufficient for these creatures. If you are scaling up, you will detour off the painted bunting trail at the crossroads down inside what I call the 'valley of the souls' (you'll know it when you see it) onto the live oak and river overlook trails. On this detour the view narrows and the rocks get ornery. You can wander off-trail to gaze upon the Guadalupe and wonder who else has been there as the centuries have passed, but do not stop for long, lest you lose the hang of getting through the gauntlet of stone. You will eventually pick up the painted bunting trail again and be hit with the hike's rudest incline. Hit it with all your vigor and it tends to back down. Then you're in open country again (or at the parking lot). Congratulations, it is accomplished.

Superb trails for thinking, as there a few elevation changes, rocks, or other obstacles to divert your concentration. Deep forests, once in a while feral hogs early in the morning, a few snakes, a turtle or two, geese at certain times of the year, squirrels talking trash, hawks, you get the picture. The adjacent property has cattle (who indeed are lowing) and horses, who do find their way onto the trails from time to time. The trails themselves are very well maintained with crushed granite, packed soil, or sand (on the San Marcos river trail). Come off season in December-February and feel the open winter air.

You need to get there early! It gets crowded fast.

Nice 3 mike loop, meadows/wild flowers, tricky rocky areas fun on a good MTB, some uphills, few downhills, easy-moderate.

I know it seems Wierd, but it IS Austin, Travis County, Texas...but you MUST have a reservation.

Trails were clean and fun! Met lots of nice people.

plenty of additional trails to explore, wear boots

SUCH an enjoyable day!

Beautiful trail! I went when the mountain laurels were blooming. Fantastic place if you’re a butterfly enthusiast!

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