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mountain biking
20 minutes ago

Good work out and nice view

Excellent hike!! Great clear trail! A large tree has fallen across the trail at the beginning! No way around had to go under! Views from peak are amazing! Even a view of Downtown San Diego, Point Loma, Ocean and more!

Great hike with beautiful views. Not hard for an active hiker. Have water you will needed especially going back out of the canyon. I went on 12/14/18 it was very nice but would like to make this hike in March or early April to catch the waterfalls in action.

Great hike that felt like you were going through so many different types of terrain, some parts felt woodsy, some felt like a bush maze, while other parts were in the sun and boulder area. So a nice way to mix it up all in one hike. Super doable, some uphill but mostly spread out. I brought 2 liters of water, but only ended up needing 1. It was in December, so a perfect sunny warm day! It was also really cool seeing the mountain you would get to the top of, so awesome views all throughout! Would love to come back with my little sisters since it seems like a doable hike for them.

We love this gorgeous hike! New fave and we hike a lot!!
We did the 5 additional miles at the top- out and back and then finished the hike for a total of 7 miles. So pretty through the oak grove in the first mile or so then the climb up. Stunning views the whole way. We never hiked in Jamal before and we will be back!

Fun and short hike up a steep hill that ends in a beautiful view of downtown!

This trail really kicked my butt but it was a great hike. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a real work out that includes incline but doesn’t want to be out on the trail for five hours. The view from the top is nice, and there are a lot of boulders you can sit on. It would be nice to go back and do a little picnic up there at the top. The best part about this trail is there are so many others right next to it so I did two others and overall had a great day. My advice would be to wear shoes with good soles as there is a lot of loose sand and pebbles.

Awesome! Great incline going up the mountain. Great Cardio. I did the hike solo and felt safe. Going down the hill I chose the harder trail and it was a little rocky so I slid a couple of times but other then that it was a great hike I would definitely do it again!!

mountain biking
3 days ago

Not an easy ride. Hard up and black down. Gotta send it on alot of trail. Lots of drop drop drop drops. rocky steep. Gotta charge hard or risk getting off.

Well maintained hike. The abundance of fall colors was great along the way. No complaints. It’s a nice hike, especially this time of year.

Nice flat very easy
Suggest doing river walk first and the stop by Viewpoint brewery

Want something more exciting than cowls mountain this is a butt kicker. You will fill it in your calves and it’s not going out that’ll get you. The way Back feels never ending.It may be a short hike but it sure feels long. And once you get back the end of piles you have to go back down cowls but that’s easy. All for all it’s a great hike for intermediate hikers and adventurous people I like. Remember to take adamant water.

Ghost Mountain was a great little hike. Make sure to read up on the history before doing this one. Hard to believe a family carried everything they needed up the mountain to build their home. Also make sure to take your trash back with you. My Bro and I cleaned up a bunch of trash out of the water catch and around the house. No reason people can't put their protein bar wrappers back in there pocket.

Once you get to the top you get great views all around. We even were able to look back where we parked our car and all the off road driving we did to get there.

The dirt roads to get there are pretty well maintained, but with that said I would recommend small suv at a minimum, 4wd even better. I took Explorer Sport with 4wd and made it no problem. Since it was after rain there was a lot of muddy spots and large puddles, luckily there is plenty of routes around these puddles / muddy spots so you do not have to go through them.

This hike is always my go to. Its quick enough to do before work or before errands and always has beautiful views. I occasionally run this trail too so its good for leisure or for a more intense workout! I never get tired of it and it's good for all hiker levels :)

nice easy climb, gorgeous views at the top. unpopulated.

Did this hike for the second time today and it is always fun and a really nice view. The first time we went, it was definitely a lot more difficult since the other trail down was much much steeper, but it is permanently closed now. I assume that was for safety reasons, but now the trail is a lot easier so I was a teensy bit bummed out about that. Not a huge deal though, still a wonderful and beautiful hike!

This was actually 6 miles. No water in the falls, but as everyone else has stated, still worth the hike. It’s just beautiful at the pool!

This is actually a 6 mile loop well maintained trail. The water was barely flowing from the top of the waterfall but the bottom reservoir was full. The landscape of the waterfall was simply beautifully and well worth the hike.

Nice hike, pretty easy/wide trail much of the way. Suggest taking the side Five Oaks trail for the best views and less people (even though a bit harder and narrower).

So much better than just taking the fire road. I'd actually suggest doing an out and back on the recommended start to the route so you only do the paved part at the end. Be prepared for some very narrow trails that get pretty rocky (loose in some areas).

was beautiful can wait till spring hopefully when the water is flowing still so amazing!!

Trail was well maintained and the folks up front checking permits were so helpful and friendly. It heated up on the way back which was close to noon in December, so bring plenty of water as they recommend. It was more or less a hike through the desert. Overall a good work out. I was told snakes were around, I didn’t see any (amen).

hiking from barker way is an awesome route to cowels mountain with less traffic, offers more parking, and even a porta potty before trail starts. it is in a residential area please be respectful and mindful.

Such a great hike with an amazing view at the top. Easy to follow, but challenging incline. And almost nobody on the trail - which is always a bonus!

I went in the morning of Dec 1, 2018 after some good rain. Still no water, but a great time as always. My Garmin watch clocked at 5.09 miles round trip. A bit of bouldering at the falls to get to the top but nothing too hard. The new path around the part where you used to climb down and up the hill made this trail easier in a good way. As always make your own way and be safe.

So 1st part of this trail is just a steep but short hiking trail. The rest of it is for climbers only. While the visitors center heavily discourages bouldering and blazing your own trail, many have done it *cough cough for thrills, and at the top theres a cool circle of rocks that people have put together. You could get to the nearest peak from there, but again it requires trail blazing so be careful (snakes) and mindful (there are unofficial trails, but minimize your foot imprint and dont trample, also dont smoke ANYTHING) *not that I have smoked in mission trails, just seen it and it makes me shudder thinking of one cigarette butt or flying pipe ember can just set a whole place ablaze, so just dont!!!

Several things I love.
1) Typically not crowded
2) Many paths to each peak which offer their own delights
3) tons of thriving vegetation and wildlife
4) Some paths can be a bit of a challenge and leg burner
5) Some pretty cool hangout spots along the way that are peaceful and secluded

Downer: at times south fortuna is crowded at stairs, luckily several paths and theres north fortuna, significantly less crowded.

I once hiked down North Fortuna after dark without a headlamp, by myself, with several paths intersecting. DONT DO THAT scary as heck.

oh, leave a gift of poetry at North Fortuna too

Good workout! My steepest trail yet in SD. Hiked up with my dog for the sunset and ran (mostly) down.

It’s an amazing hike is not that hard but take a lot of water with you

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