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6 hours ago

Some of the steepest terrain appears in the first few hundred yards until you get to the top.

Super easy hike. Beautiful views and lots of wildlife to see.

Not paying $10 to go on a hike.

This was a nice trail to take my niece up, I believe she was 8 at the time. It was great that it was located straight across from our campground. Nice view from the top. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area.

Beautiful walk down the lagoon. Birds, fish, and wildflowers in the spring.

Great hike, we unfortunately did not get to see any of the bighorn sheep. There was water in the river and great weather, all around good hike and the kids loved it.

Hike is beautiful and easy. Pretty well traveled trail and the lake where you fish is crowded, but all in all still a beautiful walk. Not dog friendly

12 days ago

If you like hiking after sunset, make sure to park out on the street, or you could end up with a $52 ticket like I did. The views are great. Good workout. I would go back, but make sure to read the parking signs throughly!

Beautiful trail! Great workout on a brisk morning! My second Cuyamaca hike since starting this “hiking addiction “ This one was fun due to recent element of snow and much colder weather! Very few signs of snow left but the illusion of “mud” or “running water” along the trail kept me amazed! I would step on it and was expecting to slip or slide but the ground was solid! Thankful we went during the chilly temps because before long it would no longer be an illusion!! FYI. 4 mile round trip! And I would classify as “moderate” compared to other peaks I have recently done!

Not bad, went with a friend and we were able to chat easily most of the way. There are some good inclines /declines that are steep. Tread carefully :-)

Fun little hike. I enjoy getting lost. It is great until you see the plethora of houses right next to each other. I would do it again.

Great view and awesome hiking. We had some snow what made our hiking even better. Be prepared with gloves, beanie and a warm jacket because it was very windy and cold.

awesome hike! there was water in the river and we saw 2 rams. beautiful palm trees at the end!

Awesome! We saw 2 rams and lots 9f water flowing.

One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done. Temperatures were cool...48 at the bottom and about 34 with the wind chill at the top. Lots of snow at this time which makes for a magical, serene experience. Breathtaking views at the top. Uphill trek for approx 1.5 miles then some flat land. Five oak trail on the way back- slippery and muddy be careful. Poles would h w been helpful! Great for dogs and there is a local friendly mountain dog named Alice who went up the mountain with us. Don’t be alarmed and enjoy!!!

Great hike! I wouldn’t steer off to Five Oaks Trails. I felt the Volcan Trail was less trafficked and better views. Good terrain and my Fitbit reflected 150 floors climbed.

Great family friendly hike. In December the temps are great. We packed a lunch and spent the afternoon exploring. We came across a jack rabbit, hawk, and a pair of hummingbirds.

A little steep and rocky for a mountain bike going up. The service road route is much easier. On a clear day you can see everything!

29 days ago

This is one of my favorites. About 40 minutes up and 40 back. An excellent 360 degree view and a nice breeze at the peak. If you bring children be careful with them as the peak has significant drops. It's a fenced area but little ones can slip through. Awesome place for a sunrise or sunset. This one never gets old.

This is second highest peak in San Diego county. The fire access road is steep but paved most of the way to the peak. There is a significant breeze on the west side of the peak all year. In the summer it's refreshing. In the winter it's down right cold. The breeze varies from 15 mph to 60 mph. The pines not wiped out in the 2003 Cedar fire are beautiful and impressive. There is no 360 view because of building fire towers and trees. Walk around these and you will see the ocean, surrounding mountains, and the desert. About 6 miles round-trip.

The trek up is pretty much entirely uphill & definitely keeps your heart rate up. It's a pretty awesome view from the top though & dog friendly as well. We went during the cooler months when it didn't really top 70°, but if you go when it's warmer be sure to bring enough water to get you through since there's nowhere to refill & the last stretch has no tree cover at all. Not far into your uphill trek, you'll see a sign on your right for Five Oaks Trail. Definitely take that side trip; it hooks back up with Volcan Mountain Trail further up & has some beautiful views. Have fun!

nice trail, great view and good work. 80% rocky.make sure to wear good hiking shoes.

Awesome! Great incline going up the mountain. Great Cardio. I did the hike solo and felt safe. Going down the hill I chose the harder trail and it was a little rocky so I slid a couple of times but other then that it was a great hike I would definitely do it again!!

Nice hike, pretty easy/wide trail much of the way. Suggest taking the side Five Oaks trail for the best views and less people (even though a bit harder and narrower).

Fun trail and hike with good views. It's a pretty easy hike if you do any real hiking.

1 month ago

Beautiful view! People of all ages can do this one. It's the perfect hike as part of a day trip. Swing by Julian after for apple pie and cider.

1 month ago

Peaceful walk and beautiful scenery. The trail is blocked off towards the end of the trail right now it seems. It is also easy to lose the trail if you're not paying complete attention. But overall it is a lovely way to spend some hours.

A really nice hike, moderate in length and fairly flat. The oasis at the end was beautiful and peaceful.

I enjoyed this hike very much! Easy, fun switchbacks, well maintained trail, however lots of hikers on the weekend. Astonishing views at the top of the summit! The space at the top is very small and can get crowded quickly. My guy and I did a quick walk thru than found a quiet spot on a rock away from the crowd to enjoy our view and snack. Please be mindful to share the space at the top of the summit for others to also enjoy the beautiful view. No need for you to hang out there 20min to talk about BS as others are coming thru. And please keep your dog on a leash. Parking $10 Paso Picacho Picnic abs Campground.

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