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Uneventful hike.

trail running
1 day ago

I took my dog for a run on this trail because I was looking for something with a little more shade. This is a short loop to run, has really nice sections of shade, and also a few climbs and descents that make for a nice short workout with a rewarding view at the top! It’s a nice alternative to some of the more exposed trails at mission trails park. Good to add in the mix when you want a short sweet hike or run.

It was beautiful! Weather was a cool 54 degrees. I saw 2 solo hikers the entire day. The trails were maintained and easy to follow.

Great hike for our family. Kids are 12, 11 and 8. They had no problem . . . A little candy along the way didn’t hurt. It was 4.7 miles and took 1hr50min. A steep section in the loop was the only difficult portion.

Very pretty and very easy. Perfect for kids.

A scenic nice hike. It has several slopes both upwards and downwards. I also spotted 3 deer along the trail and few other critters. I went on a somewhat rainy day and there was nobody else on the trail. Had a good time in the quiet wilderness.

mountain biking
11 days ago

Pretty good trail..

I loved this hike. The path is great mix of forest and open areas. The first part is with good tree cover and you are passing through a forest, parts of it have a enchanted vibe. Then around mile 2 it opens high bush layout and then changes to open plain with short grass. I saw plenty of birds, rabbits, and squirrels. On this day, I only met other hikers on my way back, just starting for the day. The final prize is awesome. Eagle rock, as you approach it from afar it does look too interesting, but once you circle around the final turn, you understand! Loved it! The hike is little away from things but worth the drive.

mountain biking
12 days ago

Nice trail

Good morning hike. Incline route all the way to the top. Not crowded. Overall good for beginners with great views from the top.

13 days ago

I will do this hike again. Mostly flat with a couple inclines. One major one as you loop around and head up and back. Lots of big black and red ants. If you take a dog, put shoes on him.

first hike of our season. It's a burner. I'm way out of shape and this trail prove it. It's great in the am hours.

This was a great hike through varied ecosystems including oak forests, cacti/chaparral, and meadows. We went in early October, and had great weather. Our seven year old son enjoyed the hike as well.

There was no traffic noise or airplane noise, just birds and frogs. We saw a coyote and some turkeys, and the hikers we passed spotted a mountain lion.

The way out is a gradual uphill climb, making the trip back faster and easier.

Got to where the trail should have dropped down. Found a few trail markers then complete thick brush. Nice walk along the fire road though.

Fun hike to a very interesting rock formation. Will do this again in the spring when everything is greener.

this is my lets get into shape trail. I will do this one a few times a week at a faster past to build a little endurance before I bit the harder trails. mostly flat with a few small hills. today a bunch of family's on bike with little children. there's plenty of room for everyone.

25 days ago

Beautiful trail! It's a slow inclined to the rock so it is much easier going back. The only thing I wish I knew before going is BRING BUG SPRAY. There were so many flies and bugs getting in our eyes while we were near the trees.

Completed this hike with some of my friends. Started out @ 6am and got to the top before 9. The trail was not well marked so we found our way by reading others reviews.
The views from the peak was amazing. It was so relaxing just sitting on top of the rocks and staring out to an endless view.
I think the distance was calculated wrong because I got 7 miles total...and the wooden sign for Corte Madera that was mention from previous hiker is no longer there.
All in all it was a great hike! Another one of our favorite!

I really enjoyed this trail and the views are soectacular!

Super cute hike!!

1 month ago

Nice short hike with some great views. There are a few breaks from the sun as you pass through some valleys, but there is a lot of exposure. Not a lot of traffic which is always nice.

I hiked this Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area trail in the early morning while it was still cool (August).

Trail is well established, but caution as other trails cross or intersect. Moderate use by hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers. Some trail sections have lots of rocks. I did use hiking poles because I hike at a fast pace. Lots of oak trees, olive trees, coastal sagebrush and buckwheat. Wildlife is plentiful. I saw three Red Tail hawks, a Downy woodpecker, other birds, rabbits (I posted rabbit photo that wasn’t too shy). The trail is by a creek, but no water in the summer months. I choose to hike the north side of the loop and come back through Hollenbeck Canyon. The sun in my eyes. Next time I would hike the Hollenbeck Canyon side of the loop first before the sun comes over the ridge.

Lots of parking at the trailhead, including a port-a-potty. You now have to hold California Department of Fish and wildlife (CDFW) Land Pass. Sign posted with website (https://wildlife.ca.gov/license/lands-pass), where you can purchase online or you can call (800) 565-1458 pay over the phone and get a temporary authorization number (TAN). Choices are; day use pass ($4.32) or an annual pass ($25.00) Note: Login online as a guest for day pass, but annual pass will require you to sign in as a member. However, if you already have a hunting, fishing or or trapping license, you do not need to pay. Each visitor must have their own pass and keep on their person, not placed in vehicle.

Was able to hike this in 3 hours including lots of rest breaks. I am not an experienced hiker and very sensitive to the heat. Really good challenge and cool to see the caves. Lots of dog and coyote scat on the trail.

I love the trails

1 month ago

Nice little trail. Well maintained and not much incline. Took us about an hour each way (my wife, dog and I) wasn’t too challenging, but very scenic and the destination is definitely worth the trip! Will be doing this trail again next time I’m in town.

1 month ago

I really love this trail because it’s such an easy destination to reach/park, it’s dog friendly and not a difficult trek for kids. This was my eight-year-old son’s first backpacking experience, it was just enough of a challenge to make him feel like he worked, but nothing to really make him feel exhausted and opposed to future hikes. Just a fun day hike with an evening camp in morning turn around. A little bit of a hot hall if midday start. Really peaceful campground area with plenty of space for lots of people. Freshwater at the camp. Lots of trees for hammocks. Follow modern hikers tips at www.modernhiker.com - really like the description of the trail in the right up!

We like to follow this trailer with a trip to Dudley’s or Mom’s apple pie for a treat!

Finished this one today. The trail is well-marked if you follow the directions in other comments. The terrain is very varied, going from flat to having to jump rocks and logs. It gets narrower as you approach the peak. If you are a seasoned hiker I would actually rate this moderate but I can see why it would be considered hard. The terrain is random, it's overgrown, and the length of the trip could exhaust a casual hiker. That said the views are great and the hike gave me a decent workout. Saw hawks flying around at the top. Got there at 0615 and my brother and I were the only ones there the whole time! Would do again!

Incredible trail with beautiful views from desert to forest. Definately worth the trip and bring lots of water! Best to go early before hand. Took between 2 hours to 2.5 hours. Don't use Google maps to get there, use this apps map as Google will bring you to a privet, closed property right beside the rock rather than the trail head. The Trail head is to the right of the fire station about 20 metres.

This is for those of you that have never been here before like me. I got a bit confused where to enter for the start of the trail you have to enter a cattle gate to the right of the fire station by the street.I was hesetent to enter because it looked like private property to me. I did enjoy this hike it's not very hard but it was hot so of course bring a lot of water unless you're a camel. I even got to see a deer and a giant jack rabbit which was cool. I loved the shade in the beginning I bet the open fields are very pretty when it gets all green I will go back in the rain season to see new growth.

Really enjoyed this trail. Agree with other reviewers that it’s a more moderate hike, though there are a couple of steep parts. Also it’s closer to 7 miles. It’s a very quiet trail, I only saw 2 other people the whole time. This is surprising, now having done it, because it’s not that difficult, only an hour outside of San Diego, and mostly a gorgeous hike. The first 1-1.5 miles are a little boring, but once you get to the saddle and junction of multiple trails, it’s pretty to the summit. I was surprised at how green the landscape was in August. The view from the top is spectacular. I did have a slightly weird feeling at times, especially in the beginning/end portion, mostly along the service road and right around the junction for the Espinosa Trail. Maybe because of the oak trees, maybe because there are a couple of shacks back there, maybe because I was alone... or maybe because Corte Madera is supposedly haunted! Who can say. It’s a cool hike, definitely recommend.

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