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17 hours ago

Great Trail, Clean and well defined. Just hiked it today and the water fall is running. Take good hiking shoes rocks are slippery at the Fall! Great place to eat and make the trek back. It got crowded quick so go early to enjoy the place. If you have a dog leave him at home !!! They crowd the falls area even more, nothing worst than wet dog, dog poop in the area you want to enjoy. The trek back is strenuous! Bring plenty of water!

Hike is beautiful and easy. Pretty well traveled trail and the lake where you fish is crowded, but all in all still a beautiful walk. Not dog friendly

Well defined trail.

Pretty straight forward, high traffic hike. Start at the top, hike down to the water fall, turn around and hike up. Short scramble through a creek bed, nothing serious. Waterfall was very but there was a large pool at the bottom that was full. Very picturesque, and other routes to get to other vantage points of the waterfall are around. We clocked more like 6.2 miles on this hike. As I said, it’s all down hill to the waterfall then all uphill back.

oh yeah we found small pools of water knee high. but it's up river through a rough climb. and a 1/2 inch layer of ice on top of the water. freeeezing cooooold....

it's the second time I hike on this trail. it's beautiful and a great place to find peace. just pace yourself especially if you have little ones, my kid struggles on the last climb getting back to the car. I'll be honest, I don't look forward to it, but it's always in the back of my head when I plan to go. but I love a good challenge, if you do too, enjoy....

Great little hike with the dogs- unfortunately, there is still no water as of 12.30.18

Love this place!!!

Great moderate 6 mile out and back hike. Very peaceful finish at the end as we were able to have the resovoir to ourselves for a few minutes although there is no active waterfall.

A great hike! BUY your permit ahead of time online and print out your permit. Bring lots of water and keep in mind you just ascend heavily on the return. Conserve your energy for the back half!

It was a good hike, I had 3 little ones and the dog with me. Can be a bit challenging for smaller children. All in all it was a good hike with great views.

Really pretty, but too desolate for a single female hiker. There was only one car in the parking lot when I reached the location. I’ve been on lots of hikes, almost all alone, but this one was rather eerie. I’ve been to 3rd world countries all around Central America and walked alone with no issue. I decided it was best to turn back after one mile, which I’ve never done before. I rather be smart than be a statistic, or worse. I will try this one again when I’m with another hiker. The land permit warning is old. If you look it up, it’s waived now, but the big sign that states otherwise, makes a statement. There was a 3rd car in the lot when I returned. A guy that was just idling for some reason. I got turned around on my way back and a truck was in the field, doing something strange in front. Okay, this place had me spooked. I’m not sure what all the fur along the trail was all about either.

We love this gorgeous hike! New fave and we hike a lot!!
We did the 5 additional miles at the top- out and back and then finished the hike for a total of 7 miles. So pretty through the oak grove in the first mile or so then the climb up. Stunning views the whole way. We never hiked in Jamal before and we will be back!

Well maintained hike. The abundance of fall colors was great along the way. No complaints. It’s a nice hike, especially this time of year.

Fun hike, no water as of 12/09/18 even with the rain earlier in the week.

This was actually 6 miles. No water in the falls, but as everyone else has stated, still worth the hike. It’s just beautiful at the pool!

This is actually a 6 mile loop well maintained trail. The water was barely flowing from the top of the waterfall but the bottom reservoir was full. The landscape of the waterfall was simply beautifully and well worth the hike.

Trail was well maintained and the folks up front checking permits were so helpful and friendly. It heated up on the way back which was close to noon in December, so bring plenty of water as they recommend. It was more or less a hike through the desert. Overall a good work out. I was told snakes were around, I didn’t see any (amen).

1 month ago

Wonderful views and the wind caves at the top were very cool. The 4 mile drive in on sandy/rocky road was long in our vehicle but beautiful.

Nicely managed hiking trail but will have to keep your dog on leash the entire time. Updated note that contradicts the recreation.gov website is that you do not have to bring a print out of your permit if you have the digital version. They accept digital permits, they just haven’t updated their website to reflect the change yet. Happy trails!

off road driving
1 month ago

Worth it! A great quick hike that can be done with ease. Hardest part is the at the head of the trail where you might need to navigate some slightly steep loose rock and dirt. From there is it pretty mild. Bring lots of water though, the heat is no joke if you are heading out anytime after Sunrise outside of November to March.
As for the drive up to the trailhead, 4wd is advised, however not required. My buddy followed me up in a Scion XB at stock ride hight w/ Low Pros and didn't have any problems. (Stupid, I know, but it worked out fine) The "road" is in a Wash and the road conditions are all subject to change so exercise caution and use your best judgment before you drive through something you might get yourself stuck in.

The first 3 miles is down hill (easy), but heading back is challenging. I recommend bringing your hiking poles. The waterfall is currently dry, but the bowl still has water. Lots of fresh animal dropping, so be alert and careful. We started at 7:15, started to warm up after that so bring plenty of water and sunblock.

Visit RECREATION.GOV. Didn’t know about the permit but it was still a great well maintained hike! Trees were different colors and looked beautiful along hike! Loved it!!

It would be better if you allowed bikes.

2 months ago

Beautiful place

2 months ago

Beautiful little hike however no water in the creek right now but still beautiful. I got 4.8 miles. When the trail turns sharply to the left it climbs quickly. If you take the left trail near the Y you would have an easier time of it but I enjoyed the climb. You are supposed to pay a fee but I tried calling twice and also tried the internet URL but not functioning which also happened to another couple. A nice day out and about.

2 months ago

Amazing views.

Amazing hiking. All the trail was very quiet so you could hear the sound of nature.

Beautiful in the fall. Great trek for a 5 year old as well.

Great hike for our family. Kids are 12, 11 and 8. They had no problem . . . A little candy along the way didn’t hurt. It was 4.7 miles and took 1hr50min. A steep section in the loop was the only difficult portion.

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