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$25 for state parks parking lots today.

Easy to get to and very well maintained trail. First half is a wide, uphill path with the second half being a stepper trail up stones. There is a long line to take a photo at the top though. Got up in about an hour really pushing the pace.

I arrived there like 6am in the morning but just parked on the side of the road. HOWEVER be aware of the no parking signs near the entrance of the park. The hike was decent and my opinion lacked a feel of overall nature. Probably more blooming flowers in the spring. For the experienced hiker this hike is way too easy, but a good starting place for willing beginning hikers. The terrain is little rocky. In all, was a hike with couple views of the reservoir and lakes. Good hike to do with a just a couple people.

13 hours ago

It rocks. I was told there was a Starbucks at the top but there wasn’t, so I’m extremely disappointed

It's not very shady and a pretty difficult hike when it's hot but of course worth it for the photo op! It gets very very busy so earlier better than later!

Fortuna Bear Super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse. Awesome

Amazing hike to Potato Chip Rock, the wait wasn’t bad. People were very good about trading phones for pictures , if you took their picture , they would wait for your group to go out to the rock and take your picture. Some people complain about the wait, it’s not bad especially if you work as a team.

First 1.25 miles pretty steep, but after that climb is fairy level. Dogs off leash is OK once you get past first mile or so. Route depicted by AllTrails is off by Lake Hodges, as you need to make hard left turn to do Hodges Loop. Route closer to 7.0 miles and 1,500 feet of climbing. Loop at far end of route actually larger than on All Trails. No shade at all on top, so best go early. Views of Lake Hodges, Olivenhain dam, and ocean from one spot when out on Hodges loop.

2 days ago

This trail is an extension to Cowl’s Mountain. Tough hike due to the incline. Definitely a good workout!

Beautiful hike, gave it only 4 stars because there was a ~45 min wait to climb potato chip rock for a picture.

awesome views especially at the top will do it again after the rains stop in spring.

trail running
5 days ago

It’s steeper than the other peaks in Mission Regional, but with a good pace, can use it as running trail for a real good work out

Really fun hike. We crushed it yesterday

Beautiful view, easy to anyone!

on Pyles Peak Trail

8 days ago

A pretty good workout hike

8 days ago

A good hike but crowded

8 days ago

way to crowded! trail is ugly

Love this hike. It's definitely a workout with a constant uphill path to the top, but the views are worth it. It's not too long either. The only negative is that it can get a bit crowded.

Bring lots of water. In summer, go early before it gets too hot.

trail running
13 days ago

Disappointment. I was looking for a longer running loop in the area. Route is often on roads with traffic driving by at high speed, trails amount to drainage for runoff, there is litter, noise, etc. Likely better to go into the park and add on a section of a neighborhood.

Overcrowded. Overrated. And relatively boring most of the hike. A nice workout and a gorgeous wait in line at the top. This hike wouldn’t be so bad if not as many unprepared and rude people hiked it. Go extremely early if you want to enjoy yourself and the nature around you.

Good hard hike for a nice workout. Did this during summer so I Started at 6 am with my dog and ended at 9/10 am. Start and end with a walk near the lake. Potato chip was a little disappointing and you have to climb up on to get to but still a nice fun hike.

I absolutely love this hike! Super easy lots of fun!

Try to go early in the morning. You’ll bit the sun and the line to take a photo at the famous potato chip rock.

Good hike for beginners.

This is my second time on this hike and is fun and challenging as always. I went with a ton of my family so we kept stopping to take pictures. This trail is definitely a leg killer but if you push yourself you will make it! People need to pick up their dogs crap and throw the bags away! I’m trying to enjoy a nice hike without worrying about stepping in dog crap! It’s also very crowded, but really fun!

Very crowded, kind of boring

Used to hike with my mother best times of my life

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