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Great hike! Beautiful views from the top. It’s pretty much all up hill so be prepared but it’s worth it.

**If you start this hike before dawn, please read**

Immediately after the first "Trail" sign, do not follow the wash of the creek. The trailhead is ACROSS the wash. In darkness this sign is almost impossible to see. There are footprints along the wash that make it look like a trail, but again, do not follow the wash. Cross it. I made this mistake and ended up hiking 6 miles before we came to the conclusion that we were off track. One of the park rangers told me she had met many other people who made the same mistake. You can still coordinate your GPS location on the trail map even when you don't have service.

The next weekend (Sep 22) we went again and took the right trail. This was a gorgeous, scenic hike! The hardest of the Six Pack of Peaks but also very rewarding. It took us 5hr 4m to summit and 3hr 30m to descend. I used about 3L of water along with refilling some at the campsite on the way down.

Did this hike this past Saturday. Like most other reviews you can skip the first mile by driving down the dirt trail in off the 38. We went about halfway and parked by other cars but could have driven in even further. From where we parked round trip was 13 miles according to my Fitbit. We brought our dog (and her backpack) and she did about half the hike on her own. The least favorable aspect of this trail is how rocky the path is. It was hard on my feet so I can only imagine how hard it would have been on my dog if we didn’t have a pack for her to hitch a ride in. Other than that great weather, great views, and now I’m feeling sore but accomplished!

off road driving
21 hours ago

Did the whole trail with a stock JK Sahara. Easy for experienced off-roaders (intermediate for some parts).

23 hours ago

Definitely an accomplishment! Great to be at the top above everything else. Make sure to take the little spur to the right at the saddle around 7.3 miles. Great views and rest before the toughest part of the climb.
We started at 630 on friday and saw only a few folks going up, summit about 1215, return took a little under 4 hours. Saw more filks on the way down, but i would not suggest a day hike starting after 7.

Peaked on 22nd Sept. It was a perfect day with barely any winds. Another group who summited last weekend faced 60m/hr winds at the top.
Parking: Start early and you won't have a problem. we started at 3am.
Water: Took 2 litees. Filled twice at High Creek. used clorine tablets to purify.
Trail: Tricky point at the beginning when we cross the riverbed. We had someone who had done it before with us to help us navigate this part in dark. Before descending to the riverbed, shine your headlamp pointing straight ahead until u see the reflection from the trail sign on the other end. Then walk towards that reflection to get to the right trail.

I found the beginning 1.5 mile climb not as difficult as the last 4 miles after High Creek.

Saw 2 guys with serious hunting equipment on the trail between Vivian and High Creek, hunting deers! I talked to the ranger and found out, the hunting season is on but they were not in the destinated hunting area. If u see something say something. Don't hesitate to question and report folks who seem out of place. Their arrow can hit any hiker if they hunt in non designated areas.

Again: This one is not for me. Won't do it again. Too long and Peak not as interesting. Glad to get it checked off my bucket list!

We started our hike from Barton Flats visitor center based on previous reviews. It's probably over a mile going uphill zigzagging but the trail was not steep and had a lot of shade so it's quite easy and clearly marked. The lake (more like a man made pond for fishing) was beautiful but water was a bit low in the fall. The hike itself was very pleasant with little creek and trees and occasionally a view of mountains nearby. Rangers at the visitor center were nice and helpful.

not a beginner trail, very steep. scrambling over boulders necessary. awesome views at the top

I gave this trail a 4 Star because we miss the turn to the trail entrance . Right before wt the fork It should of been mark better after the trial head, we walk straight on the rocky sand along the waterfall for 1.5 miles until ran into a girl who went for 2-3 miles out and realize she was lost . So after all that we end up with 20.3 miles
Moderate, not too hard. You can bring 3-4 frozen water bottle is enough. Depend how you hydrate, plus a jacket , it can be really cold around September.
It’s a beautiful trial !!

Water update for Vivian Creek trail:
I just completed this challenging but rewarding hike September 22-23rd. Plenty of water available at Vivian Creek Camp, no water available at Halfway Camp, and plenty of water at High Creek Camp. So do not do what I did and safe yourself of 12 extra unnecessary pounds of water.

One of the prettiest hikes I have done. It has a gradual incline so not so bad, About a mile in a half before the Peak vear to the right and you will see a cement bench with incredible views! This is a popular trail so parking was filling up fast around 6:00 am but it was gonna be a warm day. Highly recommend...

Great hike and beautiful views at the top!

love everything about this trail

2 days ago

Hiked on Friday 9/21/18. Beautiful hike and very well maintained trail. Lots of different mileage estimates out there, but definitely more than 15.1 miles — my best estimate is 15.8 miles. Elevation gain is 4,719 feet from the parking lot. Leave early! You’ll appreciate the cool of the early morning. Take at least 3 or 4 liters of water, but there was at least 1 small stream (needs to be treated or filtered) on the trail still running, about halfway to summit. The approach dirt road is very rutted now, I would not recommend taking it with a low clearance vehicle. Saw mountain lion prints on the trail on the way up. Windy at various spots, but not at the summit the day I hiked it.

Excellent trail to see the fall colors. Worth it to the top for the view of the valley below and mountain range. Lots of cyclists. Can get very crowded and noisy though. Bring plenty of water and a map as the trail forks several times.

Great for beginners but still challenging!

2 days ago

I hiked it in September of 2018 and it was beautiful. Rough time going up for inexperienced hikers. Wasn't too cold to camp without a tent. Also not too many bugs

Beautiful waterfall but rather find a way to get to the top

Great trail. Easy enough to take kids and dogs. Some great views of the lake. Not a lot of parking though.

Excellent view at the top but lacks proper trail path. Climbing to the top of the rocks can be bit problematic for people who are not accustomed to rock climbing.

My fav of the Six pack of peaks SoCal, its #4 for me. Didn't really feel the elevation gain due to the gradual switchbacks. Left close to 6:30 am last Saturday and finished at 1:30 pm. Really windy at the top. Dress accordingly. Not very busy. Follow the hiking guys directions to find parking. Frontage road past fire station, turn right, go 4 wheeling for 1/4 mile. Not alot of parking so get there early. San Jacinto Peak is next. The full 19 miles!

6 days ago

Started this trail at 8 am on a Thursday and had it to myself! It wasn’t an extremely steep trail with lots of ups and downs with a super nice views at the end!

7 days ago

Hiked this trail into Tool Box Spring campground. Awesome weather and great views of Garner Valley going up and down. Like others said, a bit anticlimactic in terms of views at the top, but still a fun trail all around. I would consider this trail moderate.

Absolutely beautiful.

What a great hike! it had been 19 years since I last hiked this mountain. The All Trails app is so awesome and helpful. There were a couple times when the trail wasn’t clearly marked. One was on the descent and there was no marker for the San Bernardino and Vivian creek Trail but the app got me on course. Also while approaching Dollar Lake, there was a meadow where the trail basically disappeared with no markers but the app was right on. I was amazed at how many people were at the summit (approx 60) on this day. Weather was a perfect 63 degrees with slight wind until past Dry Lake then it picked up and increased all the way up. Consumed 4.5 liters of water. Last source of water on the way up was about 1/2 mike from Dry Lake with a small spring bubbling up on the trail. Lots of dead trees from past fires and saw 3 blow over from the wind. No wildlife to speak of except birds.

Hiked on September 15th. Great trail conditions. I recommend driving a car with a high ground clearance as the third of the mile from highway 38 to the trailhead is not paved and deeply rutted with large rocks sticking out. A wind breaker will come in handy too. I hiked to Limber Pine this time but hope to make it all the way up next time.

After reading reviews about this trail, I decided to head up the mountain this morning to make this my first solo hike. The directions are spot on and take you right to the start of the trail head. No adventure parking pass needed. I’m not the most out of shape person, but the first half mile is uphill and will get your heart pumping but it definitely pays off. There is a beautiful lookout of the lake about half way through the trail. The trail was well kept and tons of signage to keep you on course. I got up there around 10am and there were only a handful of people on the trail. There was definitely more traffic on my way down, so I recommend getting here early. Will definitely be doing this again!

Very easy hike. There’s a lot of shade so no matter what time of day you go it’s perfect. There were also a lot of butterflies everywhere you looked.
The heart rock was cute too :)

on Crafts Peak Trail

8 days ago

The access to this trail is either through a campground, which you have to park outside of and walk through to get to the trailhead; or, you can take a left less than a quarter mile before the campground on forest road 2N13 [a 4x4 vehicle is strongly recommended for this road]. The trail head is the beginning of road 2N13D, and there is ample parking to the right [not paved].
The trail itself is quite easy for the first 4 miles, as it is basically a regular gravel road. The trail/road is fully drivable for most 4x4s until the last mile, in case you want to shorten your on foot trek.
It is possible to drive even the last mile if you have a serious off-road capable vehicle; if you’re not alone and very experienced, you can do this last mile with a X-Terra, TRD, or a Cherokee Trailhawk or better, emphasis on better.
Back to hiking; the last mile has two steep parts, but still not technical. The trail only gets technical on the last hundred feet or so.
I really like this trail for its flexibility and for being very dog friendly.

9 days ago

Great challenge! On Sept 14 there still was a trickle of water at High Creek; I could have packed 4-5 lbs lighter. I did drink about 4.5 liter - in full sun it still was warm at the top. I saw about a dozen other hikers on a Friday. Weather was great, views were fairly clear, and it was another glorious day on the trail.

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