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2 hours ago

Very nice views, we didn't do the full loop as it was our first time hiking this with our pup. I'm sure we'll be back.

This is definitely more of a “path” than a “trail”. Be wary of break ins at the parking spot. The hike is ok for the first two miles, but the last one is straight down on a very loose, eroded, sandy ridge. Going down is a LOT easier than coming back out, so give yourself ample time to head back, usually its double the time it takes to get in. The hot springs are clothing optional so if nudity offends you please stay away. There is no camping allowed within a mile of the springs but especially there are no campfires and glass bottles allowed. PLEASE pack out what you pack in, leave it better by taking at least one piece of trash you might see. The springs are especially crowded on holiday weekends and during PCT season in March.

great spot to visit when there is snow. There was a lot of spots for sledding

18 hours ago

Wow! What a workout this was. This was my first legit hike after coming into town I thought I was going to die on the way up (I’m being extra dramatic) but it was amazing and well worth the cardio!!! The view was phenomenal!! Definitely a must do!!

2 days ago

Hiked this trail with my dog. Easy, short. Perfect way to start the day

Pretty fun trail. Took around an hour and a half at a very brisk pace. The creek was indeed very wet this time of year but if you're comfortable enough you can do the many crossings by stepping on the stones ad never getting wet.

Busy trail! Sunday morning 5am already had many people enjoying the trail before sunrise. On our way down later it was very busy. Great trail right in town that I would use a lot if I lived locally.

3 days ago

Good trail. Skinny in some areas. We did the counterclockwise loop by mistake but glad we did. Don’t think I’d enjoy hiking up the clockwise hike!

on Heart Rock Trail

4 days ago

Amazing place ❤️

Just hiked this trial this weekend. ALL snow. 24” of fresh powder made the summit impossible for our team. Setup for the night at High Camp. Great hike. Cold at 24°. Well worth the experience. Will come back for the summit soon.

Great trail, Go left and get some elevation, Challenging but do-able, Can enjoy the walk/ run down the less steep side on the way back

i did this run about 8 months ago for my first time 4wheeling i did it in my rig when it was stock would love to try it now its lifted and on 33s would be alot funner i think

The owner said that access to the springs via his property is permanently closed. This may change subject to his whims, but steer clear unless you want a serious chewing out. Owner referenced the number of people that come unprepared and the "daily" rescues. The road in and out was dicey after the recent rains. Who knows if it's actually closed or if he just decided to close it for the day, either way, the owner was very rude.

should be listed as easy. flat dirt road that is pretty short, but the view at one end is great.

Nice day, lots of shade in afternoon. 2.5 hrs to Springs and back. Need decent shoes, rocky, up and down. Hiked with 4 adults 5 kids, and 2 dogs.

6 days ago

I needed my hiking sticks for this hike. Be sure to climb the big rocks at the top. There’s a rope to help get up...the view from the top of the rocks

6 days ago

This was perfect to take our 3 year old on a short and simple hike.

I finally completed the 6 pack of Peaks. This hike is freaking hard. We left at 6:05 am and finished at 4:30 PM. Spent less than 15 minutes at the top for photos. 1st mile after you cross dry river bed is a killer. The last couple miles the same, killer. I did this hike about a month ago. All snow now I'm guessing. Mt Whitney next August!

Favorite hike in southern CA so far

Great place to learn about the desert. Many eco systems in play here. Nice gentle climb along the creek. Easy trail, some scrambling around small rocks on the trail. Overall great short hike.

8 days ago

Easy, fun and beautiful. I’ll go back in a Heartbeat ❤️

Good for the history bluffs, great for the nature buffs, and was way cool for the earthquake bluffs. When you are all three, it's awesome. wish I'd started earlier and planned more to explore, and maybe take a volunteer guided hike.

About 10 am on November 7th. 80°F, much cooler under the shade of the trees.

Third time doing this trail on a stunning 48 degree day. Hard enough to keep you warm and cool enough to stop and lounge on a few of the big boulders. Amazing 360 degree views from the top.

Update to those coming through Bowen Ranch. The owner no longer allows camping at his property and is very strict on entry and exit for day hikes. The hours are 7am - 5pm and he wants people out before dark or he charges an extra $10 per person. He will not let anyone in during rainy days. The road is already washed out from recent rains.

Unfortunately the popularity of this place due to Instagram, travel blogs and hiking apps like AllTrails have led to an unprecedented number of people illegally camping at the springs, leaving lots of garbage and getting lost requiring the sheriff to search and rescue many people via helicopter. A man died at the springs this past august because he was jumping from rocks into shallow water while trying to get GoPro footage of himself. The other road by his property is only for offroading vehicles and many have gotten stuck there, please don’t. Finally do not go to the springs if you are not comfortable with nudity!

One of our favorite hikes in the area

-$9 per person to enter the area
-Could be extremely hot in the summer, it was perfect on a 65 degree winter day, it’s cooler once you get in the canyon with shade and water
- The camp store 2 miles up the road is worth the visit even though we typically skip those, they had some very cool Native American artifacts and items
- Bring lots of water

12 days ago

This hike is ok. You are mainly hiking through rocks at the beginning and then Bonita Falls isn’t even pointed out with signs your have to find it yourself pretty much (it’s on the left about a mile down the rocks by a huge tree). There’s a TON of graffiti and trash. The waterfall is very pretty when there’s a lot of water but there’s always been a lot of people every time I go. The creek is pretty too but on the warmer days there’s tons of people partying around the creek leaving trash and dirty diapers. Such a shame that people have 0 respect.

Easy quick hike. Stayed awhile taking pics. Towards the end u have to go to the right and the heart rock is at the bottom.

13 days ago

Great views, moderately busy on a Saturday morning, some portions more challenging than the trail’s “easy” rating.

13 days ago

Beautiful trail in the snow. There are markers to help guide you through the snow. The views you get are fantastic.

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