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I loved this hike!! We decided to hike the peak in the morning to see the sunrise. We started hiking around 4am and got to the peak at 5:30am. It’s a pretty steep hike, and when you get to the ridge line it can be a little difficult to follow. The entire experience is definitely worth it. There is also a lake directly below the peak. If you back track about 0.5 miles back you can hike down to it. Do this hike you won’t regret it!!!

we did 4 of the lakes, well worth it. saw a huge moose about 15 paces from us, as well as a lot of other wildlife. lake mary was moderately trafficked, but catherine and the smaller one we saw only had one or two others in sight. we only saw two other people on the actual loop (they worked for the watershed) but there seemed to be people both going to mary or catherine, just not via the loop.

Mostly up hill but has some nice reprieve with switch backs and flatter parts. A mix of shady and exposed. The lake was beautiful and it wasn’t too trafficked. Round trip took me about 5.5 hours including a nice break at the top. Love this hike.

LOVED this hike. Took about 2.5 hours round trip and it was so worth it.

The route up is an access road so it’s rocky, wide, and very exposed to the sun. The lake itself is nice. There are very limited tent sites if you’re planning on staying the night.

nice little hike after work

This is an awesome trail for a quick hike.

Anyone giving this a bad review probably just has a bad attitude.

The falls are beautiful, and there are some great views.

Sunday afternoon was a great time to do this. I only ran into a few people.

Great hike with good views at the top. While on the trail we ran into Forest Service officials who indicated that this trail is actually in watershed, so no dogs are allowed. Dogs can be on the trails to blood lake. But not allowed on the peak area.

Most hikers will only go to White Fir Pass, about two miles and 1200 feet up, which is beautiful. About a mile farther up and 800 feet or so is another clearing. Push past that for a bit and you get to the sign for the trail to Alexander Basin. Another half mile and you get to the big traverse that in another half mile or so takes you to Baker’s Pass. It’s a beautiful view into Big Cottonwood. Take a left to Gobblers Knob or a right to Mount Raymond.

did this hike today. very steep in places very beautiful wooded hike with the sound of the river always near and the falls at the end was amazing. well worth the hike.

8 days ago

We went on a really smoky day and missed a lot of the views. The trail is pretty steep the whole way up, but not brutal. The views from the peak are awesome! Totally cool hike.

The incline is a grind which is awesome, but it makes the downhill suck. It’s a fun short trail. Very exposed so don’t go in the middle of the day in the summer like I did.

Loved it! Lake Mary is stunning.

17 days ago

brought 4 liters of water each and only drank 2 liters each, but I was grateful to have plenty. it is very hot, and there is no shade at the summit, hence "big baldy". the view was beautiful from the top, and the hike was worth it starting from battle creek.

Fun hike! We went mid-day and we're grateful to have some occasional shade. I would recommend doing this hike in the morning when it is not as hot. The waterfall is definitely worth it when you get there!

Great hike, took me a little over three hours to get up there but once you are at the lake it is unbelievable. Nice scenery and wildlife on the trails as well as around the lake, they started draining the lake today so if you are going go right now or by the end of the week.

Beautiful views with shaded climbing and a nice little river. More difficult coming down as there is a lot of loose gravel.

Good but hard hike to the top,nice view from the top

Incredible views! Stunning evening hike, beautiful all around, with the perfect amount of challenge!

on Jacks Mountain

24 days ago

Steep, exposed, but super pretty!!! It was hard, but short!

Fun hike. It seemed easier than Red Pine. I prefer Red Pine though. It was a little crowded at the lake when we arrived at about 9. There were quite a few campers.

Great hike! It’s a steady incline the entire way up, but completely worth it. We made it up and back(with a long lunch break) in just under 5 hours. Gorgeous views and breathtaking scenery! You need to do this hike. We hiked this in July, bring lots of water. I drank my entire camel pack.

26 days ago

Gorgeous early summer hike. The lake is amazing. The trail is not as scenic as Red Pine, but the lake is better. From the parking lot it's about 2 miles longer than what Alltrails indicates because they measure from the red/white split.

Hard hike up but well worth it when you round the corner and spot the lake. The lake itself was gorgeous. Crystal clear water, lots of wild life, not crowded.

A good trail. Towards the end you find yourself in a large rocky plain which is different and unique. White Pine Lake is more blue and surreal than Red Pine Lake in my opinion.

28 days ago

This trail is gorgeous. Lots of variety. It is long and steep, but it seemed to have a little more mercy than the Red Pine Trail did. Lots of rocks, but the trail has some nice clear flat stretches too. The lake was beautiful. I left at 12:30 and it wasn’t too hot. There are some significant stretches with no shade, but most of it has enough shade to keep you cool. I never felt over heated. Very pretty!

rockclimbing might be the main reason to use this trail. shaded in the middle, at the start and overlook isn't very shaded. there are too many cut offs it's hard to follow the actual trail.

Had to park on the road, typical for a Saturday. What I love about this trail is there’s no lead up or long approach to the steep trail. You start climbing right after the parking lot. Definitely a hard trail but can be done by most in average health, with frequent stops (like me). You can climb 2 peaks on this route. Lots of rocks and boulders to cross. Great hike to wear your approach shoes on!
I came back via Blood lake, didn’t want to try and navigate the steep slopes down on the out/back route.

on Big Baldy Summit

28 days ago

We followed Michelle Argyle’s map which started the hike along Battle Creek and then crossed over to the Big Baldy summit route. The climb was strenuous but not technically difficult. The views from Big Baldy were nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, I think we may have been a little late for the very best wildflower showing but there was still plenty to see. Good workout. Glad we had poles for the descent.

The Battle Creek trail was fairly busy and rather noisy but once we got to the turning at mile 1.7, it became a very quiet and peaceful trail. We were the only ones at the summit.

The great: views from Big Baldy summit and upper trails

The good: the trail (especially as it became quieter) was pleasant. As usual, markings left a little to be desired.

The not so great or good: busy trail with lots of people at lower reaches; the first and last parts of the trail are on loose gravel or dirt and so one is constantly having to look down. The sun was very hot on the final mile or so of the descent - little shade - as the rocks reflect the heat.

Great hike. 7 Lakes. Started at Silver lake , Solitude, up and over to Twin Lakes, over to Lake Mary, Martha, Cathrine, and Dog Lake. Caught the tail end of the flowers.

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