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21 minutes ago

This hike is very rocky on King’s Canyon; you’ll want good shoes with a rock plate if you have them.
I rated this hike 3 stars because the hike was a decent outing, but not a trail I would do again. It is worth it to do once, so if you haven’t, add it to the list.
The best part is summiting the actual peak or seeing the old mines. Other than that, it’s your typical West Tucson views and nature.
There is zero shade on the trail, so I would avoid this one in the summer.

Great hike—beautiful views, not too steep, well marked, cacti.

Hugh Norris is 9.8 not 8.9. Nice trail; lots of stairs. Can be really windy on the peak!

I did this hike solo in just under 5 hours. It was absolutely stunning. The scenery was amazing. The hike isn’t technical or overly difficult, just long and sunny. Bring lots of water and lunch so you can eat it atop Wasson Peak and enjoy the view.

4 days ago

Took a December hike up King’s Canyon and did the loop for some variety on the way back down. While the climb up got the heartrate going, it was a hike for all age groups. The loop is a bit longer than the out and back, but seeing the west side of the ridge in the late afternoon light was totally worth it. Absolutely no sun cover, so bring a hat and 2 liters of water per person. Cacti are massive!

Took kings canyon trail up to Wasson Peak and took this trail down to golden gate road , where we had a ride pick us up and take us back to vehicle at kings canyon entrance , this was a lot of fun to go this way, provided you have a ride. I will do this trail from beginning to end soon instead though.

Great trail, annoying small rocks for about 3/4 mile in the beginning , but rest of trail is great to top!

Loved the hike.
Went there twice and will do so again next trip.

15 days ago

Nice short hike. Lots to see. It’s more of an easy trail.

A short, easy, well marked trail; perfect for what it is. You won’t break much of a sweat, but you’ll see plenty of big Saguaros and catch some great views along the way.

Nice easy trail. Plenty of views and shade.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail with many different cactus species present as well as many other native plant species. There are signs designating the species names along this trail. Not too many other hikers but that was probably due to our visit in October 2018.

1 month ago

Beautiful views of the city and surrounding area. Did solo- no issue of losing the trail or not knowing where to go. Did the out and back and would like to do the loop next time around. Started from King Canyon trailhead which states it’s 3.5 from the top. Was a little tired from seven falls a few days prior so it was a slog to the top. Very nice pace on the way down even checked out the picnic area! Trying the loop for sure next time and make sure to bring more snacks as a sandwich and granola for breakfast wasn’t enough. It was a super windy day so was glad to have a long sleeve and a snug hat!

1 month ago

Great hike! Beautiful views and a stream/waterfall to play in at the top.

1 month ago

Views galore: giant cacti, waterfalls, wildflowers, one snake, two bears, all sorts of other wildlife. A rogue thunderstorm pinned me down a while, so I arrived at Douglas Springs campground via headlamp, trail still easy to follow. Three nice campsites with bear boxes, a restroom building, and of course the springs. It was steep and hot, but well worth the effort.

1 month ago

Only hiked in part due to time constraints- hiked up signal hill to see the view from up high and the petroglyphs (petroglyphs are why I gave it 3 stars instead of 4). The view and the sheer amount of cacti deserve 4 stars. Hiked it once but would choose to experience another hike should I ever make it back to Saguaro National Park.

Lots of loose rocks, but the view is breathtaking. I almost turned around before the final mile but so glad I didn’t. Took me 4 hours but I stopped various spots for pics & a break. Best hike I’ve taken in Tucson area. But my feet are killing me now

How many actually do the whole thing? Not many. Nobody I know. Not even SAHC. I love going to the falls.

Huge saguaros. Not many people on the trail.

3 months ago

It has been awhile since we have hiked. Really loved the views. It was not overly congested with people.

Very scenic hike - from the perspective of the mountains themselves, the breathtaking views from elevation, and the vegetation. Not difficult from a climbing perspective, but a long slog with virtually no shade (was like a long cool drink of water when a cloud passed over on the way back) - recommend doing in early morning or when temps are a little lower.

We went on this easy, short hike at 8am on a weekday in August. There was great cloud cover and temperatures were around 80 degrees. We were the only people out, and we saw a lot of birds including a pair of great horned owls and a Harris hawk. We also saw a desert tortoise burrow, many lizards and butterflies, and a beautiful shiny black snake called a coach whip!

There were signs along the way identifying the iconic plants of the desert, and everything was green due to rains the night before.

If you go during monsoon season, bring bug spray as there are many mosquitoes. Even though this is a short hike, water and sun protection is needed.

We took our time, and the whole loop was about a 40 minute walk with a few steps down and up.

Easy walk through Saguaro country.

This was an excellent hike. The trail is flat after a short walk down from Signal Hill. There was a lot of cactus debris on the trail, so we spent a good amount of time with our eyes on the trail. The views are fantastic and we did see some wildlife; lizards, rabbits and a diamondback right in the middle of the trail! There is no shade on this hike, so go early to beat the heat.

Easy, short hike especially during golden hour. Gives you an idea of what the whole NP has to offer. The informational placards were nice.

6 months ago

Best hike in Saguro

Great flat hike with tall Saguaro Cacti

Awesome trail run! Nearly went through 3L of my CamelBak... maybe because of Saturday night? Great views up top. Whoever scrawled in the register: "Trump help Russia", really not sure what you meant. 4/5 Sour Patch Kids for trail running. Super fun running in the wash at the beginning and end!

awesome hike with great views of the desert. The bugs were alittle crazy at the summit but overall an unforgettable loop would definitely do it again and bring others to experience it.

8 months ago

Went in mid December. We didn’t have a lot of time to complete the hike so we felt a little pressure to rush. Although it was warm at the bottom, i needed more layers at the top...very windy. Overall, pretty nice views!

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