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Easy to hike with good elevation gain. You can park at sanctuary cove and head to the trailhead which is right by Sundance event center. There really is no hiking at the trailhead so you have to walk about 100 yards from Sanctuary cove parking.

Great loop drive! You can spend an hour or all day...

16 days ago

With medium-sized kids, I'd really rate this "moderate" rather than "easy". There was a fair amount of whining on the way up, and I did end up carrying both of their hydration backpacks because "IT'S TOOO HARD!!!".

With that being said, the hike was manageable because the trail is so short (1 mile up) and the view is a great pay-off at the end. Speaking of "the end," I'm not sure we made it to the very end. We stopped where the trail plateaued (1 mile in) with a sweeping view of the valley. But I could see a much narrower beaten path that seemed to go on a little higher. There was no bribe large enough to get the kids to check it out, though. Oh well...maybe next time.

Nice easy, quick hike.

A short, easy, well marked trail; perfect for what it is. You won’t break much of a sweat, but you’ll see plenty of big Saguaros and catch some great views along the way.

Nice easy trail. Plenty of views and shade.

on Ridge View Trail

26 days ago

very nice Trail. you can take it out to a ridge and it's really nice place to sit down

28 days ago

Great hike for first timers, takes some navigating but is easy to figure out. Highly recommended!

This is not an easy hike. I would say more moderate. Although we went up the Douglas Spring side so we did the 1300ft of elevation gain in 2 miles instead of 4.

Beautiful scenery. We saw lots of wildflowers, butterflies, birds, and even a couple deer. I would love to go back when there is water in the spring. There is also a crested saguaro near a wash kind of close to where the dam is. We probably would have missed it if we weren't going the opposite direction.

Great scenery and easy walk.

Nice and easy trail with some wildlife. We saw an Antelope Jackrabbit and heard Coyote while we were there. We went around sunset in december. Would definitly go back.

I took my three year old and 14 year old on this trail a few days ago during the rainy day we had. I figured it was an easy trail to navigate in the rain and with a small child. I was right. It was beautiful and easy. I plan to go again with my little one, and also bring grandparents when they come to visit. All the cacti are beautiful, and we stopped often to investigate holes and dead saguaro for “critters”. We enjoyed puddle hopping (it was raining).
Definitely not a workout unless you plan to run:). I don’t run;)
This was an enjoyable walk for us, especially when we wanted to get out and enjoy the rain and cool weather.
Some of the spiky cacti are rather close to the trail, so beware.

We went on this easy, short hike at 8am on a weekday in August. There was great cloud cover and temperatures were around 80 degrees. We were the only people out, and we saw a lot of birds including a pair of great horned owls and a Harris hawk. We also saw a desert tortoise burrow, many lizards and butterflies, and a beautiful shiny black snake called a coach whip!

There were signs along the way identifying the iconic plants of the desert, and everything was green due to rains the night before.

If you go during monsoon season, bring bug spray as there are many mosquitoes. Even though this is a short hike, water and sun protection is needed.

We took our time, and the whole loop was about a 40 minute walk with a few steps down and up.

rock climbing
4 months ago

Challenging rock climbing ( no gear needed)! Fabulous refreshing waterfall at the top of the rocks!

Easy walk through Saguaro country.

6 months ago

Nice easy hike. Beautiful!!

Easy, short hike especially during golden hour. Gives you an idea of what the whole NP has to offer. The informational placards were nice.

Nice hike with plenty of blooming cacti! Super hot with no shade coverage, bring sunscreen and water. Pretty flat the whole hike.

Great flat hike with tall Saguaro Cacti

Easy trail for the most part. Not always well marked. Got off the trail a view times, but found my way back. Good trail for your off workout days. No shade, very hot in the summer.

7 months ago

Really great afternoon hike. Tons of wildlife including lizards, rabbits and a Gila Monster =)

Great workout for such a short hike. Nice views, too.
Directions in description are inaccurate! (They lead you to someone’s private residence.) Park at Sanctuary Cove instead, but begin your hike along Scenic Road. The Scenic trailhead is at the end of the road, just passed Star Dance. (No parking is permitted at the dead end/trailhead or Star Dance.)

great trail to get introduced to the desert.

Good hike. You have the option of going to the bridal falls in addition to the loop. Nice views but no public facilities

Great spot to get away. Really enjoyed some of the views and being on this simple, yet quiet hike.

on Mica View Loop Trail

trail running
8 months ago

Great when combined with an out-and-back on the Cactus Forest Trail. Outstanding for trail running. Would be extremely exposed during the summer months.

8 months ago

Very nice, great landscaping with beautiful and tall Saguaros, easy trail to go with kids.

8 months ago

Starting from the picnic area, there are many excellent cacti and Palo Verde specimens along this easy trail. Tennis shoes ok. Bring water and be prepared for lots of sunshine. Map available at the Visitors Center.

9 months ago

Easy trail to hike as it is flat and the trail has good footing most of the way (very beginning is paved). There were a few parts on the trail where it was hard to see where you should be going. Nice hike to get the legs going or to recover from a harder hike the day before. No shade although at the picnic area about .5 or so in there is a nice place to sit and eat a snack or have lunch that provides a restroom and some shade.

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