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trail running
1 day ago

From 9 to 11 am there was one other person on trail. Very well kept. there's two rather large downed trees in the path, however they're highly easy to maneuver.

nature trips
2 days ago

Great variety of fungi to explore.

Great short hike with a dog. Only con there is not a lot of signs once you are on the loop.

13 days ago

Its a nice trail but nothing special. Very well maintained. Be prepared for lots of stairs and hills. Would be very pretty at sunrise.

Very well maintained. If you go on certain days you won’t need a discovery pass. During this time of year by the creek it will smell gross cause of all the dead fish, but I was able to overlook that part. I definitely plan on doing this trail again in the spring to see all of the new salmon.

My kids and I did this trail today or at least part of it. It’s beautiful and all and peaceful with a lot of trail walkers and runners, however the sign at the beginning of trail states “coyote sighting” and then goes on saying to make noises or carrying a hiking stick would be wise. Which freaked my kids and myself out. Every corner we turned we ran into a runner and their dog and every time we did we screamed thinking it was a coyote.... so yeah probably not going here again with the kids unless I have like a gun or something.

nature trips
14 days ago

my 2 year old loved this adventure! the wooded trails were beautiful. The waterfront was all rocks but had tons of shells she loved to pile up and point out all the colors. AWESOME trail for kids.

14 days ago

Good hike as a pit stop to stretch your legs or get the kids free for an hour. The kids loved the dead salmon that had spawned in Twanoh creek. Nice 2 mile loop for a winter day.

A tree was down so we had to hike in to get to the trail. It had been windy and rainy for the week prior so the trail had quite a few trees down and it was washed out in areas. We stopped about 4 miles in because we lost the trail. It still was a great hike, but you will need waterproof boots and gear.

You cannot climb up to go onto the bridge it’s covered in barbed wire at the bottoms of the bridge cement blocks. Super cool view though. Make sure u go to the side view as well totally worth the drive.

Even with all the recent rain and wind this trail was in great shape. Beautiful hike. Great mix of up and down and flat. The road getting there was littered with falling rocks and flooded spots. Not safe in dark but doable in any car otherwise.

1 month ago

Easy trail. Very pretty.

This is a beautiful hike. Well maintained trails with a great deal of board walk sections. However, some of the gravel sections were a bit muddy, but not terrible. I will do this one again soon.

a Very nice paved trail with a lot of nice scenery. My two issues are:
1. there is a lot of road noise from both 101 and Evergreen parkway.
2. There is not one trash can anywhere on this trail resulting in an unfortunate amount of litter.

A lovely bit of natural forest hidden in the Olympia/Lacey area. Very popular with the local joggers and dog owners. Very nice walk I use at least once a week.

the trail to bridge is a flat walk until last 1000ft, this is a easy hike

Trail was well maintained and despite the constant freeway noise was actually a really peaceful walk with plenty of birds, wildlife and mushrooms. Still plenty of fall colors to see! Take the 1 mile loop around the school, or turn it into a 3.5 mile easy walk by crossing the street to finish the trail as an out and back.

Nice easy trail - need good crosswalk to connect to Ralph Muro trail

It’s a very nice paved trail. Yes you get road noise from the highway but it didn’t phase us. It can be a loop if you don’t do the full trail and just turn left when you get to the road which was just enough of a walk for my 2 year old. We love that the kids from the elementary school get to plant bulbs and plants on the trail every year too. We’ll definitely be back.

Great trail, even after several days of heavy rain. Well maintained. Beautiful impressive old growth trees as the trail follows the river. Several small, but pretty stream crossings, didn’t get wet. Great for kids.

2 months ago

Tough uphill if you want to get to the bridge!

3 months ago

I came here yesterday with my 8 year old daughter and 11 year old son and we loved it. We actually just began our hiking every weekend family tradition about 3 weeks ago and this is by far my favorite. The start of the trail itself was a little hard to find seeing as you can come into the trail from different points but where all trails shows the starting is located was confusing. Once we parked at the park parking lot and walked on the Main Street we saw the Ellis Cove sign.
The trail itself had about 5 brides and steep stairways so make sure you watch your step! But the views of the lake and the city of Olymipia is beautiful. And they had a few hidden bear sculptures that my kids loved trying to find. I would definitely recommend this trail for anyone.

Stroller friendly for the little ones and provides many opportunities to see wildlife. I come here often and we see many different birds, turtles, salamanders and we try to see the beaver but have no such luck. My family loves this trail because it’s easy and a perfect way to unwind in nature.

3 months ago

This is easily my favorite hike in the Olympia area. It’s short and slightly challenging but easy enough for my kids age 7 and 3 to do it with me. It’s beautiful, heavily forested with a creek, bridges and it leads you out to the rocky bay. I have hiked here in the spring time when little buds are forming on the trees, in the hot summer the trees provide some cool shade and in the fall with the contrasting color of the changing trees with the evergreens.

This is a great trail for autumn hikes. The trail isn’t overly difficult in any spot. The trees were changing colors with the river asa backdrop - very pretty. There is a stream crossing that, in springtime, will get your feet wet.
This IS a dog-friendly trail, just please leash your pooch.

3 months ago

This was an excellent trail, clear path. Probably will do it again soon.

3 months ago

loved it! Plenty of room for everyone!

I liked the hike and the lower trail to take pictures of the bridge. But it is a dead end. Had a great afternoon hiking and walking with my Dog

3 months ago

Really nice walk with the dog today. We enjoyed the sound of the rain in the trees and watching the mists weaving through. A few walkers only.

3 months ago

Nice easy hike in the woods.

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