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Outstanding hike. Moderate at times but overall a very doable hike. Multiple shady spots to relax and take a break on the longer uphills. Suggest hiking up the falls a bit as there are a lot of places to relax in the cool water and shade of trees but also going down to the edge of the falls for the great photo opportunity. Trail head on the return is poorly marked but it's not too difficult to find your way.

1 day ago

Terrific hike with great views from the trail and the summit of Lake Tahoe and Desolation Wilderness peaks. The trail is easy to follow but quite dusty at times. The hike to the peak was easy compared to most Tahoe area peak climbs, but the descent includes a long uphill section that can be tiring. We took our time and still did the entire 6.7 mile hike in under 4 hours.

Great hike! Easy to follow the trail!

El Dorado county needs to start connecting the trails (either dg it or pave it ) and have it go continuously past Camino on into El Dorado National Forest, I love biking it, it's a good trail

3 days ago

Do you need a permit to backpack overnight here? It would be great if AllTrails had a section with permit requirements for each trail.

Beautiful hike with great vistas. Right now they are quite muted by smoke from all the fires. Some pretty steep sections would make me rate this a bit harder. Some sections are very open making it tougher on a warm day. If it’s going to be a hot day, suggest an early start.

5 days ago


Don't be like us - check the weather beforehand so you don't end up hiking here when it's 100° outside

Road construction closed the road leading up to the trailhead so we had to take a pretty janky trail around the road to get there. Trail was great once we found it; well-marked with some cool views. Was a good workout for both my ten year-old and me!

Great family hike. Takes about 30 minutes

loved this hike with my family. my 7 year old daughter complained a lot until she saw the water fall and got to swim. she also swam in the lake and that made up for her complaining. it was fun for the family! you can picnic in the lagoons, lots of boaters came in and picnicked on the shore. the water is beautiful and turquoise for a lake. just loved it!

7 days ago

Me and my wife did this trail this Saturday. There are big rocks on the trail, then after sometime there is gravely trail. It is hard with normal shoes because you have to put every step very carefully on the rocks so as not to slip. There is small waterfall at around 1 mile which is good to chill for a bit.

BONUS: Climb the rocks on the side of the waterfall and follow the stream, there is another pool filled with water worth seeing and dipping in. All in all a good experience.

PS. Do not park your car until you reach the parking lot at the trailhead, you might get lucky and find a parking right there. I saw some sedans climbing up that one lane road that leads up to the trailhead parking, so do not worry if you are not sure if your car will make it (I seriously though the road was small enough and filled with potholes that small sedans/hatchbacks cannot make it but I was wrong)!

A short hike to a beautiful lake to swim in.

9 days ago

Loved it! It took us about 30 minutes to get to Eagle Lake and about 20 to get back down. It is a little strenuous in the beginning with lots of steps to climb but it’s a good, quick workout. The lake was warm enough to get into it and truly a hidden gem! It would be fun to take inflatable paddle boards and spend some time on the lake itself.

9 days ago

Great little hike with a great swimming lake at the end.
Parking is problematic as the Emerald Bay hi way traffics terrible.

9 days ago

A beautiful hike! The day was perfect with blue skies and could see for miles. The view of Cascade Lake was breathtaking. The falls were still a great site to see despite from what we read that the water fall is much greater during the spring/early summer. Bring water and a snack/lunch to enjoy around the falls.

very nice trail.....if this fatboy Texan can do it......so can you !

This place is getting trashed unfortunately. Would be helpful to try clean up the area. We filled the only bag we had but still had to leave with a ton behind. This place/waterfall was more beautiful when there wasn’t graffiti everywhere.

13 days ago

We went with our 3 boys and we only made it about 2 miles in. But if you stop about 1.2 miles in you will pass a small waterfall. There’s a red fire department bin, take this small trail to the waterfall. You can take a quick dip near the waterfall. However, my 6 y.o. discovered another awesome part of the waterfall! If you keep climbing up the rocks near the waterfall (if you are facing the waterfall it would be your 10 o’clock), It will lead you to the top of the waterfall. Follow the water upstream and you’ll find a small lagoon like area w another smaller waterfall. There’s a rock in the middle that you can use to jump off. A small secret spot that my family and I enjoyed. Many photo opportunities. One warning, we did see a small water snake under one of the rocks there but it didn’t bother us so we didn’t bother it! Other than that, uber chill spot off this trail but well worth the climb!

14 days ago

Beautiful views of Cascade Lake and nice stone steps.

Park down by the campground to avoid walking on the road... great views. Bring your suit for little beach swim.

15 days ago

Great trail beautiful scenery and a very nice lake ☺️

Great hike and scenic at the peak. Dusty trail but worth it.

15 days ago

I was glad reviewers mentioned to keep driving until you get to the parking lot. We had almost lost hope with all the cars parked on the road making it very hard to pass drivers going the opposite direction. But we got to the parking lot and found the trail head easily.

The trail is covered with large rocks, then small rocks for almost a 1/2mile going up hill making for an unstable walk. And with all the rocky and gravely paths I noticed I had to concentrate on each step taking from being able to look around while walking so we stopped more often than I normally do when hiking cause I would slip each time I took to long looking up to enjoy the views.

Early/late morning the trail is mostly sunny. But mid afternoon it becomes more shady. Except once you pass the Soda Springs house it is up hill (with rock steps) and all sunny. And it almost seems like you won’t get there. And then after a few summits you reach it.

Note; I wouldn’t bring kids past the second creek crossing and seeing two dogs on the path, it was clear, their paws were hurting.
Took us 3hrs from Lily Lake to Grass Lake (including a 40min lunch, along w/a dip in the water) and 1hr back to the parking lot.

Excellent trail with lots of varied scenery ending at a great little uncrowded beach

15 days ago

beautiful hike. my 79 year old dad found the trail a little tough though, lots of rocky sections. also is more like 5+ miles, 5 according to the sign and 6 according to my GPS.

15 days ago

This hike was beautiful! Lots of Incline in the beginning but I took my time to enjoy the view. The lake was breathtaking. It was such a treat to swim in the lake. Bring water shoes if you plan to walk into the lake.

16 days ago

In response to the review "no facilities and services", I don't think you should have to expect any since it's only 2.3 miles in, it's dispersed camping, and there are facilities within 2 miles each direction from the trailhead. Trail is easy to follow if you use the AllTrails app; I literally just took a snapshot of the trail since I don't have the pro version. If you think you're getting off trail - yes, it may get a little confusing going over the rocks - look for the stacks of stones and the dirty part of the rock where people drag their shoes through....you don't need mountaineering experience. Anyway, nice trail, not much elevation gain. We camped there 2 weekends ago from a Saturday to Sunday and still only saw 3 or 4 other campers. Only advice is to please not camp close to the water even though someone else has cleared space to. The campers closest to us were only 15 ft from the water, did not leash their 2 dogs, and had a campfire. They were friendly enough, and quiet, but still...RESPECT THE RULES OF THE FOREST!

Beautiful lake, fun to swim, few mosquitoes and leeches. Great trail to get your kids into backpacking!

17 days ago

Nice hike with some gorgeous views. The first and last stretches are pretty steep, and be prepared for a lengthy uphill on the return trip. With the elevation and altitude it felt like an advanced intermediate hike, though the mileage is not too great. I’d definitely recommend this hike. The drive to the trailhead is very pretty as well.

Great little trail for the whole family. During the summer months the parking can be quite scary, most of this is due to Emerald Bay overlook on the other side of the freeway. Saw a handful of parents with kids in backpacks.

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