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Dogs off leash on every visit to this park. My horse and i were attacked by a Pitbull off leash, and many friends with horses have also been attacked, as have their own dogs. The dog park fence is too low, dogs jump out and attack. If this wasn't bad enough.... the water in the lake is toxic, full of bacterial. Just a puncture wound inn this water can have deadly consequence, and has. The frisbee golf course is a terrifying thing, but the model planes, drones, and parasailers with fans strapped to their backs takes the prize as for what unglues the best of horses. Oh, and don't ride on the bridges, they're old, narrow, and unkempt.

A long stretch with different gardens.

If this area is meant to be hiker-friendly, it comes up a bit short. There really isn't much of a trail system. I fully understand conservationist sentiment but I wonder if there is excessive resistance to establishing better trails for the sake of preservation. Getting to spots that aren't just fields isn't straightforward. Lots of trees, streams, and ponds from a distance but you can't access most of these things unless you want to ignore Leave No Trace ethics.

There's plenty here, but until there are better trails it's not suitable for hikers. With the roads going through it, this is way more of a 'sight-seeing with binoculars' type of place, NOT hiking.

trail running
11 days ago

Great spot. I'm a little biased because I live a couple of miles away from this trail, so this isn't a review by someone who would necessarily drive 30-60 minutes to spend time here. For me, though, it is what it is - an easily accessible, quiet place for a walk or a trail run after work. I'm sure many can relate to how challenging it is to combine the work week with time spent in nature - this is a good solution for Davisites, Dixonians, and Woodlanders.

The amount of wildlife is noteworthy - turtles, fish, herons, and hawks populate the area. Not sure if the Riparian Reserve Trail would qualify as a hidden gem, however I must say it is not very crowded. Usually it consists of fishermen and runners. I get the impression that visitors put effort into not being noisy and letting everyone enjoy the solitude.

Make sure you know what poison oak looks like, it is in abundance along the trail!

Really good

The trail down at the river is closed due to a rock slide. We started at Norma Hamlin park (free parking) and hiked to the trail using the one above the bluffs. At the fork go left up the hill, along the top of the bluffs and down to Negro bar. Bathrooms and water are avalible. It's a little over 4 miles loop.

Not a bad urban adventure - easy walking and lots to see. After it rains the creeks are flowing with lots of water. You can find some small wildlife- we saw rabbits and squirrels and lots of geese, ducks and hawks.

Not a bad walk but not a great one either. Some parts are boring but along the creeks it is more interesting.

Saw several encampments of homeless people but on the other side of the water from the trail.

14 days ago

Not much artwork was up when we did this trail. Great for bicycles but on the boring side for hikers. I think once the new trees that they planted grow taller - and when more artwork is added then it could be a better hiking experience.

Looking to do it again in five years - but not going back before then.

14 days ago

The trails were under construction on one whole side of the lake when we went there. There will lots of birds so it was worth visiting but it needs maintenance and work.

Path is paved and level. However, much of this walk is too close to the streets with many cars driving by, so it was loud and not peaceful. Not a repeat for us.

Beautiful spot to birdwatch and see incredible foliage. Very relaxing, can’t wait to go back

19 days ago

We did this hike a few years ago. Perhaps if we had gone at a different time of the year it might have been better, but it was dry and too hot and cows.

25 days ago

Love the 6.3 miles of this, but glad we started out along the main roads first. Very hard to talk with the cars going by, but the lake and dam are neat to see. Last legs of the hike are much prettier. As always, bikers are not very courteous and act like us walkers/hikers are invading their private trails. Ignore them. Glad we had a camelback with us for water, but this hike isn’t too difficult, just a little longer (which I loved!). No Art installed yet, but looking forward to that in the future.

30 days ago

The view is amazing and the wildflowers are starting to come out. It is a short hike but steep, worth the climb.

Nice scenery

Great place for an easy walk. Very scenic and quiet with plenty of wildlife meandering around.

Excellent and clean trail. Perfect for families. In the middle of Roseville but feels like you’re in nature.

My 6 year old and 3 year old enjoyed seeing the horses and also the ducks and geese in the pond.

on Johnny Cash Trail

1 month ago

So first of all... this art trail isn’t complete just yet, so if you want to check out the fully paved trail and see some of the finished installations then check it out but I will be returning once it’s fully done! ALSO very important to note that the location All Trails sends you to is actually the Folsom city hall building/ parking lot. The actual entrance to the trail is by the Dan Russel Rodeo Arena, where you can easily park. This trail is a loop so there are various other locations where you could begin the trail but there is plenty of parking if you just google map it to the rodeo arena instead. This is a 6.3 mile trail that is VERY bike, stroller friendly and pet friendly. The loop does go around Folsom prison for part of it ... but again if you’re a Johnny Cash fan you’ll understand why that is and why that’s actually pretty cool! Overall a pretty cool trail and we can’t wait for it to finally be finished because it’s pretty darn cool to see them commemorate Johnny cash how they’ve done so far and to see everything else they’re planning on installing!

Very green. Would call it more of an easy hike, than moderate. Many bathrooms along the way. Dogs came back with ticks, so check your dogs in the spring. Narrow trail, but pretty views. No benches along the way. Bathrooms/picnic at the "turn around point". We got stuck in the rain and walked a quick mile back to our car at the trail head. Good choice as opposed to walking 2.5 miles back. Glad we went early spring. Would be very touristy in summer.

on Folsom Trail

1 month ago

Great afternoon walk. We went on a Friday afternoon and while we did see a good number of people biking/ running/ walking, it was by no means busy or crowded.

Nice quick trail to walk. Nice walk along the river

Did this hike 3 days ago my walking app put it at 7.34 miles and took me 2:28. I really enjoyed especially that last couple miles. Trail gets a little narrow coming back down but nothing too bad just be careful it can be a long way down if you fall. Lots of cow land mines but didn’t bother me too much. Lots of cows too, walked right by many and they never gave me a second thought.

I was trampled by a cow. DANGEROUS TRAIL. While there are plenty of warning signs about mountain lions (which are scarce and usually afraid of humans) there are no signs indicating the large population of cows concentrated on the trail. The trail is "dogs on leash" friendly, however having your dog on the trail is EXTREMELY dangerous around cattle. Part of the trail is essentially a cow path through pasture that the cows were actively using and there were calves. I could not see a calf behind a rock and a cow charged me and my dog, but luckily only my legs injured. The trail is beautiful and I recommend using extreme caution and leaving your dog at home. The park should add more signage and warnings as well.

1 month ago

Good walking trail.

Good go to trail when you don’t have the time and want to stay close to the house. One of my regular trails.

Lover this trail! So many different paths to take!! my kids had a blast.

Effie Yeaw is really great for so many reasons, I’d babble on n on. Mainly, it’s perfect for education ourselves and the only preserve in the area (lest someone corrects me!). Tons of rocks to get to the river so bring a baby carrier if you have a baby, rather than a stroller. People of all ages come here to enjoy the birds and other wildlife, spotting salmon during the run, and more. The only unfortunate things are that the sac state college kids can sometimes disturb the peace from the other side of the river (one year I had to call the FD cuz their dumb buts lit a fire) but out of my 14 years coming here that’s only happened once. The other thing is a good thing and not so good-the golf course that is part of the Ancil Hoffman park this preserve is in gets proceeds to the nature center and preserve, but some of us wish money came in another way, so the golf course can be restored to the way it was before and be part of the preserve. Regardless of those 2 critiques, and regardless of so many other trails being in the greater sac area, this place is STILL our GO TO place for peace and serenity. It has become the “back yard” for so many families and retired folks. How cute is it to see an elderly couple still holding hands walking down a path?!!

2 months ago

Lovely trail for a lovely day.

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