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Amazing views, worth every step.

Easy walk with nice views of the surrounding mountains. This is a good way to end the day at the park.

8 days ago

The trail can be a bit steep at first but is a solid workout and journey into the woods. Not many views as you are deep in the forest but totally worth it.

on Red Gate

11 days ago

Went the first day of October - peak color. Really beautiful trail and very flat, so good for small kids or elderly. Surprisingly not too busy for an autumn Sunday with great weather. The further you hike the prettier it gets!

Harder than we thought for kids, but we did it!

Horseshit. Literally everywhere. Here is a serious question. Why does the National Park Service ban pets (leashed or not), but allow horses on trails? The impact pets make to park trails while leashed is miniscule compared to the loads of dung and raping of grasslands that horses make. All so their fat ass owners don't have to breath hard. And yes I saw those horses feeding on that big meadow, stepped around their huge fresh piles and verified that their owners were indeed very fat. Also verified that their horse trailer and truck took up a quarter of the parking space. All for the pleasure if two fat asses. /rant over.

Fantastic hike, exhausting but totally worth it. We got lucky and saw 4 moose at the lake. Also Aspens along the trail were gorgeous and the views of Grand lake were really pretty. It took us 4 hours to get to the lake and about 2 and change to come down. Highly recommend during fall season (we hiked this at the end of September)

Easy flat trails, offers great views of the Never Summer Wilderness range just beyond the valley. We went in the afternoon after doing Timber Lake in the morning, this was great after a strenuous hike but did not offer much wildlife due to the timing of day. Suggest dusk or dawn to see wildlife, nice trail nonetheless.

My 12 year old daughter and I did this in 8 hours. Be aware of switch backs and stairs! beautiful and rewarding.

We hiked this trail 2 days ago, it took us 6 hours round trip. Beautiful scenery, good elevation, light traffic and Lone lake was beautiful, worth the distance. We saw a female Moose and was able to video tape ( a bit to close for me) she was on our trail. Best hiking trail we visited!

21 days ago

Just did this Sunday 9/23/18. Good hike with kids 9 and 13 y/o. A few steeper parts but nothing too rugged. Have plenty of snacks and water. West Portal Road has a small stretched that is closed for bridge repair. You have to drive past the initial road closure signs to access the road to the trailhead. There are two parking lots, the smaller one being the first and the one where you access the trail. The larger one is very close and just beyond the first.

Absolutely stunning and quite the hidden gem. Hardly anyone on the trails with us. Great time to go is in late September. The birch wood were golden and beautiful.

23 days ago

Scenic, saw lots of small wildlife. A hiker we passed saw a moose.

Easy and flat trails in the valley. We visited in the afternoon and didn’t meet any animals. Not a good timing

awesome! tough in the winter in March. lots of ice and snow. can't wait to do in summer again.

27 days ago

A mostly easy woodland trail through some private conservancy areas as. Well as public lands. It was just what we were looking for—a hike with not too much altitude or difficulty. Located near a neighborhood, the trail is shared with family groups, walkers, and cyclists.
Map of location needs refining to show trailhead at on intersection of Mulligan Street and Rainbow Road. Complex of trails offers many variations. The part we walked offered only a few great views—mostly trail wound through mixed woodland (spruce, Aspen, and pine—some killed by pine beetle).

Very challenging but rewarding with views. My wife and I saw 2 cows and one calf moose.

1 month ago

Nice trail. Beautiful meadow. Be sure to bring binoculars to scan the meadow and high mountains.

1 month ago

We ventured out for this trail in hopes of seeing some big wildlife but unfortunately left disappointed. The trail has some spots with amazing views and there’s so much space. It’s actually amazing how small you can feel in it. The trail is well marked and had some pretty good inclines. The waterfall at the end is obviously the goal and it didn’t disappoint. We crawled across the rocks like kids. The other plus is if you go whole the horses are out of the property that lines the beginning of the hike they are definitely friendly...

1 month ago

this one is nice and flat, obviously for mountain biking but as long as you are aware of your surroundings passing bikers is easy. nice trees for hammocking and really rewarding with the views for how flat it is. You could go for a long time on this trail. I made it just passed the scenic viewing area of bottle peak with the bench along the creek and turned back after hammocking. overall about 4 hours.

This hike was nice and shady, and I didn't experience running into bugs at all! There is a steep uphill going out on the trail, and it definitely took me (and my parents) more time to go out than come back downhill. We hiked to the end and had lunch on a big rock overlooking the meadow. On the way down, we saw a moose and several elk! Tip: these animals are SO quiet! Even when they are pretty close to you. Keep your eyes open for wild life! I'd especially recommend this hike on a hot day since you're in the forest with a lot of shade.

Great Hike. lots of mule deer and small animals, heard Elk not to far off. We made it to the waterfalls but didn't go down to them since we were carrying our 4mo old son. glad we hiked it.

The way in is tough with a steady climb up. But plenty of rocks and trees to sit and rest. the meadows you pass are beautiful. only giving 4 stars because there was a lot of horse poop on the trail.

Lone Pine Lake was worth the trek. The hike took us 5.5 hours plus 30 min relaxing on the mini island in the lake. Definitely gets your heart pumping on the way there.

1 month ago

This is one of the prettiest hikes we’ve done in this area. You hike through mountain meadows and pine forests to the falls. It’s a steady uphill climb which might make this more moderate than easy for some. We saw a marmot. The ranger said moose are often seen in the meadow.

Lots of horses traffic this trail which means there’s a lot of horse poo to step over and lots of flies. Beside that though, it’s a fun hike! It is a bit steep at the beginning which I think is why it’s rated as moderate. The second half is flatter.

1 month ago

Was a pretty easy hike. I did Mt. Ida Trail this morning, so wanted an easier one to follow it up. The trail is through the Subalpine forest the whole way. Lots of trees, chipmunks, squirrels, etc. Watch for moose and mule deer for the first mile. I saw several mule deer, and came face to face with a momma moose and her calf on the trail. 20 yards out and I thought I was a goner! She couldnt have cared less. The falls are just a long set of tiny waterfalls that go on for a few hundred hards. Very pretty and cool. Worth the short, easy hike.
LOTS of small trout in the stream that gobbled up my flies. Catch and release, and was a lot of fun.
Would do it again.

1 month ago

Great hike. First section flat and wide. Could bring older folks or lazy teenagers. Saw three moose on way. Lots of meadows for viewing. Falls are terrific lunch spot.

Great walking trail for families and people that are looking for an easier walk in the park. The views are stunning and the trail is alongside a creek which our kids enjoyed wading in.

Easy, beautiful, full of wildlife, and waterfalls

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