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Nice easy hike. Took me an hour and a half to hike the loop. Stopped a few times to talk with some hikers and read a few informative signs.

Unexpectedly good.

Well maintained. Perfect for trail run or just walking dogs on a summery day (plenty of shade).

mountain biking
13 days ago

Riverwalk very well maintained and an amazing trail. Could not believe it was not busy on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Some of the trail had tree cover, sunscreen optional.

There is more parking at the end of the trail-head east-side part, and also in the middle area.

If you follow the exercise stations, the trail follows along the Arkansas river. The other trail goes through a wooded area.

AllTrails does not have a way to communicate with other outdoor enthusiast, I can be reached on Facebook Messenger if you have any questions about this trail.

Good walking trail with lots of side trails. I'll be back in the Spring & Summer to enjoy the scenery.

horseback riding
1 month ago

Easy trail, some ups and downs but nothing very tiring. Trail is wide packed gravel. Lots of trees for a good shady walk. Many trees are burned from the Black Forest Fire but life is returning to the area naturally. Visited this trail on horseback and had a really nice ride. A couple of good spots for a nice view of Pikes Peak.

2 months ago

This was a nice flat hike, very easy. OK view since it's residential properties' backyard area.

This is our neighborhood trail and I feel so lucky! Beautiful, easy trail for leisurely walking and relaxing.

City trail system - very flat - also very well maintained.

road biking
4 months ago

Rode this trail for the first and last time today. Disappointing. I expected it to be more scenic and the discarded clothing items along the route was rather unnerving. Be careful if you’re a single female rider once you get south of US 24. Nothing but a tent city of homeless that left me feeling uneasy. Seeing a Springs patrol car cruise the trail made me feel a little better but I had already decided to turn around and head back, long before I got to Fountain. Too many other great trails to bother with this one again. Sad.

trail running
4 months ago

My go to trail, good views and great for running,

mountain biking
4 months ago

nice easy ride for getting back into riding

on Cheesman Ranch Trail

5 months ago

Beautiful hike to see the Aspens!

trail running
5 months ago

Ran the loop today with the addition of the M to N loop on the far East side. Going clockwise, it's a gnarly little hill coming back up. Also, if your looking far a longer run at the bottom of the M to N loop there is a pedestrian bridge that connects to the Phillip S Miller park trails. There is a trail race " Castle Rock Trail Festival" that will include this trail - Oct 7. Good trail for training and easy to get to.

not crowded but not much of a challenge, shrubs and sparse views.

6 months ago

Nice trail. Easy to walk with great views. Saw my first rattlesnake. Walked up on it....didn't see it until it was 2 feet away. It started to coil and rattle. Lots of bikes on the trail but all were very courtesy. A few runners and other hikers as well. Pet and kid friendly.

Beautiful scenery! I couldn't find the exact trail I intended to hike, but just picked a trail and started to follow it. I'm so glad I did. It was a pleasant surprise around each bend. I passed a 'pet cemetery' where people mark stones for there deceased pets. It was a beautiful site to see. So many people seem to visit this exact place and it is so well kept. There were amazing views of the reservoir, and high desert. I would recommend checking out the Pueblo Reservoir to anyone!

I love the smooth path along the river! My friend and I walked this weekly with kids, strollers, bikes. The scene changes, sometimes open, sometimes in woods. Worth it!

Very relaxing ride to calm my PTSD.

A few rough patches if you're bringing a stroller (soft sand for trail), but still a great trail!

Fun trail. Definitely great for the entire family!

Great stroll along the Arkansas river

Lots of places to stop and play with a kiddo. Definitely go East. Heavy traffic on a Monday morning but great bike ride.

A favorite go-to trail near my home when I feel the need to take a relaxing stroll or trail run. Great shaded areas.

8 months ago

Friendly walkers. Recently repaved in sections. Nice area and lots of views. Very sunny as no trees really.

I couldn't find the trailhead when I used this app to get directions. luckily I found a random dirt trail to walk instead

A casual easy tread thru woods and fields. The Ranch was a nice place to hold out while a rain storm comes thru. Only hikers and rather sparse @ that, one of the reasons I love coming to the Park, you and nature. One of my favorites out of Mueller State Park.

I hiked this Park with my son last year, and all agreed it kills your vibe to be so close to the highway, while realizing there is no access to Cheyenne Mountain itself. I returned to run it and found it a good experience--the grade is "runnable" to the top, and once up Talon you can forget the highway--there are some very nice sections of single track flowing through trees and brush, and some great views up trail. Much of the trail is exposed to sun, so be prepared. With minimal planning you can connect any number of trails to set your distance and vertical gain, or make loops. The trails are well marked with map placards at most intersections. I left from the main parking lot, taking the equestrian trail up to Talon, Talon South and looped back to Talon via Talon North--the only trail approaching technical. Continuing back down Talon I turned onto Sundancer to Zoop Loop and back to the parking lot for 9 miles and a little over 1000' of vertical gain. Could easily have extended that linking trails heading back to the visitor center and camping areas or looping. No water points on trail. Other than Talon North, no technical surfaces. Very few hikers and MTB, all very courteous. A + for speed and ease of access.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Nice trail but so much horse poop!!!

So many improvements to this trail since my return to the springs - terrific! Nice concrete stretches for inline skating. It was nice to see families out riding to celebrate fathers day. The trail could use some education signs - came upon a few times groups of people stopped on the trail blocking both directions or riding on the left side around curves. I didn't see any maps until Came to Cottonwood trail connection. Lovely trail! Yeah, Colorado Springs!

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