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Very enjoyable loved this park

Love this trail!
It is easy to moderate. For an easy walk, you can walk through many of the garden areas and there are plenty of flat, easy areas to walk through the woods. For a more moderate hike, go deeper into Helyar Woods. There is a cool pine forest and students frequently build forts and lean tos with the fallen branches. After walking through the pine forest to the other side, the trail continues and you will walk closer to the river. There is a steep section where a small waterfall cuts through. This is what makes the trail “moderate.” It is steep and sometimes slippery. My kids love it but they are regular hikers. Children under 5 May have a little trouble and anyone with knee or hip issues may not want to do this part of the trail. Beautiful, short trail with lots to see. Bring some snacks and explore. It’s worth the visit.

Easy trail. Great for smaller kids and those who may need a fairly flat trail. Parking is a little tricky and it would be nice if the REP maps designated parking areas. The trails are well maintained and the new Wildlife Trail is fun with several hundred feet of boardwalk through the woods.

This is my go to run. Low elevation, good to push your pace and hit your 5km PR.

Was surprised to see how close to nature one can be right here in the Bronx. Luckily in my trails I saw a few people and even though it felt quite for most of the trail, I had the fortune of seeing a family of deers! It was such a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing trails I’ve done. Truly recommend it. There were some parts that was a bit scary, like walking under two tunnels to get to the other side, but other than that, it was a great nature experience.

Not very clear on the trail markings or parking, even with map.

trail running
13 days ago

This is Colorado trail running at its finest for me, in the mountains but not steep, a place where 4 miles feels like you barely started.

Basically a bike/ walking path. Not much scenery. A few deer. Smooth asphalt path.

Great. Place to run. Safe. Great people watching. The epicenter of NYC.

Walked the paved loop. I really liked it. Nice open fields most of the way, little bit of boardwalk, tiny bit in the woods, tiny bit by the lake. The long stretch along E Main street was kinda lame, but the other half of the trail was very enjoyable. It could've also been that I was out on a perfect fall day and that made me like the walk more than I otherwise would.

Es maravilloso caminar con la Estatua de la Libertad al frente es Magnífico! la brisa, las gaviotas ,el clima, es perfecto !

Beautiful trail! Too many bikes on the trail the day we were there. Hard to relax for fear of bikes coming up behind us.

1 month ago

FYI it’s definitely not stroller friendly, although I agree it’s kid friendly

Decent trail. Just 10 mins from my job so very convenient. Few paths to choose from

Very well blazed. Somewhat confusing as the red trail does not form a loop. It stops at a junction with the yellow trail. Up and down hills with many roots. The Manalapan Brook is a pleasent feature.

1 month ago

Trail map makes it a lot easier to find your way. The variety of trails here is nice. Different types of trees, etc. The playgrounds and tennis courts are nice too.

1 month ago

A nice little mix of trails here. You will definitely want to get one of the trail maps to take with you on your walk. The signage is not that great. The park seems to have some nice play equipment and facilities too

trail running
1 month ago

I’ve been coming here for years! It’s one of my favorite places to run. A measured 5 mile loop with plenty of scenic waterfront nooks to catch your breath if needed. Keep your eyes peeled, there are usually cats - and sometimes chickens running around here!

Very nice trail! Not good for road biking due to big rocks mountain bike is better!!

trail running
2 months ago

It was a nightmare to find the trail (more or less a place to park) but the trail itself is wonderful. Very well kept up. I ran my dogs on the trail and they had no issue distinguishing the trail from the brush. Will definitely be back many times more with my bike and the dogs!

Beware of squirrels.

Best place in the city

Great for bike riding and has great views overlooking the city and the statue of liberty.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Flat easy trail. It is nice (trail by the river beats biking next to cars) but it gets boring after a while. I took it from New Brunswick to Princeton. Easy to find. No drinking water on the way (the only 2 bathrooms we found had hot -really hot- water or none at all), so take plenty or you will have to get out of the route to find somewhere to buy (which for us was a good excuse to have an ice cream as well)

Nice loop that runs next to the river. The entrance is through the garden, which is also very nice. Should be marked as easy though. It is flat, with no obstacles, with a clear path.

2 months ago

Escape from the city within the city

Nice hills. Clear trails . Amazing its in ny.

3 months ago

It’s an easy trail but a good 5 miles walk. Many chances to stop and take few good pictures. Benches on the trail helps to spend some time inside the quiet forest area. Will be back again.

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