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My first time. Awesome trail, breathe taking views and easy ride. No 4wd needed. A few camp sites along the trail, perfect for a quick overnighter. Already planning to go back soon.

Good for fishing trout

17 days ago

So fun for the doggo- loved this hike (not for people who mind getting there feet a tad bit wet) As for the people saying the trail was hard to follow- it just takes some common sense. If the main trail tapers off, hop to the next biggest trail and you’ll be golden. There are also signs throughout the trail telling you where to go. So beautiful and so worth it!

My home backs up to the Bowmans Island section of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area. I can walk out my backdoor and within just a few minutes, I can be casting for Trout or hiking for miles and miles. I am so lucky to have this as my backyard! By parking at the Lower Pool, day hikers can enjoy an easy stroll along the river or a more challenging wooded hike above the lake.

Great winter hike. I heard one shooter once I passed the saddle, and they were clear at the mouth of the canyon. Not much vegetation as you would expect for the area, but great views above the hazy air.
The parking lot where the trail actually starts is at the end of a short, rough dirt road but my Jetta made it fine. Lots or earlier turn offs to park as well.
Lots of cows.

Hard to follow the trail but our pup had a great off leash experience, which we were looking for (as allowed by the rules). We only hiked out about a mile but very much enjoyed the time. We had the place to ourselves in November. Very quiet yet close to Moab.

Awesomeness but certainly needs re-evaluated in the easy rating.

Hit the Elephant Head spur after doing the Split Rock loop. It’s a short additional distance and has outstanding views of the GSL. Definitely recommend.

Pretty moderate 9ish mile hike with great views at the top. We saw a few bison roaming and they were closer than I expected. The terrain is pretty flat for the majority of the miles and we made great time, about an hour and 50 mins up and an hour 40 mins down. Had 2L of water but didn’t need that much since it’s the second week of November. It was COLD make sure to bring gloves, hats, etc because it’s windy up top too. We only saw three other hikers the whole time but we saw around ten people horseback riding the trails. It costs $10/car to drive onto the island and they will take cash or cards. Highly recommend this trail! I’ll definitely be going back.

I loved this hike. It’s almost deserted on a Sunday morning while the trails nearer the White Rocks area got crowded. A real gem and not to strenuous despite the distance you’ll put in.

1 month ago

Let me start off by saying that the scenery is absolutely beautiful: the water is clear, the turning aspens against the red cliffs are stunning. I only hiked 1.5 miles in because this trail is blatantly abused. The heavily trafficked trail with just-as-heavily trafficked off-shoots makes this trail crazy hard to follow. The effort by BLM is there (they have some postings on where the trail is supposed to lead you to), but I accidentally veered off trail so many times that I unintentionally was part of the problem. And the graffiti on the walls of the cliffs make me sick. And when I saw dog poop, a shoe, and a beer can in the same vicinity of the first waterfall, I decided I couldn’t continue further. This place is in dire need of restoration so when people post how fun it was to explore, what they’re really saying is that they had fun going off trail and stomping over the land not part of the trail (whether it be intentional or not). What a shame.

on Mill Creek Trail

1 month ago

Great easy hike with pictographs along the way to a beautiful swimming hole. Water is best in summer months but the hike is great year round.

Best hike close to town. Awesome for off leash dogs. Great for hot weather because you cross the creek multiple times, ends at really nice waterfall. Leave no trace!

1 month ago

Gorgeous views over Salt Lake. There's no shade on the entire hike, so be prepared for that. We extended the hike with a few kilometres, easily done with the connecting Junction and Bone Road Trail.

This is a beautiful hike, especially in Fall. Some crossings are required so get your feet wet, and enjoy!

We just moved here, and we we looking for a nice trail near my home. This trail is perfect, dosent hurt its fall and the colors are spectacular! My dogs loved it too!

Fun for kids.

Just agreeing with other 5 star reviews. This path is an absolutely incredible treasure. Among recreation amenities in general it ranks up there with anything Utah has to offer, and among urban riparian greenways it is probably in the top 10 in the US. If Utah had a more coherent way of managing its human-nature interface, this path and the ecosystem it is part of would put Ogden on the international map as an internationally desirable place to live.

Due to time constraints, I was only able to hike about a mile in. Up to to this point, the trail is narrow, but well defined. The views are beautiful, and I'm looking forward to doing the whole hike in the future.

1 month ago

I loved hiking this trail. There are multiple creek crossings which make it really dynamic and fun. We made it to the cave, but I believe it goes a bit further than that. Totally worth it !

Great hike but there is no way this 21 mile hike should be rated easy when just Elephant Rock (9.2 miles)is rated moderate, this is twice the distance and over twice the elevation change. You'll make a full day of this and you'll need 3 liters of water.

Great hike but long. I did it in October, starting temperature was 40-ish and high of 55. Cool temps knocked down the bugs, so do this hike when it's cool. For water, I used a Camelback with 3 liters, it was a liter more than I needed. Great views!

This trail is really beautiful but very poorly marked... Never did make it to swimming hole I don't think... Fun day regardless.

Great trail! We only did a 2.5 mile loop but fantastic views and amazing fall colors! Would definitely hike this again.

This is a nice hike. There are many paths you can choose from. I enjoyed the quiet of this trail.

2 months ago

Nice easy walk. Not a hike. Very pretty park but since it’s in the city there’s a lot of noise from traffic.

Easy jaunt to a beautiful waterfall. The water is cold and clean.

the views were amazing, though the incline made it a tad harder than moderate, plus.the distance. worth it though!

If you need to get your dog out or get in a run right after work/class, this place is convenient. It’s nothing special, but it’s there.

2 months ago

You have to cross the creek multiple times, so prepared to get wet. They’re also very many false paths from people wandering off the main trail that is very easy to get lost. After the first waterfall there are multiple paths that lead to dead ends or meander back to the main trail. After a certain point you random multiple groups that have lost the trail and were unable to continue.

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