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1 day ago

A beautiful lake in the city. Mostly flat terrain for a fun ride. I felt i had found a peaceful gem in the middle of the suburbs.

The beginning is hard, once you get past the initial large steps, it is very easy and pretty.

Great trail for the dog. Family (including 6 year old) enjoyed it too, but it was slightly difficult to navigate all the rocks while carrying my 8 month old in the baby carrier. Also, as others have mentioned, the trail down is very poorly marked so we got lost for a few minutes. Overall we enjoyed it and felt like it was good exercise for a family outing.

Beautiful scenery, but a rocky and wash-y trail.

Nice trail. Very muddy right now with melted snow. A lot of downed branches across the path at the moment.

5 days ago

Hiked to the Lake early in the morning as usual but this time before the sun came up. Needed a headlamp for the first couple of miles. Even got to see three pair of eyes looking at me in the dark and was kind of eerie not knowing what was looking back at you. By the time that I arrived at the lake it was light enough to see everything. I continued up the trail to Twin Lake and think that I saw the same three deer that were blinking at me earlier.

5 days ago

Great hike! Just hard enough so my dog could get a good workout along with me! The views are amazing :) beautiful with the fall leaves and not incredibly busy.

6 days ago

Love this hike. Pretty easy and great views. Good beginner hike for any season.

Awesome hike, but it is certainly not 8.9 miles like other posts state. This is a good preparer for something like Jacobs ladder to lone peak. The last mile is definitely the steepest. Easy to get lost also. I did this one alone and there was no one around after the second waterfall. It’s pretty tough, but rewarding.

This was a great hike. It is correctly labeled as "hard," but only because of the distance. The trail is a steady climb up switchbacks for a few miles, and then several miles of ridge-walking, before a strenuous climb to the summit that lasts approximately one mile. By the time that I was done, my joints were aching and I was very tired, but only because I had hiked 17 miles, and not because of any particularly difficult section.

We saw moose and mountain goats, and we signed our names in the log book at the summit. It was a great day.

Agreeing with the other poster about this trails rating. Once you cross the river, around the bend there is a rough spot with a lot of boulders. We went while it was wet, and there was no way for us to make it without mud tires. 3 of the 4 keeps behind us turned around and went another route. It is a beautiful, rocky ride. Very heavily travelled and several with trailers beyond where they shouldn’t have been. Most everyone is courteous.

Perfect place for a Sunday fall stroll. We parked at the park and walked along the paved path until we came to the branch off heading toward the Aqueduct Trail. Once we got to the Wright Trail sign, we turned around and headed back toward the park. Beautiful views of the mountains, the valley, and pretty wooded sections of scrub oak with red leaves. Loved the bridge with “Over the river and through the woods.”

Meh, not so easy with 4 kids...

Nice loop, hard at first due to the incline, but that does not last long. Well maintained trail and a cool bridge.

Nice short trek. Not much shade though.

The trail is pretty narrow and not too difficult. I think the only thing that makes this a moderate trail would be the elevation change. The trail parking lot doubles as a bus stop for the ski resorts so there were some people just sitting in their cars. This isn’t a problem but as a female that often hikes solo it’s just good to know in advance. There are climbing routes along the trail as well so it wasn’t uncommon to hear people talking before you would see them. It was a good quick hike but not sure I would do it again. Nothing overly impressive about it.

In spite of being along the main road a lot of the time, this was a pretty and enjoyable trail! Lots of shade and some sun. Gets really good toward the highest point/furthest in. The river of beautiful and there are a lot of huge rocks. Also, plenty side trails too. The trail continues at the end of this trail, after the bad ass remains of a building, but I didn’t try it...yet!

started around 8 am. Road up to the trail is rough, so dont go without the proper vehicle. On the way up, we only ran into one jeep. Hike up is fine, not too tough but nothing special. The fall scenery once you get to the lake is amazing though. ATVs on the way back down around 1030 ish, but not too bad.

Really nice hike...saw a bunch of deer around sunset when we went...saw a few people on the way there and back but didn’t feel crowded at all.

went early morning hardly no one around and saw lots of wild life. It got very busy around 9am.

Great time of year to hike (late September), some shade, autumn colors, cooler temps.

Great hike, easy to moderate. With the weather being so dry for so long, not much of a lake. Did run into a deer and moose along the way, it was a lot of fun. Next time we will hike on to Twin Lakes.

Nice loop hike with great views of the Salt Lake Valley

Left this morning later than I had wanted to - around 9. I clocked around 4 hours 45 min round trip with 10.4 miles. That’s with breaks (I didn’t stop much) including a visit to the lower falls. It was a nice day, very sunny and the leaves were changing. I’d say I was in the shade about half the time

The trail starts out with a moderate climb that gets pretty steep up to the waterfall trail fork. Continuing on the main trail it continues its steep pitch for about a mile or so. The trail then levels off for a bit and meanders through a quiet forest - my favorite part of the trail. After passing over a makeshift bridge over the river (running from the drainage you are shooting for), the trail goes south up a steep cliffy section by the river. You top out and you are in the drainage you want to be in. Follow the maintained trail for about a half mile. You’ll run into a boulder field here with almost no indication of where the trail starts up again. This is where I lost the trail. By lost, I mean I really lost the trail up until I got to the reservoir and bushwhacked through high shrubbery (in shorts) with the occasional class 3 section. I was on the wrong ridge and wrong side of the river but it did get me to where I wanted to be. See my GPS track for what not to do. To stay on the trail, stay left in the boulder field but not too left. I hung too left. Also, be smart and backtrack if the trail doesn’t seem right and check your GPS. I assumed the trail was just poorly maintained but ended up finding the real trail (well maintained) on the way down. Anyways, I made it up in about 2 hours 30 min with getting off track.

The reservoir was low but awesome. I will be visiting the reservoir again soon via The Beatout and I’m looking forward to it.

The way down was rough of course with all the elevation gain. If you don’t have poles, get some.

Not an easy hike, but really fun. One of the most scenic areas I’ve ever been to. For the hike up (after the waterfall) I was in complete solitude. I only saw one group when I was on my way down. Not sure if they were planning on hiking up all the way.

Highly recommend

28 days ago

Not busy. Pretty rocky in spots. Stay to the right on the board walk to find trail head. Lots of shade. Enjoyable, relatively easy hike

it's good with great info

great trail beautiful scenery got some really steep hills though.

Fairly easy hike, first part is a steady slight incline, eventually it levels out and then its just cake walk. Trail gets busy with runners and bikers but views are beautiful.

1 month ago

Our first hike as a young family in the Wasatch Range, and we loved it! Perfect for folks looking for an easier hike. My wife and I were able to take our 5-month old on the entire trek using a Bjorn baby carrier without any trouble. She loved the mountain air!

Fun hike, the suspension bridge is really fun, it's a giant bridge that sways and bounces! Great views along the entire hike.

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