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3 days ago

We did the marked road trail on the way up. snow cover wide trail was well trampled by other travelers but we were the only ones on the way up and back. When you arrive there's a T and you go right to the waterfall. Visited the falls, which were beautiful half-frozen, then took the other trail to the left to hit Hyalite Trail. Took a left onto a heavily traveled trail which began like a frozen stream this day. This single track trail was fantastic and took us to a signpost indicating a connector to the Grotto Falls Trailhead. This connector trail had not been traveled since the snow had fallen a few days earlier and was absolutely a fantastic five star trek. On this day, crunching snow, sunshine and amazing views. At some points you can see Grotto Falls trail below you. It comes out to the left of the trailhead and is unmarked. Fantastic simple high value hike!

27 days ago

Exactly as described - moderate difficulty and traffic. Beautiful trail that is supper well
Maintained and more or less follows Cottonwood Creek..

Totally enjoyed this hike!

The app is misleading- if you follow the red line you won’t be at the peak you will have two more miles up so it ends up being 8 miles round trip. Thats the only reason i give it a four out of five. The last quarter mile was essentially straight up but don’t give up it’s 100% worth it. I recorded my way down for anyone who wants to see the actual path. If you can do this hike you will feel rewarded and you won’t regret it !

great for small kids

An excellent hike/trail run if you’re looking for something quick!

1 month ago

Nice short hike. Picnic tables etc. at trailhead parking lot. Very pretty. Good hike for families and people who have difficulties on unimproved trails.

1 month ago

Very nice hike, not long at all. Much longer drive up there than the hike itself. Not strenuous or taxing. More like an afternoon stroll through the park. Well, not exactly but close. I kept going another 3-4 miles beyond Grotto Falls on the Hylite Creek trail. 90% of dogs weren’t on a leash but that didn’t bother me. I kinda think if they are well behaved it’s almost torture to keep them on a leash. I didn’t like the 3 motocross bikes coming up the trail but if it’s legal then they have a right to enjoy the trail too. If not legal then GTFO!

1 month ago

Beautiful views of the valley, and nicely shaded!

1 month ago

This is a great short trail if you only go to the M, but I do like to go a little further and hit the summit. My phone records 65 flights of stairs to the M. If you go all the way up to the ridge it is a much harder yet enjoyable, less traveled hike and my phone records that as 178 flights. This is a extremely busy trail and parking can be an issue but hey it’s a Bozeman must! Enjoy

I love this hike. It is shaded a loop is always nice to do and I find it very relaxing. Doesn’t take long to get to the top and it is a great family hike doing this with my three young kids. Enjoy!

Great trail for a run! Beautiful views of the Bridgers and some views of town as well.

Quick and steep enough to get the blood pumping!

horseback riding
1 month ago

Took this trail on horseback for the first time last weekend and I loved it. The trail itself was pretty smooth with minimal rocky spots. A few mild switchbacks in the beginning but still very easy to see what was coming ahead of you. The trail was a little wider then a horse most of the way but would periodically widen out and there was some small meadows to pull over and let the horses graze. If you were to meet up with another group of horses it could be tricky to pass in most places. Also make sure if riding horses that they are good with bikes, people and dogs because there were quite a few hikers, dogs of leash and mountain bikers (Which is to be expected being in Bozeman) Everyone we came across was courteous and seemed delighted to see horses on the trail. The river crossings were my favorite. Their were 3 nice wide shallow crossings. Horses must cross through the river because the bridges are not made for them. There was on section about midway that had a pretty steep cliff to one side. We rode until you reach the Y and turned back.
I was able to turn my 3 horse slant load trailer and short bed pickup around with no trouble in the parking lot and park alongside the road. If your trailer is larger I would recommend getting there early or checking out the parking lot before hand because it can get crowded. Over all great trail that I will definitely ride and hike again!!!

Great short hike with beautiful views.

Short. Asphalt surface. Nice waterfall!

this was an awesome trail for the whole family. my 4 yr old did the entire route and my retriever loved it. Great Family Hike!!

2 months ago

What a nice hike! The top of the trail has an awesome view and the M is fun to see up close. This is definitely a must do for Bozeman visits! I suggest taking the more rigerous .5 mile trail to the top and then the 1.9 mile trail to the bottom, this makes for a good work out and cool down! One last peice of advice is to watch out for CAR THEFT at the trail head parking, definitely hide valubles!!

2 months ago

Was a great hike! Waterfall is really beautiful! Wow!

We did this hike yesterday. It’s very remote, but a gorgeous hike! We didn’t make it to the peak but hopefully next time. We DID see a grizzly bear when we were almost back to the car about 50-75 yards from us so be sure you have your bear spray.

2 months ago

I didn’t actually love that it was paved, but it would be great for families with kids and strollers. The waterfall at the end was very pretty and offers the chance to scramble up to get closer to the foot of it if you choose.

Such a pretty hike, and a nice and easy one to get started with. You can also elect to continue on some side hikes to see other falls or hyalite creek if you want a longer hike.

2 months ago

Pretty breathtaking scene at the end of this trail. While this trail is short and busy, this is definitely worth your time if you are visiting for a short time or if accessibility is a high priority. Great hike to take newcomers and visitors to town on.

2 months ago

I've done all the variations of this trail and it is a nice one to get some miles under your feet and a nice uphill workout whether hiking or running. The trail is a little "short" if you are looking for something longer. Nice before work, lunchtime, or after work hiking or running trail. Peaceful and quiet both of the times I've been.

2 months ago

Another short hike or trail run if you are short on time. This trail definitely loads up with people but the different variations of the trail are nice to help spread folks out a bit on the trail. Excellent trail for those who are visiting town as you get some nice views or Bozeman and can say you hiked the "M" in Bozeman.

This is an excellent hike or trail run for simply "getting the job done" if you don't have a lot of time but need a decent workout. The loop lends itself to helping spread people out so that the trail doesn't seem overly populated.

trail running
2 months ago

I took the advice and went counterclockwise. Ran most of the way up and down, about 1 hr. Nice shallow Creek in the beginning for the dogs and humans. Easy enough to do twice for trail hill repeats. I Pasted somebody every 40 feet maybe. But of course everybody was friendly.

Nice trail with pretty views and a nice spot for my dog to cool off in a shallow creek about .25 mile in.


mountain biking
2 months ago

Great trail, with many water crossings. Not too technical, or too much climbing great for an easy ride to enjoy the scenery.

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