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So beautiful, especially once you get along the ridge there are huge boulders that are just sitting along the edge. Awesome scenery and gorgeous overlooks!

Gorgeous hike! Very rocky, make sure to wear safe shoes. All uphill going out so be prepared to get a good workout!

Make sure to add time for exploring.

My son and I hiked this trail this weekend after almost 2 inches of rain the night before. The fall creek was high and moving. There was a lot of water on the trail and a few places where we had to cross the creek. Our feet were soaked. It was worth it. Overall an easy hike with great views.

4 days ago

Went with two buddies. Added some extra stuff to make a total of 38 miles in 1.5 days. Was definitely a mental test. Numerous water crossings. Beautiful views. Very rocky terrain. If you aren’t experienced and/or want to enjoy it then take 2-3 days to do. Plenty of options for water refill/filtration. Bring water crossing shoes. Great weekend hike!!

Great quick hike with many scenic views

Amazing hike to a very scenic overlook of the Arkansas Ozarks! Great photo opportunities at the end :)

5 days ago

One of the best loop trails in the country. Close to thirty miles and very challenging. I only suggest this trail for experienced backpackers. If you are up for it, you will be rewarded with beautiful Arkansas scenery, wildlife, and experiences for a lifetime. Numerous creek crossings, very cold in the winter. Spot your trail across the creek before crossing. Pack river crossing shoes. Most creeks are wet year round. Pack maps with accurate narratives. Tim Ernst's narrative is spot on. The Athens Big Fork section is one of the toughest trails in Arkansas. You will scale 6 mountains. Girlfriend and I hiked this trail in March in three days and set aside an entire day for the ABF section. Took us about an hour per mountain and we are in shape. Plenty of campsites along the trail. I do not suggest camping in low spots near the creeks because these creeks are prone to flooding and are known to claim lives in the process. If you are up for the challenge and prepared, you will have the time of your life!

Great short, quick hike... after a big rain, several waterfalls for 3/4 of the entire trail.

6 days ago

Very easy trail. Not marked very well. The best thing is the views. Just beautiful.

Excellent view of the majesty of the Arkansas Ozarks. Highly recommend to anyone visiting the state.

9 days ago

Great trail, well marked and kept. Rained all weekend but did not detract from our enjoyment. The climbs are no joke, and there is a lot of water crossings, so be prepared

Awesome trail, make sure to take a right at the fork about 10 mins in. Just follow the trail and you will get there. coming out is all uphill but not to bad. Took us 40 mins to get out.

Had the entire place to ourselves which is hard to get on a weekend. Beautiful as always!!

Great little spot to explore. Lots of water in the creek which made for a very cool place.

The actual falls were beautiful. The hike was more like a road and it had a convoy of Polaris type vehicles on it. The water was running and We had the falls to ourselves.

12 days ago

So fun! Went when it was rainy and 65 degrees. Watch out for poison oak on the trails though. We went along the Little Missouri Falls trails.

Great place to enjoy the beautiful scenery

Well marked, easy trail with some beautiful sights! Had lunch on the rocks by the falls on a gorgeous day. All up hill heading back, and my husband had to carry our little one on his shoulders some.

18 days ago

Easter weekend ‘18. Suggest doing the west portion first to get the mountains out of the way, as I much regret not doing. Started Fri 10am, finished Sat 2pm. Take the short 3 minute walk side trail at the top of the mountain closest to the NW corner of the loop, amazing views on the huge boulders. The ERL makes me want to move to Ark.

19 days ago

Backpacked this loop over the past two days. Started around noon on Friday, hiked 8 miles. Hiked 12 miles yesterday. And another 8 this morning, finished around noon. Really enjoyable and challenging trip. Would 100% recommend starting at the trail head on the app but going in the opposite direction so you can do the bigger climbs sooner.

Heavy traffic and little parking. Best to go in the winter.

Short,relatively easy trail. We did this hike later in the afternoon and we were able to avoid the crowds. On the way out you are going down so coming back it is uphill. Had some good rain this week so the water was flowing good. A very scenic trail with various rock formations.

This is a very popular hike so be prepared to share it. With the weather being nice there was a large crowd out which making finding parking a little tougher. The hike itself was an easy hike and well worth the views, one you definitely want to take.

on Eagle Rock Loop

19 days ago

I did the loop with my three sons about two weeks ago. We started at the north west corner and went counter clockwise. The trail was very well marked and we had no trouble staying on course.

This was our first backpacking trip and had a great time. I really can’t offer any advice as far as gear/equipment, however, I can recommend taking trekking poles. Those things are lifesavers for the ridges and water crossings.

One thing we found odd was the lack of wildlife. I don’t know if it was too cold or wrong time of the year. We saw a group of 3 deer, a squirrel, a lizard, and a handful of birds, that’s it. Very quiet, almost eerie.

20 days ago

Great trail. Two friends and I decided to challenge ourselves and we completed it in a day and a half. Definitely was a test of the mind and body. Very rocky terrain with great views! Will definitely go back one day.

24 days ago

Well marked trail with abundant water even in August. Great views and plenty of campsites to choose from. Perfect hike for a weekend if your ready for two good days of hiking.

26 days ago

Easy and short trail. You can adventure past Glory hole for a bit going along the bluffs, but not very far. Worth going to at least once!

This was my favorite location to date. It’s slightly more dangerous than previous trails but worth it.

27 days ago

Completed last weekend. Clockwise from Trinity Falls
Weather was great. There are many large campsites. Active springs lots of water. Lots of hikers on the north end. Very enjoyable.

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