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It was beautiful but very icy! The whole trail was nothing but ice. Need some yak tracks and hiking poles. Went on 10/12 and it was very crowded on the way back down. Worth the views but definitely would wait until the summer to do it again.

For someone from Indiana this was definitely more moderate than easy.

1 day ago

Gorgeous views! The journey was through snow and ice for the entire hike. Would recommend traction and waterproof shoes. Sunny and clear Friday oct 12 when we hiked but very windy, especially at the edge of the lakes!

2 days ago

Beautiful hike as expected but extremely windy! We started around 8:30 and the parking lot was pretty empty. Def would recommend wearing micro spikes because a good portion of the trail is very icy and also waterproof shoes! The wind was blowing so hard at Dream Lake I was sliding across the ice! It was pretty with the snow but hard to see the mountains. The trial was very crowded on our way back down so still would recommend going early.

3 days ago

It was pretty chilly, but still beautiful! Took us about 3 hours with a lot of photo stops. Unfortunately we couldn’t see much of the mountains, but we got some pretty amazing photos of snow-laden trees being reflected in the waters. It was by far the busiest trail that we did all weekend, I can’t imagine what it would be like during peak season! We went early (around 8am) and didn’t have issues with parking. The lot was filled by the time we got back

on Emerald Lake Trail

3 days ago

One of my favorite hikes ever, even with the crowds. A must see during winter, too!

10 days ago

Yes, this is an absurdly popular hike, but that is for a very good reason. The views are just absolutely spectacular, and you get an awful lot of scenic beauty for relatively little effort. The whole thing is uphill, but it is not bad at all. In fact, you are doing it wrong if you zip through it, you should really stop frequently and just enjoy the amazing views that await around almost every corner. We did it on a weekday in October, hitting the trail head about 8:30 and that was definitely about as late as you want to arrive. The way out was fairly uncrowded, but the later part of the way back was just nuts. Near the end, we probably passed 100 people headed towards where we had just come from. It is easily the busiest trail I've ever been on, and as it starts to fill up, you get the more casual hikers, including loud teenagers, the families with lots of kids yelling etc. that really detracts from the serenity of the experience. We got to enjoy most of the hike, but had we started at 10AM I think we would have hated it. So this is one where you should start by about 7:30 if you want to avoid feeling like you went to Disneyland instead of RMNP. But don't let the crowds deter you, just start early.

WOW this trail is one of my favorite trails. i absolutely love the alpine tundra. one of the best things about this trail is watching thunderstorms and clouds roll over the mountains in the distance. some of the most amazing views i have ever seen. it is extremely rocky so watch your step and the high altitude and fast winds might make it difficult for some but the views are so worth it.

We drove to the small parking lot by the falls. Very short hike but it is steep. That being said I saw an 80 year old man in his orthotics making the trek. The falls are beautiful! Old Fall river Road is about 9 miles and is a one way road. It has sharp switchbacks and very deep ruts. I mean DEEP. If you are skilled enough to navigate on top of the ruts a car could make it but if not you will bottom it out and be stuck. The SUV in front of me actually attempted to drive in the ruts instead of on top and bottomed out immediately. Luckily he drove in instead of falling in so was able to spin his tires and back out and attempt again. If you don't want to risk it park at the picnic area and hike up.

11 days ago

Took the shuttle from the park and ride to the Glacier Gorge trailhead then up to the falls. The hike was good not too difficult. There were a handful of people on the trail then lots at the falls. Several people taking family photos and others having picnics.

So amazing, but the wind almost blew my trailface off! Cray cray! Don't forget a jacket

One of our favorite hikes. Lots of people and parking sucks, but hike is wonderful!

12 days ago

Beautiful views and lakes!

the trail is well built and maintained. a little slope but good for even beginners. be careful of the high altitude dizzy

13 days ago

GO TO @2_SUMMIT_UP on Instagram to learn more about the Dream Lake Trail (picture blog) Dream Lake is one of the most beautiful short hikes I have ever witnessed. Breathtaking view after breathtaking view. My blog here2summitup.wordpress.com provides a sample of what you can expect on this hike

14 days ago

An amazing hike that gets your blood pumping. From the Ranger Station to Chasm Lake is a 4.2 mile hike that ascends 2,522 vertical feet, so the out and back hike is 8.4 miles as opposed to the 7.7 miles listed here. It’s a tough and steep high altitude trail, so bring plenty of water. It’s strenuous, but the payoff is absolutely surreal. This trail brings you right up to the east face of Longs Peak. Chasm Lake is one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring high altitude lakes that I’ve ever seen. Bring a good camera, because the photo opportunities are terrific throughout.

14 days ago

Great views and well worth the hike! Should be listed as ~8.4 miles though.

14 days ago

A fun, but steep trail with wonderful views of the valley. It was incredibly windy above the tree line. I'll post pictures tonight.

This was a gorgeous hike! 3 awesome, unique lakes on a less than 4-mile out and back trail

15 days ago

Get there early! Lots of people by about 7-8am (Aug. 20th). The trails were fine, limited sub-trail routes to deviate to without feeling like you’re damaging the surroundings. The landscape was beautiful. Glacier Basin was a nice place to camp and was close enough to Emerald Lake, some neat wildlife, and Alpine Peak.

Keep hiking to emerald lake!!

This is one of my least favorite hikes in the park. They’re all so gorgeous & the falls are a little underwhelming in comparison

BEST HIKE EVER! Be prepared for a long and strenuous hike that takes you through a variety of terrains and believe it or not, you are going to wind up on the back side of LONGS Peak. That was the best part of the hike. We hiked to Mills Lake, then to Black Lake and then to Frozen. The problem is that we didn't actually get to Frozen Lake. Read the other reviews. There is not a well-marked trail to Frozen Lake. It was nearly 2:30 in the afternoon and we were frustrated. I would say me and my hiking buddy actually argued and it put a damper on the hike down because we could not find the trail to Frozen Lake. There are bits of cairns here and there but nothing that clearly delineates the trail. However, I now know exactly where the trail is. Once you get to the last field that's tundra-like and you're in treeline ... if you look to the right you'll see this massive pointed glacier-like-rock and you literally just start scrambling up that side of it and you will make it to Frozen Lake. In fact, the word is that there is another smaller lake next to Frozen Lake. In fact, the huge (dry) glacier I mention is what you'll be looking at for most of this hike. You will up at the base of that massive rock and Frozen Lake lies up above it. I will tackle this mountain again!!!

Easy, short little hike, very popular, so there were lots of people. Well-maintained trails. You can clearly see why it’s named Emerald Lake based on the color of the water. Beautiful!

16 days ago

Continued here after hiking Bear Lake, Alberta Falls, Loch Lake, Timberline Falls, and Lake Haiyaha, so it was getting to be a busier time of day. Easy hike, trails very well maintained. Lake is beautiful! Love such clear waters!

16 days ago

Hiked to Alberta Falls from Bear Lake. Very well maintained trail. The falls themselves were decent. Continued on to Loch Vale and Timberline Falls afterwards.

Beautiful short hike. Not difficult at all, amazing views.

17 days ago

Short day hike with heavy traffic going out and not so bad coming back. For as much use trail is in excellent condition.

This hike was spectacular! Every turn was pure beauty!

Great trail. Rocky at first then it eventually evens out more. Great views of the mountains. I only went about two miles, or so and turned around because we started late. No water sources that I came across. No snow. No bugs. Saw a few chipmunks. Great sunset views. Nice hike.

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