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2 days ago

We hiked from the Longs Peak ranger station to the peak and back.

Snowshoes were handy, as some people in our group didn’t have them and were up to their hips in the recent snow. I didn’t bring spikes however, and the snowshoes were tough on the icy/rocky bits; just my boots didn’t grip well as there was a lot of hard packed icy snow.

That being said, if I’d had the right gear, I would have enjoyed the last mile up/down a lot more. Due to the snow and ice, it took about 6 hours.

The views were beautiful, though, even before we got to the top. Highly recommend if you have the right gear with you.

2 days ago

Spikes only needed on 3/17

Spikes are definitely needed, hiking sticks come in handy as well. Bundle/layer up for sure and enjoy the beauty that is Chasm lake, so worth the climb!!!

Trail was very snowy and due to the past few days of wind the snow wasn't very packed. Super beautiful and amazing hike and there were plenty of people on the trail, but I would not recommend it without snow shoes or spikes

Pretty hike! Short enough to do mid-day, microspikes would be beneficial!

Very relaxed and beautiful trail!

Microspikes were definitely helpful, but snowshoes are probably overkill now. We had no problem making it to the lake with just spikes. The snow was only not packed down right near the lake

5 days ago

Hiked up here with my dad about a year and a half ago, and what a great hike it was! We started on the Longs Peak Trailhead and stayed on it for the first half mile, then took the Estes Cone trail the rest of the way past Eugenia Mine and Storm Pass. The trail was in great condition from the trailhead to Storm Pass. After Storm Pass the trail became a bit hard to follow, but there were many cairns along the way, which were a big help. After passing through a nice coniferous and birch forest, the views really began to abound on the way up to Storm Pass. Once we got to the summit, they were even better. The only difficult part was the last half mile, which gained about 600 feet of elevation. Can't wait to return to the area!

Almost completely packed down snow right, as all the trails in this area will be for awhile. Slight elevation gain to Alberta Falls, but nothing crazy. We have a 4 and 7 year old and the only one that used spikes was my wife. On the way back it would be helpful though. Right now you can see the water at the top of the waterfall running down through the ice... very cool. This one if good for kids. We do it once during winter and once during summer every year.

10 days ago

Sat. 3/10/18 -- light snow, temps in the low 30s
start time: 10:00am
total hiking time: ~3hrs
trail traffic: low

- ~1" fresh snow on the trail, otherwise packed underneath and icy in various sections
- gaiters: nice, not necessary
- snowshoes: unnecessary
- microspikes: wicked handy, perhaps necessary to safely navigate the topmost sections after Storm Pass
- trail a little hard to follow in rocky sections towards the top, look for tracks or cairns

12 days ago

Excellent views and waterfall

14 days ago

Hiked about a month or so ago and loved this one. I had never taken this road around Moraine Park so it was a completely new area of the park for me. Not many people at all compared to the huge crowds at Bear Lake or Glacier Gorge Trailheads.

Fern Lake is beautiful and has some incredible views once you get out there. The 25+MPH winds were the reason I only spent a few minutes out there even though I would have loved to spend much longer out there.

16 days ago

Fantastic hike/snowshoe! Beyond gorgeous day with no wind. Used yak traks up to the dream lake overlook, snowshoed down through tons of powder off trail. Highly recommend!!

22 days ago

Tried to do this hike a week ago. The snow was not packed at all unlike many of the other reviews. Our feet sunk in 3 feet with every step on the way up and it was incredibly tiring. Once we broke the treeline, the wind was so strong that the trail disappeared and my gps unfortunately glitched out. We brought microspikes and trekking poles, but I imagine snowshoes would've made it a lot easier. We had to turn around past treeline due to the aforementioned things, but I still enjoyed it and will be trying again soon.

24 days ago

Attempted on 1/27/2018.
I used my Microspikes and found it very doable. Made it all of the way to the base of the lake after pushing through 50+ mph winds. Only to find that there was a giant snow field to pass. The guy in front of me had 2 ice axes and crampons and was not able to make it across. It was absolutely beautiful and will try again!

Beutiful hike, but very windy in the morning. Make sure to wear layers. The last part of the trail to Odessa is also extremely icy and inclined so make sure you have the right equipment .

1 month ago


1 month ago

Chasm Lake is one of my all-time favorite hikes. The views
along the way, ... Peacock Lake, Chasm Falls, wildflowers,... just awesome! I did this hike in July 2016 - perfect hiking weather, and the snow had just melted past the boulder field. The boulder field is one of the most challenging / taxing parts of the hike; your thighs and legs get a workout an it slows your hiking pace down. The last part of the hike, you need to scramble up a steeper area and I needed to watch my footing and take my time. But the views of Chasm Lake over the ridge and of Longs Peak were just Amazing! The CO Hiking book and RMNP said this hike was 9.4mi. I know it is rated moderate here; CO Hiking rates it Moderate - Strenuous and I agree. I was glad I started this early morning. Had time to eat and take a break at Chasm Lake before hiking back. By the way, did any of you hikers try that "outhouse" that hangs over the ridge? Crazy!

comfortable hike with amazing waterfall!

Snow was packed. Went up to 2 miles from the lake with snowshoes, then had to take them off because no snow. Came down with just boots; no snowshoes or microspikes. Poles were useful though. It was super windy today.

1 month ago

Beautiful! Hiked only with boots and didn't need microspikes. Very windy.

1 month ago

First time winter hike in Rockies on snow pack. I hiked this trail during the summer but his trip was completely different. Views were even more magnificent with snow features! Also my first hike where I needed my micro-spikes....glad I had them. A few people were also wearing snow shoes. The snow was well packed if you walked in the middle of the trail but one misstep to either side and you would easily sink 12” or more. Plenty of snow until we got above the tree line then it was very thin to none in spots. A few skiers we saw were very disappointed. We accidentally ventured off the trail twice and paid the price with a steep hike directly up. Stay on the trail! As always, the views did not disappoint. Enjoy and hike smart!

1 month ago

Went yesterday. Not a lot of snow above treeline. Made it to the lake with just microspikes, but there was one pitch that was icy and one traverse over deep, unstable snow on a steep slope that made me wish I had an ice axe and crampons. Nothing too sketchy. Was able to detour around the ice by scrambling and push through the snow on the traverse, even if nervous.

Certainly windy in spots, but tolerable enough that I never felt the need to break out the windbreaker.

Lake itself was beautiful and frozen and creaking. Cold but not as windy as the ridge. I don't like wearing microspikes if I am on rocks and I also dislike taking them on and off, so I ended up slipping a few times. Definitely slick in spots!

Took me just over 4 hours from the car to the lake to the car. I tend to stop and take a lot of photos, though.

2 months ago

It was a pretty good workout for a 58 year old that wasn't in great shape. Getting next to a couple glaciers was neat and eating lunch on Continental Divide was something that not everyone has done. Now I have! After breaking above treeline, you think the top is getting close but it is another mile (approximately) and several rest stops away. Excellent views all around from the top! Forgot to mention that I hiked this trail at the end of August, 2017.

2 months ago

Hiked 1/14/2018 - Started at 8:30am - Back at Car 1pm

Very beautiful hike. Snow is well packed for the beginning. Didn't use microspikes until about 1 or 2 miles from Chasm Lake (just for a short period).

Poles and Snowshoes would help. Deep snow walking from Boulder Field to Chasm Lake (parts up to 3-4ft). Steep final climb up to the lake. Either on a sheet of ice (with microspikes, not recommended though) or scrambling up rocks on all 4's (what I did up and down)

Very windy about the treeline. Make sure you have sunglasses and a good wind jacket

Honestly for winter would say this is more towards HARD over MODERATE.

Did this solo as a pretty fast hiker but also took a lot of photography breaks (my main reason for going there)

Only needed spikes, very little snow above tree line.

Went up to Bear Lake with the plans to snowshoe the Bear Lake and Bierstadt Lake trails. Snow has been sparse so far this year and we were concerned that there would be minimal snow coverage and what the trail condition may be. The weather pulled through and we had a micro blizzard for our snowshoe hike. It was awesome.

Fresh snow if you're looking to head up snowshoeing soon. ENJOY!

Note: There were some ice patches on the road up through RMNP and some cars struggled.

2 months ago

Attempted 1/9. Trail was packed down, only needed microspikes. The wind was the main issue with 60 mph gusts. Only saw a handful of people and two that ended up turning around ahead of me. I ended up turning around at the juncture. Will try again. Beautiful scenery and well maintained trail

2 months ago

started at 4:45 a.m. ended up making Treeline by Dawn. That's when the winds picked up to 80 mile an hour gust. With sustained winds at around 40 miles an hour. Made the hike a lot of fun though, not sure I could have done it without my crampons. Definitely need microspikes on this winter hike. Be sure and hydrate. I got a little bit of altitude sickness during the last leg. Ended up making it off the trail head at around 4 p.m. it's easy to lose the trail at times. It definitely helps to have your all Trails GPS open. Definitely one of the most fun hikes I have ever taken! As always show up before dawn!

2 months ago

Did this trail yesterday, Sunday, January 7, 2018. Got to the Trailhead at 8AM and there was plenty of parking. Microspikes were needed. Day was high of 20s but sunny. First part of the hike has some uphill with lots of switch backs. Trail was clearly marked, no issues finding it. Above tree line, around 2.5 miles in, was extremely windy and trail was harder to find with blowing snow. The traverse was pretty snowy and a bit sketchy. Definitely needed microspikes and poles for extra support. The wind was very strong and footprints in the snow were easily lost, due to immediate cover up. The last part of the trail up to Chasm was very icy— we trekked up the left side near the rocks to avoid the ice sheet. Chasm was beautiful! Oh, we also saw 4 ptarmigans right at tree line that were pure white.

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