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Gorgeous trail! I’m not the worlds most avid hiker and would still only rate the trail as moderate. The scramble wasn’t nearly as difficult or treacherous as I was expecting. I have a mild fear of heights and it didn’t phase me honestly. Definitely slightly overcrowded despite starting at 6:30am and finishing at 3pm (lots of stopping for views and extra walking around the lakes), although my boyfriend found a little lake to the side of Loch and proposed!!! Beautiful hike overall.

Make sure to keep going once you’re above the waterfall scramble to get to Sky Pond! We almost didn’t realize that Glass Lake wasn’t the end of the trail. Incredible hike - long, but not too strenuous.

(Be careful of aggressive elk!)

Great walk out here today. lovely views all the way up passing falls and loch on route. few people on the go but more than enough room to pass on the trail.small scramble before you reach the level of sky pond but ok for most levels of ability with care. would recommend

Great trail. Would recommend for anyone

2 days ago

Amazing! Beautiful hike with a great variety of scenery. Fairly tough incline throughout, but manageable if you pace yourself, and is worth it for the amazing views at the top.

Not sure why the high rating on this trail. Nothing spectacular. Gem lake is really more like disappointing dirty swamp

2 days ago

Not a difficult trail but a beautiful end point!

Amazing trail hiked on 9/14/18. Arrive before 7 if you want to park at Glacier Gorge trailhead. Hike took us 6 hrs round trip but we took our time at the Loch, Timberline Falls, Lake of Glass, Sky Pond, and also detoured to Mills Lake on the return trip. Trail was long but otherwise not too difficult for a couple of moderately in shape amateur hikers. The waterfall scramble took all of a few minutes and so long as you watch your footing carefully on the wet rocks isn’t bad. Amazing scenery at every stop....tough to say which stop is the best which made for an extremely rewarding hike. Highly recommended.

Great day hike. Worth going up the small falls to eventually get to sky pond. Round trip somewhere between 4:30 to 5hrs.

Not a gem in our opinion. More like a small pond and wonder who named it?

3 days ago

Beautiful views.

Moderate hike with a little bouldering. We took our time and wrapped up the hike, plus Mirror lake and Mills lake in 5 hours. I'm a novice hiker and really enjoyed this hike.

I really loved this hike until the waterfall scramble. I really had no idea what it would be like, and I'm afraid of heights, but more so coming down. I think it helped me that the trail was busy and I could watch some other hikers come down - otherwise I was ready to turn around! I'm glad that I went on - Lake of Glass and Sky Pond were beautiful (hold on to your hats, though, it was very windy!) Also, there was a marmot that was overly tame at Lake of Glass - when we were there he ran off with a plastic water bottle (not ours). Don't feed the wildlife!

Beautiful hike! We really enjoyed the variety of this hike including waterfalls, mountain vistas, gorgeous lakes, and groves of aspens. The wind above the scramble was strong today, but it was definitely worth hiking all the way to Sky Pond. The gradual elevation change helped us warm up to take on the steeper sections that start before the scramble. Also, we liked the decent amount of shade along the way.

We took the shuttle from the Bear Lake Park and Ride, which worked well for us. There was a bit of a wait to leave in the morning, but I think we only waited 5 minutes to take it back to our car.

This was such a good sunrise hike. We had a very large group but everyone was able to make it up and down the scramble at the lake. If you’re not in great shape, the elevation gain will be challenging especially getting closer to the top. It was also super windy for us and I felt that I was going to be pushed over the edge into the gorges below us (it was also really dark too).

3 days ago

First off I would rate this as moderately hard haha. Only because of the elevation gain. The scramble at the end up to see the lake isn’t bad either and definitely worth it ! Lovely spot to rest and take in the beauty of the mountains and the crystal lake . Absolutely gorgeous .

Awesome hike ! I would highly recommend it . Like the other reviews said, the elevation gain isn’t bad until the very end towards the waterfall. I was a little skeptical at first about the climb but it wasn’t bad at all . Actually the climb down was easier for me than the climb up. The scenery the whole trail is absolutely beautiful.

Amazing hike! Start early to avoid crowds and wear layers (can get windy and colder towards the top) as well as well shoes w/ good traction (the rocks by the waterfall can be slippery). Make sure to continue past Glass Lake, which is just past the top of waterfall to Sky Pond. Fall colors are gorgeous right now. One of the best hikes in the park!

3 days ago

It was crowded and I don’t know if I would even call that a Pond! Most definitely not a lake. But there were some great views and it was a decent climb.

This trail was Epic! So beautiful. The forest was extremely peaceful with the Aspen trees changing color and whispering with the wind. The water falls and creeks are very nice. Small trout throughout the pond system.

Once you clear the tree line, thats when it becomes really exciting. Pretty steep elevation gains along the rocks. once you get to the last Falls, you have the rock wall climb up to Glass Lake and Sky Pond. It's a bit sketchy if you don't like heights, but totally worth it!! Just take it slow coming back down, and be sure of your hand and toe holds. it is slippery where the waterfall splashes you.

Sky Pond was very beautiful and the surrounding mountains are majestic. We also observed a mountain climber on SharkTooth to the right, way up there.

Get to the park Early! Bear and Glacier trail head Parking was closed before 8am on a Thursday. the park and ride isn't bad, and we saw a huge elk while riding back to the lot in the late afternoon.

It took me 6.5hours round trip, with plenty of picture time and about 45 mins at SkyPond. Bring lots of water and sunscreen. had spf70 and still got some rays...

Totally worth it. it's very popular, and passed a lot of people on the way back down in the afternoon.

We were in the parking lot by 7h45 in the morning and it was full 15 minutes later. Be there really soon. The view is absolutely stunning when you pass the hardest part of the trail where you have to climb. Walking sticks would be anything but helpful at this point.

4 days ago

We hiked this trail in mid-April. Absolutely beautiful hike! The way up was more difficult than we anticipated - we stopped frequently towards the summit, but we are from Ohio we were not acclimated to the altitude. Getting near and above tree line was very snowy, very cold and very very windy!! We stayed on the summit for about 20-30 min before we retreated due to the harsh conditions. But it was a beautiful, sunny day, just a bit early in the season. It was our first summit hike; and we just completed our second in Lake Tahoe.

Get there early! This trail is super crowded, but a great hike. Arrived at the trailhead at 7am and had to drive up to the main lot as the trailhead lot was already full.

Lots of great views through out and a great hike for someone who is looking for a great moderate trail. Steady elevation gain, but nothing over the top.

Sky pond was freezing and incredibly windy, so make sure you have a warm coat when you get to the top.

Got to the trailhead and started around 7:30. I was able to park in the parking lot and walked up the road to the trailhead. There were no other cars in the parking lot which was surprising for a Saturday. Took about 2 hours to make it to the peak and 1:30 to head back down. There was only one other person I saw on the way up. When I started the descent I ran into more people, but it wasn’t overly crowded. I would def recommend this hike for being a great workout and scenic hike with little foot traffic for RMNP!

5 days ago

The trail was well marked in most areas but a few times got a little confusing. I wouldn't really call it a lake, but it's more of a large muddy pond. the hike up was beautiful and there were great places to stop and take pictures and look around. there were lots of very steep steps.

5 days ago

I had initially intended to go to Black Lake because I was wary of the difficulty, but as I passed the fork, I changed my mind... Probably the best impulse decision I've ever made.

I'm a relatively new hiker and found it challenging, particularly climbing up those rocks, but it was fun. Started around 6:30 in the morning when it was still quiet and cool. Made it to the top around 9:30 and spent a decent amount of time up there. I actually prefer the Lake of Glass to Sky Pond, but both were beautiful.

This hike in mid September could not have been more perfect! The Aspens were gorgeous against the most vibrant blue sky we’ve ever seen. Each view got better than the last. The trail is easy to follow, and even when there was a steep incline, it leveled out long enough afterwards to make the trail feel more moderate than hard. Really the only difficult part was the scramble up the falls to get to Sky Pond. Just take your time, make sure you have your footing, and you’ll be fine. If you get going before 8:00am there is much less traffic on the way up, but definitely picked up as we made our descent. We made the round trip hike in just - little over 4 hours, including a 20 minute pause at the top to soak it all in.

Lots of stairs at the end that got the best of me, but pretty shaded most of the way, a compost toilet at the top which was very much needed, some decent bouldering opportunities along the way if you’re into that, and once you’re at the top: words can’t describe the tranquil beauty of Gem Lake. Perfect end to a moderately challenging hike. So worth it!!!

it was AMAZING

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