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23 hours ago

Had a great hike with lots of Moose. Easy out and back with nice waterfall to compliment all the wildlife. Highly recommend.

I definitely think it was a little longer than 9.9 miles. but well worth the hike! Our group started at 9:40 ish and made it back to the car at about 2:20 PM. We saw a mama moose and her baby along with some deer and an elk!

1 day ago

Beautiful hike! Pretty easy.

Easy hike to see a great waterfall.

Worth the hike to this lake!

Got a late start on 7/7/18, started around 9:15. Plenty of parking in the huge lot at the trailhead. Only saw 3 groups or so on the way up. Made it to the lake around 1pm. Fished for a half hour/45 minutes before a pretty good afternoon storm looked like it was rolling in. Saw two bull moose, a deer and a Mama moose and calf on the way down. Be sure to give plenty of room when passing these animals. Mama was not happy to see me. Nice hike, but lots of uphill to get to the lake. Landslide area was a little tricky and you may want to avoid if a recent rain came through or is expected. Have fun!

2 days ago

Beautiful easy hike. Saw so many moose! Most exciting day!!

Out of four hikes I did in the area this week, this was my favorite. Being by the lake allowed us to see so much wildlife, including four otters in the lake. They stayed with us for about a mile and it was such a treat. Highlight of the day!

4 days ago

Loved this and went a bit farther to get 3-4 miles. Definitely one of the best in the area!

4 days ago

This was so fun, and I loved the length of 7 miles! Nice to see deer along the way.

6 days ago

Great hike! The hike was not too long but a nice couple of hours. I would rate it as moderate, but it would probably be easy for locals accustomed to the altitude. We saw several deer as well as a moose and her calf!

Saw 2 sets of moose with babies on the trail. Beautiful hike but definitely rated as moderate plus (++) in my opinion. after about 2 miles in, then the climb begins. Almost 1800’ in elevation from trail head. My knees and feet were pissed by the time I got back. Nice trail and maintained with some very beautiful scenery. Do not forget the sunscreen, water, sandwich or a Few snacks and bug spray.

Completed this trail today, Sunday July 8.
The trail was in great condition. You have to step over some trees but it was easy for me, a 5'1 female.
With a few stops, we made it up in 1 hour and 55 minutes. It took us 1 hour and 29 minutes to get back to our car.
During our trip, we saw a total of eight groups (some single) of people. Very lightly trafficked and BEAUTIFUL views from the top.

Great easy/ moderate hike! The waterfall was beautiful! Saw 4 moose all together, 2 bull moose on the way up and a mama and calf on the way down! Definitely recommend!

11 days ago

This is an easy to moderate hike. The creek and the meadow are beautiful and postcard worthy. We hiked in the middle of the day and saw no wildlife unfortunately. The falls are beautiful and worth the distance.

NO DOGS ALLOWED! You have to go through Rocky Mountain National Park gates to get to the trail. The ranger told me no dogs allowed and then explained that the parking lot for this trail is on RMNP property and so is 1 mike if the trail. It wasn’t worth $25 to see if I would get stopped by a ranger, so I turned around and had to find another trail. Lesson: don’t bring your dog on this or plan to go elsewhere with your pup! That’s why I gave it one star cuz the description is wrong. I’m sure the trail is lovely - but I never got to see it.

13 days ago

The landslide area (maybe 3mi out) is certainly worth some caution, but hearing from some other trail-goers that the detour was awful made me glad I'd given my landslide traversal skills a try. The big meadow below the lake is gorgeous and seems to have a resident moose. Still a good amount of snow on the trail in the last mile (mid-June), which might get you off trail a little bit. After talking with a couple of other people who had similar issues, it seems the tendency is to wander a little too much to the left of the trail and to realize this when you stumble into Snowbird campground. Don't get discouraged, though; the lake is worth it.

Awesome hike, definitely worth the work. If you keep going there are three more lakes close together. Lots of moose and wildlife.

13 days ago

Fun little hike

13 days ago

Did this hike on 7/2. Got to trailhead at 9:15a, we were 12th car to park so if you’re looking for a trail with no people this isn’t it. That said, beautiful views, moderate distance, little elevation, and waterfalls are worth it all. Saw 7 moose in total, 3 on way out, 4 on way back. Did whole thing with group of 4 (two kids age 9 and 7) in about 3.5 hours with about 20-30min for lunch at waterfall area. And a day after we did Twin Cones! Pretty bushed by end but two great hikes over two days.

Challenging trail, beautiful views with some great wildlife. (I'd suggest bringing bear bells)

This is an amazing hike.... Loved it! For those not living in higher elevations (I'm in AZ desert), the last half-mile hike back can get you a little winded. ;-)

18 days ago

Short, beautiful hike! Go about a mile past the falls to see a gorgeous meadow

18 days ago

Beautiful hike and so much to see along the way! We saw two moose within the first 20 minutes of the hike. There is a gradual incline to the hike in a few spots. You go along a river for quite awhile and it is gorgeous. Cascade Falls at the end is breathtaking. Lots of great spots to have a snack or dip your feet in.

Very easy. Lots of people.

A lot of these hikes are just different combination of the various lake. Pick the distance and elevation gain you feel confortable, and pick your lake.

Mills lake is one of the best, and not so hard to reach. Skypond is amazing, but include some scrambling. The other lake on this current suggestion are good. Bear lake is the most boring

Mill lake is one of the nicest lake around! The view of the mountains is amazing.

25 days ago

Beautiful and easy hike. Left trailhead at 09:30. Plenty of people out there today. Saw both male and female moose just on the other side of the river.

Easy trails. Great for first-timers!

An awesome hike. A great mix of settings- meadows, a mountain side climb, a wooded walk through woods...we saw 2 baby moose! The most waterfalls I've ever seen on a hike. It is on the harder side of moderate in my opinion, as the way up to the lake is quite the elevation gain, but the way down is an enjoyable walk downhill.

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