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21 hours ago

Well maintained trail & not many people! Summit views are stunning!!!

1 day ago

We started by 7 am on 9/16/18 and had the trail to ourselves. We finished by noon and that included a lot of downtime at the lake which was spectacular. Loved this lake. The trail itself was underwhelming. Dense forest mostly. Not difficult for us. However, the beauty was the lake. We loved it, and having it all to ourselves was bliss. We also saw a lot of moose. It was a wonderful hike.

Short, great views of the falls.

We tried the perimeter trail from the trailhead st the dam of Shadow Mountain Lake. The views of the lake and surrounding peaks are incredible! The devastation of the pine forest by pine beetles is regrettable and mars the beauty of this area. The lake was also being used by fishermen and boaters (loud outboard motors and the smell of their exhaust also detracted from an otherwise beautiful location.

The perimeter trail is mostly flat with a few downed trees and some end-of-summer growth beginning to encroach. We did not attempt the steeper climb up to the viewpoint.

2 days ago

Used this trail to access Timber Creek Backcountry site about 3 miles in. Trail is very well marked and easy to follow. Uphill the entire way out, but not particularly strenuous. Great views of aspen trees changing color, but a little too wooded to get great views of the mountains in most spots. The only difficult part was the landslide area. It's very short (maybe 100 yards total), but the loose sandy soil, downed trees, and steep slope make it something you should be slow and methodical for.

The campsite was nice with great access to the creek, but it is an EXTREMELY active moose area. In addition to the deer we had coming through our campsite all evening, we had several bull moose come through the area throughout the night. They didn't bother us, but they did come within about ten feet of our tent and easily could have caused damage if they wanted to. Take necessary precautions to make sure you're safe during moose rutting season, but an extremely enjoyable trail and campsite.

4 days ago

Pretty hike on a gorgeous Colorado day. Nice and easy.

4 days ago

Great trail. Easy to get to (even with detour) and we hiked to top of the falls and saw another hiker swim in the river!

High mountain lake, nice easy trail.

Very challenging but rewarding with views. My wife and I saw 2 cows and one calf moose.

7 days ago

mother nature made me work for this trail, especially on the alpine tundra portion— exposed and windy and brief rain. took ~5.5 hrs.

8 days ago

Super easy, beautiful hike!! Fall is a great time to see the aspens changing!!

Nice trail. Be sure to past the Falls to see the creek upstream.

14 days ago

beautiful trip, not too tiring. the slope is not very steep. keep something warm to wear bc the last hr of walk is exposed to wind.

Nice, fast hike.

on Shadow Mountain Trail

16 days ago

Great hike! Definitely worth the view!

Great trail to see Moose and Elk! No crowds on the trail so you practically have the lake to yourself.

This hike was nice and shady, and I didn't experience running into bugs at all! There is a steep uphill going out on the trail, and it definitely took me (and my parents) more time to go out than come back downhill. We hiked to the end and had lunch on a big rock overlooking the meadow. On the way down, we saw a moose and several elk! Tip: these animals are SO quiet! Even when they are pretty close to you. Keep your eyes open for wild life! I'd especially recommend this hike on a hot day since you're in the forest with a lot of shade.

Well marked trail. The first half is all uphill and downhill on the way back. There is a sketchy landslide area where the trail has been wiped away down the steep slope, as well as a lot of fallen trees. Besides that, easy sailing. Saw two bull moose, and a bull elk at the lake. Gorgeous place.

Great Hike. lots of mule deer and small animals, heard Elk not to far off. We made it to the waterfalls but didn't go down to them since we were carrying our 4mo old son. glad we hiked it.

The way in is tough with a steady climb up. But plenty of rocks and trees to sit and rest. the meadows you pass are beautiful. only giving 4 stars because there was a lot of horse poop on the trail.

it was cold and windy but worth it! I would rate it as a moderate. I am a lettercarrier and walk everyday. With the altitude I need to rest often. Coming down piece of cake.

21 days ago

Make sure to bring bug spray.

Lone Pine Lake was worth the trek. The hike took us 5.5 hours plus 30 min relaxing on the mini island in the lake. Definitely gets your heart pumping on the way there.

22 days ago

Cute short easy trail with a little waterfall at the end. Great for families!

wonderful top!!

Great views but should not be marked as "Easy". Most of this trail is uphill, some parts smooth, some rocky and some stairs so the elderly or folks with disabilities are likely to struggle on this.

23 days ago

This is one of the prettiest hikes we’ve done in this area. You hike through mountain meadows and pine forests to the falls. It’s a steady uphill climb which might make this more moderate than easy for some. We saw a marmot. The ranger said moose are often seen in the meadow.

This was a gorgeous hike that followed the river for a couple of miles before ascending through the forest to the city remains. Our fitbits clocked 7.5 miles for the round trip. Spotted two moose, one elk and a deer. Don’t let the distance deter you from this hike. The first couple of miles are quite pretty if you want a shorter hike.

Lots of horses traffic this trail which means there’s a lot of horse poo to step over and lots of flies. Beside that though, it’s a fun hike! It is a bit steep at the beginning which I think is why it’s rated as moderate. The second half is flatter.

24 days ago

Was a pretty easy hike. I did Mt. Ida Trail this morning, so wanted an easier one to follow it up. The trail is through the Subalpine forest the whole way. Lots of trees, chipmunks, squirrels, etc. Watch for moose and mule deer for the first mile. I saw several mule deer, and came face to face with a momma moose and her calf on the trail. 20 yards out and I thought I was a goner! She couldnt have cared less. The falls are just a long set of tiny waterfalls that go on for a few hundred hards. Very pretty and cool. Worth the short, easy hike.
LOTS of small trout in the stream that gobbled up my flies. Catch and release, and was a lot of fun.
Would do it again.

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