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3 days ago

Great hike and nice views along the hike. The campsite is about 1 mile in and the first overlook about 1.5 miles. Then the ridgeline rocks are at about 2 miles in and go for another quarter mile. We turned around at 2.2 miles and thoroughly enjoyed the views at the top. It is very rocky terrain however I would not classify this as Hard or Expert. Steep in some places but easy going overall. The tree canopy blocks a lot of the views east, we plan to come back in the winter for more views.

Fun for all levels. Go during late fall or spring when water volume is higher.

Was mosquito heaven, water was stagnant, other areas were dry.

7 days ago

I've been coming here since high school! It is very populated so it is best to go on week days. The parking lot is usually overflowing. It is best to drive across the bridge and park on the other side of the river and you can walk from another bridge and go about that way. There are lots of rocks to stop and swim along the way. Unfortunately, I have stopped going here due to increase in trash/broken glass. Still a very cool place to explore in the middle of the city!

10 days ago

The trail is full of very sharp rocks. It seems not supposed to be too hard but very tired because of rocks.
Buzzard Rock was great, has nice view and plenty of space to take a break to enjoy view.
But after Buzzard Rock there was not much to enjoy. The forest is somehow very damp. There were so many mushrooms but also so many BUGS were following whole trail. Some thorns and all other kinds of vegetation were across the trail, that scratch pants, arms and face. They hold on my poles, annoying on the trail.
Moss has formed on almost every rocks with spiders which made us to hesitate to sit on.
Plus, there was no real view from Buzzard Rock to summit. So we ended up back and out at 3 miles(total 6 miles).

It's nice trail overall but if I try it again, I will try to buzzard rock and enjoy sunset and come down.

Nice variety of trail loops with same great views.

My wife and I did this hike with our 9 mo. daughter in a carrier and thought that it was on the more difficult side of moderate, but not quite strenuous. Great hike, but if we did it over again, we could have just gone straight to Hebron Falls (so, go right at the fork instead of straight) and backtracked the way we came in. Going the full loop seemed a little tedious because after you see the rock community and the falls, there really wasn't much more of interest (except for a bunch of little creek crossings and a very brief section in a meadow). Plus, the full loop has you walking a couple extra miles through a large camping area and along the parkway which was a little boring. The best part of the hike is definitely the 1.5 stretch straight to the falls. Lots of awesome places for getting in the water, and beautiful variety in terrain.

17 days ago

I'm not sure I would classify this trail as "hard," but it's definitely got some elements of difficulty, especially near the falls. There are some uphill climbs that can leave you a bit breathless, but the falls and the rocks are beautiful. If you hike the trail counter-clockwise, you will get to the falls (along with Hebron Falls) in a mile and a half or so, leaving the easier portion for the end. There are rhododendron thickets, a open meadow-like area, camping area and fir forest to be enjoyed near the end. This is a really beautiful hike!

It’s a nice trail, with a lot of side trails that you can distract yourself with. We had a difficult time finding the path at one point, but as long as you don’t mind meandering for a short while it won’t be an issue.

17 days ago

Great trail. Almost no one on it. Start the loop by going straight at the fork. Gorgeous when the rhododendrons are in bloom.

Great hike. Have hiked this trail about 3 times and it is just lovely. Hard in some spots but well worth it. Pack a lunch and enjoy the river and views.

love this trail

fun trail

Nice hike for my dogs and myself. Saw a timber rattle snake on the trail a little too up close and personal, but it must have been Sunning or sleeping on the trail as we quickly jumped back and turned around. Well it is the mountains right?

Nice hike. Northern spur overlook was fantastic included deer visit. . Southern spur views obstructed by foliage. Will try again in winter.

Good trail, good view. But too many mosquitoes, and the markers are inapparent and confusing.

28 days ago

Beautiful setting! I’m not much of a runner but the dirt part of the trail was pretty flat and I was able to do some jogging. Quick little trail but worth the visit. I also visited many of the other trails and sight seeing areas while there.

Easy trail, definitely not difficult. Dog and kid friendly. Well worth going clockwise to enjoy working up to the falls. Beautiful wildflower fields right now (August)

Good hike. Not difficult at all if you are in reasonably good shape.

My first time in SNP! I usually go for much longer hikes, but this was a great outing for a spontaneous trip. Short and sweet, but moderately challenging because of the rocky terrain, so I wish I’d brought my hiking boots just for the ankle support. When you get to the split, you can go left, right, or straight. I suggest going to the left to see the geologic formation first, then coming back and doing the right hand trail to see the viewpoint. It’s a good snacking or lunch spot. Also, there were fewer people on the trail than I expected for a Saturday, so I had a lot of it to myself! Definitely dog and family friendly, though.

very nice trail, ample parking to be had. went on a sunday morning and the main area/main overlook was PACKED. if you want some time to yourself and pictures i suggest going off weekend. once you get out of the main overlook the trails are good and much less congested. the two overlooks in the back had no one there and i was able to eat lunch solo. sugarloaf also gets points for trail markers along the trails not just at the crossroads. that was a nice touch.

1 month ago

Amazing trail with an even greater view, it has a small camping spot at the bottom of the mountain that is a good place a for multiple tents, at the top of the mountain you can find several places to set up hammocks and wake up with a picture perfect morning. 10/10

1 month ago

Loved this trail. The waterfall was running and this Saturday there was a lot of people out on the trail with us. Its a long trail but not very hard overall, even for me who has been living in the flat lands for way to long. The recent rains had made the trail pretty muddy and right as I was getting back to the car I took an unfortunate spill on my backside.

very simple and short trail. has an overlook and a trail for river access. was very easy for my seven month old dog. nice views, pretty water, would recommend.

Beautiful nature but poorly marked blazes on parts of the blue trail. At one point we may not have been on the trail at all as the path was very overgrown and narrow on the east side of the mountain.

Plenty of interesting things to look at. Enjoyed the Hebron rock community and the many creek crossings. Would def recommend

1 month ago

Easy hike. You need to take the side trails for most of the waterfalls and balds. A lot of day hikers. Many camping sites but only saw one other set of campers that day/night

Pretty views of the waterfall and canyon are easy to get to! Great hike to do with kids!

1 month ago

Great trail! We hit it counterclockwise and headed for Hebron Falls. Wish I had brought board shorts and a beach towel, there are plenty of swimming holes along the way.

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