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2 days ago

great hike. definitely worth the view at the top. if you're adventurous ne sure to check out buzzards roost. for the novice it's a difficult (hard) trail for the experienced it's moderate. have fun and be safe. let's roll out.

on Poor Mountain Trail

2 days ago

Hiked blue loop counter-clockwise in 2 hours. Pleasant overlook toward beginning of hike. Then steep descent. Cascading water falls toward middle of hike. Then gradual ascent. Trail clearly blazed and well-maintained with numerous benches for breaks. Small parking area at start. Have to hike in a bit before reaching map.

2 days ago

difficult but worth the view!

Beautiful scenery, challenging hike, wonderful views.

I’ve been hiking this for almost 30 years. It is one of my favorite hikes and different every time. The view at the top makes it all worth while.

Absolutely beautiful hike and location. This was my first hike in Virginia and it did not disappoint

Our hike was cut short because of the ever fickle recent August weather. I still managed to enjoy and take beautiful photos though. My friend who goes to VTech recommended this place and I was sold immediately after I saw the photos she took this past winter season. Will definitely come back to finish the hike and see the frozen falls next year.

A great hike! Challenging but well worth it. The view from the Cliffs is amazing! A black bear crossed the trail ahead of mean the way back down. That got the heart racing. It was a great day hike and part 2 of 3 for the Triple Crown.

Wonderful walk in the woods with a great view and waterfall. I walked it counter clockwise, the end was steep but did not take long. Took about 2.5 hours. The only difference I would make is to go clockwise so I could have seen the sun set at the overlook. Very peaceful trail

13 days ago

Fun, short hike. Started early on a weekday morning and ended up having the entire top to myself. Clear day, great views, and light breeze.

16 days ago

steep trail, beautiful at the top

Loved this trail. Diverse in meadow and forested areas, hard stair climb, AMAZING views. Got sweaty and enjoyed every second of it.

23 days ago

Loved this hike, The view at the top is amazing. But the bugs at the top were INSANE. Never seen such a swarm of them in my life.

25 days ago

First time ever doing this hike and I loved it! Definitely worth it!

Great hike, beautiful views!

Fun hike with a little bit of everything. You get wildlife, waterfalls, and some scenic views. The uphill climbs can be a little challenging but over all it's worth the hike.

Tough hike. Trail is rough in spots due to heavy use. Gets a lot of use because it is the direct route to Tinker Cliffs.

Beautifully established, the cows and wildflowers made it great.

Do not go right by the fence uphill. Will redo the hike with family when they visit!

great hike, great workout. not for dogs though, it is to rocky, my dogs paws were blistered(my fault I know). the view is really great at the cliffs. will do again.

We had a wonderful hike. We hiked on a Sunday afternoon so it was a little crowded. Overall nice hike for the family
16, 10, 8. Beautiful falls and fun swimming for the kids.

1 month ago

This was a wonderful hike! Moderate level, in my opinion, and I am out of shape. Worth every step to get to the top and see that view. 200 yards on way down, ran into a mama black bear and her two cubs playing. She saw us and snarled, making it clear we were not welcome. We had to take the bus road down because I wasn’t about to try and move that bear

My favorite hike in this area. Has a fantastic view, varying terrain, and makes for an awesome adventure.

I used this hike to test myself and my gear prior to hiking on the Appalachian Trail. It turned out to be a nice moderate walk. I still got winded. I am after all 66 years old. However, I've tried hard over the winter to get into shape. So far my knees of held up and I'm grateful. for that. I think. the view from Barney's wall is spectacular. It is great to watch the hawks soar down below. It's gorgeous.

on Sharp Top Trail

1 month ago

Very steep, and heavily travelled, but nice views at the top. A good trip if you’re camping in the area.

1 month ago

The views are great but the trail has too much of a touristy feel to it. First off there is a gift shop right in the parking lot, secondly 80% of the trail is steps, lastly when you get to the top you get to a stone made lookout tower not really a mountain top. Its also disappointing that over half of the elevation is gained by driving up to the parking lot, so you dont really get a true feel of accomplishment from hiking to the top. The best part of this hike IMO is Buzzards Roost, a lot less crowded.

trail running
1 month ago

Short 3.5mile trail with many switchbacks, perfect for trail running

1 month ago

I grew up doing this hike with my dad, I love coming back again and again. The hike is difficult in some parts but the views at the top are beautiful! Going on less humid/hot days always makes it easier. Also wear shoes with good traction. I always slip and roll ankles on rocks when I wear regular tennis shoes on this hike.

Great trail with 2 beautiful overlooks. Quick easy trail for kids..a little rocky at times but 7-9 year olds had a great time!

Great view from the top! Well-maintained trail. Beautiful wildflowers along the trail. Hiked on a weekday and had the entire trail up/back and cliffs (during the summer) all to ourselves. Nice stream crossing and cows along the way.

2 months ago

Hike was a pretty steep climb in a short period of time, and I think that’s the only reason it’s rated as “hard”. Other than the steepness, it was a pretty easy hike. Whole trail took us about 4 hours, although we stayed at the top for about an hour.
On the very top of the stairs there are a lot of bugs, so I would suggest if you’re trying to hangout on the top to go to the second highest stair come off area. I will probably bring insect repellent next time for the way up as well.
Dog friendly! Our 16 week old puppy made it all the way up easily.
About a quarter of the way down, it was dark outside by then, we did encounter a copperhead snake, so make sure you watch your step!
In all, a fun hike with an awesome view.

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