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Difficult but a great payoff at the end.

2 days ago

Great hike, worth the constant uphill for an amazing view.

3 days ago

Classic out-and-back to world famous view. Persistently steep and occasionally rocky with lots of stone steps, this is one of the harder hikes along the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can ride the tram up and hike back down if going both directions is too much provided the tram is in service. I waited 15 years to hike this trail, and it was worth it.

Awesome hiking after a week rain in southern Virginia, we saw many wild flowers and animals on our way, including snake, newt, and deers.

Done this trail 2 times now and it’s just as good as the first time. View is amazing, bring a snack to hangout at the top. Muddy when it has rained a decent amount. Lots of rock steps made near the summit. Kids of all ages seen walking the trail. Also very dog accessible. My dog loves this hike and to chill on the boulders at the top .

beautiful hike we hiked it counter clockwise ,a little strenuous toward the end very steep but very doable ,2 waterfalls,a few overlooks loved it

awesome hike ,pretty moderate till the end ,take the fire road down at the end to get back faster, great workout

Hiked this on Mother’s Day with my daughter. Great hike and lots of people on the trail. Did come across the biggest rattlesnake I have ever seen crossing the path on the way up. We gave him a wide breadth before continuing up, but he still rattled at us. Lots of flies and bees once we reached the top. But overall a wonderful experience!

Well worth the walk. Beautiful!

nature trips
16 days ago

This trail is my favorite mainly because of the short distance to rocks and water! My daughter and I enjoy climbing on the rocks and exploring the creek life. Well worth the trip!

Pretty heavily trafficked but the view is worth it. I'd recommend following the Appalachian trail as it's more interesting however there is a fire access road that's level and a gentle accent most the way up (I ran down this but wished I'd gone back down the trail). Once you reach the top there is another 0.3miles or so that you can walk along and go off track, definitely suggest doing this!

18 days ago

One of the most gratifying and satisfying hikes I have ever taken! Challenging to say the least, not for the weak!

19 days ago

Amazing trail, favorite place to hike any time of year. Always meet nice people at the top and along the way as well.

Great hike from McAfee Knob. Beautiful views. Hike out to Daleville. Wonderful section hike of the AT!!!

Hiked 12.1 miles to McAfee Knob from Dragons Tooth. Beautiful views all along this section. Totally worth the effort up to the knob.

It's a nicely maintained trail! There's a lot to look at in the beginning, keeps it interesting. Those straight up parts are definitely worth it when you get to the top. We saw a bear on our way down, it didn't make any more noise than the squirrels were so be aware of your surroundings!

My new favorite trail in the area. Varied terrain so it doesn't get boring. The view of Carvin's Cove is great. Some people complain about the power lines but I had my headphones in and I didn't notice them. If not for seeing the tower I wouldn't have known they were there. I went on a week day and only saw two other people the whole time. I'm sure on weekends when the through hikers start coming through it will be more crowded, but still nowhere near other hikes like McAfee or Dragons Tooth.

We came across a mama bear with a cub about 2 miles from the parking lot. We made a lot of noise a fair distance away, but the mama did not seem troubled by our presence at all. It probably took about 20 minutes before they moved far enough away from the trail for us to continue.

Great trail! Great view at the top and the deer are very friendly. Posted a picture of the view and the deer.

Beautiful hike with some great views. My husband and I had a picnic on the rocks at the top.

One of my all time favorites, though it seems like it is everyone else's too. It was pretty crowed.

Walk another half mile past the knob and enjoy traversing the rock maze.

Great trail with great views!! Hayrock itself was nothing to write home about, the real beauty and reward comes before. The views of Carvins Cove are gorgeous!

Mostly flat. Great biking trail - okay walking trail. Interesting sights along the way.

Hiked this trail while I was in college and again last year. Plan on going back this weekend. I go up the AT trail and back down the fire road. The trail up can be strenuous depending on how hard you push yourself but it’s not too terrible if your in decent shape and the view at the top on a clear day is definitely worth it. Can get busy on weekends though especially with people taking pictures at the top. As someone else said if you walk just a little further around a slight bend once you get to the top there are more spectacular views and it’s typically less crowded

This is simply my go to trail whenever I need sometime to myself or alone time with my pretty lady. The trail is just hard enough to make one feel accomplished yet not exhaust one to the point that one can't enjoy one of the nearby breweries. Then there is the view which in my opinion is one of the best especially in the fall. Also, its hard to believe but this trail isn't as heavily traficced as one might assumed by the parking lot at the trailhead. Finally, if you are fortunate enough to run into a thru-hiker then you'll be provide the oppirtunity to listen to some great stories or give some trail magic to that hiker.

A very well maintained trail to one of the most photographed spots on the AT. If you know the night is clear & can pull yourself out of bed, wake up early & do this as a sunrise hike. A 270 degree view facing east makes it absolutely stunning. There’s a fire road to make the hike easier if you want which many do when hiking at night for the sunrise.

1 month ago

Great trail. Not too too difficult. The views from the top are excellent. Well worth the hike.

Good little hike. Johnson’s Farm was interesting but other than that there is not much to see other than forest for remainder of hike. Views are obstructed by trees and the feeling of being on a hike is sort of lost as you hear mowers and work being done on nearby parkway.

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