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Great hike!!! If you want to challenge yourself further, go down to Skeleton Point and back, it should take an extra 2 hours.

Gorgeous views and a nice cardio if pick up your pace. There are a lot of mules that pass through here, so the steps are sunken in and there is poo every now & again.
There's no way I'd recommend this trail during peak season or a weekend - too many people would make for an annoying hike.

5 days ago

It's my first time to climb a sand dune. I didn't imagine it's so hard to hike on the sand dune. It's really hard but funny. The only problem is sometimes the wind is so strong that you cannot even open your eyes. I think it's better to wear a long sleeved clothes. I didn't wear it and I felt pain when the sands beat me. There will not be many people climbing to the top of the dune, so I felt proud for my success.

This trail was a bit challenging but very pretty. I was very happy we chose to do it.

Very nice walk. Just be careful of all the horse or donky shit everywhere.. And that stuff stinks (when your hot, and gasping for air none the less). -1 star for that.. Otherwise beautiful. Great 2.5h round trip for us.

Awesome hike with magnificent views. We took this trail and then beyond out to skeleton point. Trail is well maintained. Bring lots of water and your camera because the views are stunning!

Walked at Ooh Aah Point yesterday.
The tail requires that you watch where you step or trip. The sights are magnificent. The way down was pretty easy if you kept your footing. Ooh Aah Point is a beautiful stop to take pictures. I saw little kids there (6 or 7 yr olds), so if you take your children just keep an eye out in case they go near the edge. There are no guard rails. Also beware that squirrels are not afraid to raid unguarded backpacks. The way back up was more strenuous and took about twice as long as walking down. Be sure to take plenty of food, water, suncreen, and a hat that won't fly off your head with the wind. I definitely recommend this trail, and I would totally go again.

17 days ago

Be aware the gate you pass through at the beginning of the hike is LOCKED once the "area closes" at 6:30pm so you cannot return the way you came, you must complete the full loop. There are signs that say they area closes, but not that the gate will be locked and you'll have to walk miles to get out another direction if you had decided to come back the way you came. Under normal circumstances, of course complete the loop and all is well, but if someone had a twisted ankle, bad weather pops up, people get dehydrated/tired, anything, it's a bit strange you can't go back the way you came if it was shorter. More furstrating, the two rangers sitting at the trailhead didn't take the time to tell us this as we started the trail at about 5:30pm (they just asked if we got the brochure identifying the plants), would have made our time a lot nicer as we did end up having to turn around and the ranger was yelling down to us that we were going the wrong way and she was needing to lock the gate as it was 6:25pm. Weird experience in a national park, and was concerned for some of the families with young children we saw out who were considering turning around, now that I know they wouldn't have been able to get out that way.

Very neat experience! Definitely tough on the way up. Really suggest going early, especially if you bring dogs! Also make sure to wear shoes you don’t mind getting sand in.

20 days ago

Easy trail with beautiful views throughout. Took the kids and they enjoyed the petroglyphs and views of the ruins from afar.

27 days ago

Hiking on the Dunes is such an incredible experience. We went at sunrise, and it was well worth it. Some things to keep in mind:
-hiking in sand is much more difficult than regular hiking. It's a short distance (approx a mile to High Dune), but each step takes a lot more effort than hiking on usual surfaces
-we went the morning after a rainstorm. The sand was more packed/hard than usual, and this made hiking much easier. I highly recommend it!
-even though it's counterintuitive, wear shoes/boots/socks, not sandals. The sand can get quite hot and it burns. Even if you start out in the dark/early morning, the temperature can rise quickly.
-be careful in planning your path to the Dune; avoid the fragile plants!
-if it's windy, you'd appreciate long pants, a hat, and a windproof jacket (a rain jacket would do). At one point while sand boarding, I even wished for goggles.


1 month ago

Wow. Definitely not a hike for those with weak knees. We planned on camping here, but due to lighting we ended up getting on the dunes around 2a.m. Definitely a challenging, but very rewarding hike. Some of the best views you can experience in America!

This was an awesome hike! Going down is not hard. But goin up, was hard, so we would stop after every other switch back. My wife (46 yrs old), my daughter (16 yrs old) and my son (14 yrs old) are all in good physical shape. I am a 212 lb 5’9’ 48 yr old. However I do regularly walk at fast speeds. Cant imagine anyone not in shape doing it. Theyd be better off turning back at Ooh Ah point (1.8 miles down). Many different view points and was not crowded. Thus this was a great hike!

A nice hike going along the scenic canyons. The way has some elevation change and involves stepping over rocks. The way back after The petroglyphs is very easy and flat (you walk along the top of a canyon wall most of the way). Overall a pretty easy hike and it’s well worth it to see the ancient petroglyphs carved on the side of the canyon!

Its really hard coming back up from the point you won't feel that when you going down. unfortunately i did this trail in sept when it was really hot so if you are planning it in that time it will make it more harder but not really hard if you used to do hiking. but yeah stay hydrated keep more water with you.

Surreal place and great little hike. Water and sunscreen are a must.

Good views. Fun hike. Last half is an easy stroll. Great hike to get acclimated. I would rate easy. Minimal elevation change and no real switchbacks or taxing terrain. Good for families

Really cool trail with lots of beautiful sights, we went a little past cedar ridge and stopped at a little flat area on the way to skeleton point. Took us from 9:45 to 1PM round trip about an hour 15 back up. Don’t over estimate yourself as coming back up was really tough

1 month ago

If you're taking your dog, be aware of the temperature of the sand! Nothing is worse for your furry friend than four burned paws. According to the lovely rangers, the sand gets 50 degrees hotter than the ambient temperature. So get an early start, or do a sunset hike if you're bringing your pets.

1 month ago

Absolutely breathtaking, I am from upstate NY and there simply isn't anything that will prepare you for the contrast of enormous sand dunes against the backdrop of such majestic mountains. There is no marked trail, it is go as you please (a refreshing change from life here in the northeast) so you really so feel as if your hike is unique. Don't be fooled though, the further you go the more you understand that hiking in sand is more difficult than you might expect. There really are no words for the beauty you will see, so do not miss this if you are in the area. If you are afraid of heights, as my wife is, it can really push your limits as you walk the ridge lines heading to High Dune. If is a windy day, which it was, the blowing sand can sting and get everywhere ( I mean everywhere). But don't let that stop you, the view from the top of High Dune is unlike any I have ever seen. Looking out over that vast dune field and grassland is something you will never forget!

1 month ago

FYI, walking up steep sand dunes is tougher than it looks.

Great hike and since of accomplishment when you reach the top! Definitely wear wind breaker pants and take something to cover your face. The sand hitting you on some of the ridges from the wind hurts! Take lots of water and take lots of breaks!

1 month ago

Nice introduction upon entering the park, some impressive large preserved logs.

1 month ago

Much harder than one would expect. Bring water and sunglasses, as towards the top the wind gets nasty and you will be eating sand. Pace yourself, as the sand makes it slow going. Push past the initial high point where most people stop and continue off to the left, which requires a slight decline before heading up the spine of the final, highest dune, which offers amazing views.

1 month ago

Good hike which gives you a sense of the landscape, not just the original dwellings. Enjoyed passing the dwellings and hugging the side of the drop off taking in great views until we switched directions and walked along the top. Not a difficult hike, but we started in the early mooning. Saw some recent graffiti, which was disappointing.

Oustanding trail with BREATH TAKING views. Very easy descending the trail and difficulty going back up the trail. Took 1 hour to get down but 2 hours to go back up from cedar ridge. The trail is narrow so don't slip! Mule riders share this trail so make sure to stay to the side out of their way so they can pass. I loved this trail and could stay there all day.

I think it had the best views in the canyon. get a good sense of how wide everything is. not as many people on this trail compared to bright angels, do opportunities for solitude if you want.

Can be a bit scrambly at times but after the glyphs it’s a cakewalk. Beyond all beauty. Great walk.

on High Dune Trail

1 month ago

Great hike!

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