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Road Trip to Apostle Islands Map

Beautiful waterfall!

Great hike-go past the bowls to see the rest of the coastline-out and back 5 miles!

Cool, bring your walking stick for your old knees

10 days ago

Great multi-generational hike, plus our dog was in his element. Easy-moderate hike. Very lovely falls and forest.

11 days ago

Easy access trail with a beautiful waterfall at the end!

We hiked this trail a few days ago. Most of the trail was under a tree canopy and about the first mile was boardwalk. After that, there were some ups and downs and parts of the trail were rocky. When the trees opened so we could view Lake Superior and the sea caves, it was incredible. We went only a little bit past the caves for a total round trip of about 3.5 miles.

Nice views and easy trails

The map above is a picture of the trail to Morgan Falls. The trail to St. Peter's dome is much longer, almost 2 miles out, 4 round trip.

The trail is closed but the road is open. We did the hike and it was muddy in a few places. This is the buggiest trail ever. It was miserable and we couldn't even stop to take pictures without being swarmed, and that was with bug spray.

29 days ago

Lovely well maintained trail to the magical Lost Creek Falls. Pretty easy overall, a bit steep for the last 1/4 miles to/from the falls. I live nearby and hike it probably 4/5 times per month.

Great hike. Beautiful scenery and trail is very well maintained.

Pretty great views but my only complaints are that: (1) the trail becomes just impossible to follow after the caves with zero trail markers the whole time that I eventually had to turn around with fear of being lost and (2) the lack of fencing around the caves would make it extremely dangerous to bring small children. That being said, the trail was overall very easy walking, only a few spots where I had to take big step ups/step downs, moments where the trail was slippery, but overall a nice, enjoyable trial! Lots of tree coverage from the sun, cute little streams to enjoy, nice openings where you can enjoy the lake and it’s expanse, and pretty decent teaser views of the caves.

1 month ago

Gorgeous area, short trail, great for a short jaunt through the woods!

Overall, we had a good time. The falls where great. There’s an additional trail off the main path which leads to the observation tower. Once at the top, we couldn’t see past the tree tops next to the tower. We will definitely be back.

Some awesome views. Be sure to take the side trails for the views and be sure to make it to the last viewpoint before the camp.

Very disheartening to arrive here and discover that dogs are not allowed on this trail, though your description specifically states otherwise. Lesson learned; go to the source. The only trail in the park that is dog friendly is the Red Granite Falls Trail and that was spectacular and very unpopulated, so the day was not a total loss.

The upper falls trail is spectacular. The waterfalls as well as the rock formations. Beautiful place

Beautiful any time of year

It doesn't get more beautiful than the portion along the lake, but during the marshy areas you will experience some of the worst mosquitos of your life.

7 months ago

A beautiful Wisconsin hike. Great views! Worth a 3-4 hour drive to get to!

Lush woods, gorgeous the entire way. The stream and falls were awesome. We hiked it on a 20 degree winter day with fresh snow. Stunning! Not a hard hike.

Great trail, beautiful. Lots of steps, just wish the trail was longer, so go around again. Not a good trail for anyone that can't do stairs.

The view is great but the recent addition of the boardwalk section means that you miss the beauty of the woods trying to stay on the walkway.

FYI: Trail still closed.

It was a blast we stopped here from big bay and we did 1.7 miles loop within 40 min, the colors are starting to change and the trail was not busy.

Great trail! Very well maintained with beautiful views. Highly recommend.

Such a beautiful hike! We got started at around 9am on a Friday and had the trail out to ourselves, however, the way back (noonish) was definitely more populated. Very nice and well kept trail. Amazing views at the outlooks! App says moderate difficulty, however, do not be deterred by this - aside from some up and down step paths, this hike is easy.

11 months ago

Very nice trail. Definitely not a "hard" rating. Beautiful falls.

11 months ago

Very nice trail. Definitely not a "hard" rating. Beautiful falls.

I don't know how this got a "hard" rating, it's a very easy, short hike, one little steep part to get down to the falls. very pretty though, but was looking for more of a challenge.

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