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23 hours ago

This hike was pretty easy. Passed runners, bikers and two horses on narrow trails. My dog kept eating horse poop, so that was no fun. The falls were basically a trickle of water that we passed because it wasn’t marked. No rewarding views.

1 day ago

Nice trail but too crowded. The waterfall is worth it!

great hike. Wife is a beginner but had great time. Lush wood made for cool hiking

trail from Agnes Lake still has a lot of snow and disappears up the slope. tough climb right now, but q beautiful view of both Lake Louise and Lake Agnes, as well as the surrounding mountains.

Epic trail with views to die for. For many it would be strenuous, not moderate, at least in parts. But if you can manage it then it's worth it - it's really just the unrelenting incline not any particular hazards. You won't regret it. Phenomenal.

Amazing views all along the trail! From the top you can see the lake louise and the mirror lake. Beautiful! The hike will take you along mirror lake and agnes lake, and then a steep ascension to the top of the beehive. I highly recommend this hike!


trail running
7 days ago

Nice run... nice and peaceful trail. Some of the parts were narrow and I had to wait for bicyclist to go through, but that is really not anything to complain about. My biggest complaint was that I heard many small caliber gunshots at the very beginning of the trail. I no longer heard any closer to the falls, just at the beginning of the trail. Based off of the name, I was expecting a nice run to a beautiful waterfall… But that’s not the case. The “falls“ were so small that it is possible to even miss it. I heard some running water hiked down a baby trail and saw it. If you are looking for a nice waterfall, the nicest in the area is Tumwater Falls. If you are looking for a nice hike or trail run, this is the place.

Beautiful place

Went off hours, late afternoon on a weekday, and had the place almost to myself. Can get packed on weekends.

10 days ago

It was nice, very easy little hike out to the lookout decks.

11 days ago

I hiked up toward the Margaret McKenny Campground and loop back around to the Mima Falls. Not much of a visual hike. The day before, there were horse events, so the trial was riddled with horse poo. It was hot and nasty that morning and the water fall was terrible. The only good thing about the hike was at the top you had a clear look at Mt. Rainier.

It is muddy and slippery in some places, but the view points at the end are spectacular. We got to see nesting Murres and listen to their cute calls.

An awesome hike. Got a little steeper closer to the summit but definitely worth the hike. Would do it again.

Nice hike to a small waterfall. Also good for mountain biking.

Fine hike, but the falls were tiny and not a worthwhile endpoint. The “day use area” by the falls is little more than a picnic bench.

mountain biking
16 days ago

Great trail, the lenght was great. Just be aware of other people.

Stopped at tea house on the way up. Such a special place! Great views of Lake Louise at the top.

18 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous trails and perfect level of difficulty! Lake Agnes looks like a spot out of a fairytale book. Favorite trail at banff so far!

20 days ago

Review for going UP the trail!!!!
I did this hike AUGUST 1, 2018. We started the Hike @7:40 it was a chill morning and became warm. We hiked at a medium hike pace, with several short stops for pictures of the lakes and waterfalls. Our pace was 30:24 min/mile including our stoped times. Which took us 1hr51min (one way) Elevation gain 1962 feet. 3.4 miles (one way).
Fairly busy trail up to the end of Big Bee Hive, where there is a small patio with benches.
There is an bonus hike up at the top called “Devils Thumb” it shoots up a few hundred feet in a short distance... looks fun for the thrill seekers.

We came down the Big Beehive to the Highline Trail which put us in front of Mirror Lake again and the trail turns into Lake Agnes Trail. Coming down took 1hr 9 min at 3 miles and 22min/mile pace.

The drive there was very bumpy. Take a suv or truck. The way down to the waterfall is a bit tricky. We went on a Saturday afternoon and it almost looked like we were at a water park FULL of people, everyone was nice and minded their own business, so we didn’t really mind that. Great swimming spot for kids. We took our 2 year old and she LOVED it.

20 days ago

so worth it you will love every step

21 days ago

Nice peaceful moderate hike.The waterfall is spectacular. The last 2 miles of road to the trailhead is full of potholes.

If you are coming from southern washington the road to get there will say closed about 3-4 miles from the trailhead. We drove past the road closed signs and came to a giant pothole in the road that no cars could get around (jeeps or trucks could make it) so we had to park and walk about 2 miles to the trail, being chased by bees the whole way. Not fun. But the lower waterfall was gorgeous and good for swimming, and I will be going back! Next time we will go around to enter from the north side to avoid the potholes and bees.

The waterfalls are worth the drive and hike!

22 days ago

Good hike. not a lot of switch backs, so elevation gain was a little steep for the last 1.5 miles, and we slide a little going up some slopes. Trail ends at a saddle with not a lot of shade but good views. Best part was a nice swim in the river at the end of the hike :) We went on a very hot day. There was lots of shade in the forest, and not too many bugs. Also saw a very large buck!

So glad I got to see it BUT the road to get there washed out and we were detoured thru hood river Oregon to get home! Literally took us an additional four hours to get back to I-5.

Nice walk along a picturesque and melodious creek. Not crowded. Stunning set of falls thundering into a verdant bowl you can climb down into. The mist from the falls is a fabulous way to cool off on a hot day.
2 miles of rough road to get to trail head but not a problem unless you slammed your car.

I love this trail. Great walking path and fairly level. We only did the lower falls and then climbed up and took the trail back. Decided not to do the upper part, maybe next time. The hardest part of this trail is the short yet steep trail leading to the top.

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