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Very nice day hike, beautiful views!

8 hours ago

Beautiful hike! Recommend hiking boots not sneakers. Several areas of crossing water on rocks and sometimes had to step in water to cross. Not dangerous, just wouldn’t think anyone would want wet sneakers. The whole trail has gorgeous views.

Part of the hike you go along Guadalupe river. Really pretty hike.

1 day ago

Easy hike with beautiful trees and fantastic views!

At first glance,I thought this hike would be an arse kicker, but I was pleasantly surprised. The hike down was harder on me because I have knee issues, but being wrapped in KT tape saved me. Pretty much little to no major aches or pains. In fact, really none at all.

The drive to the trailhead takes about an hour if you’re zooming pretty fast. That said, I would NOT attempt that (driving fast) in the dark due to the elk. I hit the road at daybreak and did just fine.

The parking lot has outhouses (yay!!!) and a place to park your car for however long you need. Don’t leave stuff in sight, there is no security and break-ins do occur. Also, don’t park on the mountain side, as rock falls also occur. Park on the cliff side, even if that adds a bit to your overall hike.

The switchbacks are immediate and slowly, it becomes a relatively gradual downslope hike all the way into town. The hike is easily traversable (albeit hellacious gravel that seems to go on forever), easy to stay on trail, and offers many private spots to rest, snack, or do whatever you feel the urge to. Just make sure you carry all your trash out please.

You come to the “Supai” sign and you’re happy. Hold on a bit longer because “psych”..... you’ve got more to go.

The town of Supai is interesting. TAKE NO PHOTOS!!! New rules mean you will be cited and have to pay hefty fines. This goes for the tribal members and donkey trains as well. Once you’ve left a Supai and are in the waterfall/campground area, it’s fair game (with exception to the donkeys and the men tending to the area).

The bathrooms were lit, well kept and clean.

Campsites are unmarked and hard to come by if you arrive late. Most people pack up and head out early, so the best spots are available early. The good news is that if you get a sucky site, a new one will open up the next day. The even better news, there really aren’t but a few sucky sites.

In October the campground is pretty much in full shade all day. Havasu Falls gets shade around 2:00. If you’re relying on solar for charging, you’ll need to schlep back up to the top of the falls to have some sun for about another hour. It gets dark around 5:30 and if it’s windy, it gets cold.

I have a 15* Nemo bag that served me well. Jetboil is the way to go and I loved my MaryJanesFarm dehydrated food. Make sure you grab a HomeDepot bucket and a lid if you see one available by the start of the campground to store your food, they’re a Godsend.

I loved my time here. It was great to relax and unplug. I ate a lot less than I thought I would, and drank a lot more (hot tea/water/hot cocoa/ coffee).

No alcohol or drugs allowed. Please respect that.
Carry out all your trash and adhere to the principles of “leave no trace”..

No day hikes permitted.

The hike out? I was stunned at how easily I was able to just barrel through the last mile. Make no mistake, it was tough, but I lived to tell the tale! Lol

Have fun!!!

beautiful in fall

The falls were not fully slowing, but I can only image at their best. It was worth he trip out and I will most definitely be back when they’re in full swing!

Difficult, but absolutely worth it. Don’t miss the chance to see these waterfalls. The hike from Mooney falls to Beaver Falls is the most beautiful day hike you will find. It is about 4 miles past Mooney.

on Slide Rock Trail

7 days ago

Pretty but not much of a hike.

9 days ago

Terrific trail. Next time, would plan on reaching the trail's end between 1-2 when the sun's shining down into the canyon.

This hike is a must in the fall. The change in color of he leaves is stunning.

9 days ago

Showing up around 7am on Sunday, there was an empty / closed parking area with a few empty parking spots to the right of the gate. Returning to the car at around 10ish to reveal a stalled line (presumably waiting for parking spots to open up) that extended to the highway. With that in mind, I would say this trail is a bit overrated. Its a very pleasant canyon walk, but its when its this crowded, I could probably find something similar.


Beautiful fall colors. Not strenuous and the creek crossings were a fun change of pace. When we were there in early November, you could get across by walking/hopping across rocks, so sandals or extra socks weren't necessary.

We arrived around 2 pm on a Friday and waited about 5 mins for a parking spot. Toilets, but no water, at the trailhead.

Incredible views! What a one of a kind hike as well. It’s not for the faint of heart. There are ladders and chains and a steep decline to the bottom of the falls but well worth it. Be careful descending as it can be slippery with the mist from the waterfall.
HIGHLY RECOMMEND wearing hiking shoes-not tennis shoes- as you’ll need the gripping for the hike.

great trail! first time hiking this trail. beautiful foliage and view of the river, trail was clear and great for dogs. you can check out the canyon lake spillway and Overlook Park while you're there. they are all relatively close. great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. will definitely go again.

11 days ago

Heavily trafficked trail but so gorgeous. We drove up from Phoenix to see the fall leaves and we weren’t disappointed. Many leaves have already fallen but still worth the opportunity to catch the beautiful colorful leaves. The majority of the trail was shaded and ran along oak creek where you crossed at least 10 times. Water level was very low and even got chilly during the day. Fun trail for all ages and skill levels. We arrived on Saturday around 11am and there was a line up of cars waiting to park. We decided to avoid the wait and park about a mile away from the trailhead off 89A. When we left 3 hours later there was still a steady line of cars waiting to park at the trailhead. **If you park away and walk in there is a $2 fee/person. Would highly recommend and would love to hike it again in the summer months!

12 days ago

pretty,flat, canyon hike. if your into hiking, pass up on this one and head to, hangover and cow pie loop. awesome views, ledges, red rock and a good 3-4 hr work out

Such a great adventure! Don't be fooled, this mostly flat hike is long and hard. The ground is either dried riberbed, very rocky, or soft sandy dirt. Not easy on the feet or ankles. Bring plenty of water, and def leave early when you hike out. The last 2 miles can be brutal in direct sun.

So so worth it!! I will definitely be going back. The falls are incredible, the camp site is magical... The water really is that blue. I'm so grateful to have had that opportunity.

Good hike to do, specially after if rainfall to be able to see waterfall. Also easy enough to hike not too strenuous. Enjoyed it.

18 days ago

This is a GORGEOUS hike! Fall colors, red rocks, towering cliffs, creek crossings. This hike had it all. Water was low at the end of the trail in the a slot canyon and we were able to go waaay back there. Just beautiful.

near city, limited rocks

We had so much fun here with the while family! It was super fun to traverse the creeks with the kids. It was a bit chilly when we went in the fall, but would be great to beat the heat during the summer.

What an amazing experience this was. Little over 11 miles to get there carrying a bag over 30 pounds made it a bit challenging but we made it. This place is paradise, the views are just amazing. So much water and green landscapes makes you feel you’re not in AZ. So glad I got to go and cross this of my bucket list... 32.7 miles total round trip!!

This is our kids favorite trail to hike.

20 days ago

I’ve been waiting for the leaves to change and Mother Nature didn’t disappoint me today. Unbelievable beauty. The weather was perfect and the trail wasn’t too crowded. Take a couple of pair of socks in case you get your feet in the water. There are multiple stream crossings.

20 days ago

Beautiful fall hike. We went beyond the lake and ended up doing about 8.5 miles round trip, which was all pretty easy. The harder parts of the trail are the creek crossings as some are very slippery, but there are storing stones and logs to help with that. Took my 2 dogs and the LOVED it, in my opinion it is definitely a “dog friendly” hike. There is a ton of traffic on this trail so don’t expect to be alone for long if you’re looking for a quiet secluded trail. They only con to this hike is the parking, if you want to park in the main lot be prepared to wait 30-60 min for a space as it is limited. Have gotten lucky in the past with parking on the road and walking in.

Very nice trail, 10 dollars to get in, worth it.

23 days ago

Very scenic trail. We hiked in a light rain and with tree cover it was perfect. Just beware that the trail doesn’t really end at the 3.6 mile marker. It continues on to camping sites. We ended up going about 6.2 miles in before we turned around.
Despite the unexpected 12 mile hike we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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