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Hiked in Sept 2015. The memories are still so vivid because it’s one of the most beautiful, breathtaking hikes I’ve ever done.

Found a camera and grey beanie two days ago. Contact me at michaelpmcalear@gmail.com if they are yours! Great trail for dogs. Bring spikes!

A strenuous climb turns into a lovely stroll once you get to the lake. The view can’t be beat, oh and friendly ducks everywhere!

One of my favorites. I love this trail. Be prepared to dedicate the whole day, Because you will want to stop several times to peep the views.

1 day ago

Did this hike today. Probably because it was in mid January, we met very few hikers. It was snowy in places and heavy wind up top. Pretty decent hike but at times the trail routes might be tricky as there are few signs. I would say its above moderate to difficult hike.

Hiked today 1/21. 11 am parking lot only 1/3 full. Almost no wind the whole way. Sunny until Emerald lake, then started snowing. Had micro spikes, but could have made it without them. Trail compact but not icy yet. Was an amazing hike

2 days ago

1-20-19 . Was super windy when we got there and barely stayed. Beautiful hike though and roads getting there were not too bad. Favorite Colorado hike

2 days ago

Trail was fairly easy to follow to the peak, although deep powder starting after the Dream Lake overlook made it very tough without snowshoes. Trail seemed to end once we cleared the treeline, so we had to more or less bushwack to the peak. Amazing views of the park though!

3 days ago

1.20.19: beautiful, we made it all the way without snowshoes just fine (did have spikes on our boots). It was PAINFULLY windy and cold both at Dream Lake and Emerald Lake (felt like North of the Wall on Game of Thrones) - highly recommend some kind of Buff Neckwear to pull over your face and either ski goggles or at least sunglasses for eye protection.

Nice trail if not crowded. Fun to do with a little snow. Amazing view of the reservoir.

off trail
washed out
4 days ago

Trail was good up until about 3 miles in. Then the trail vanished due to the wind and deeper snow conditions. Great hike though. Had to put on snowshoes right around the feen lake trail sign.

5 days ago

Opened the park a few days ago after shuffling around some money. We made it to Dream Lake w/o snow shoes. It was incredibly windy there and everyone we saw turned back - definitely need snow shoes to go from Dream to Emerald. Great hike up to Dream, though.

Nice hike. A bit icy near top but worth the views and quietness.

trail for the most part was clear and easy to complete. Nice relaxing hike

9 days ago

Beautiful trail, outside of RMNP gates. First visit 1/13/19 - snow on most of the trail, well packed and well traveled. Sunny skies and warm rocks to relax on. I left my snowshoes in the car - a few slippery spots where crampons would be helpful but not bad. Lake frozen solid. Well maintained trail allowed for trail running on the way down.

on Emerald Lake Trail

10 days ago

I tried to go there today but the road is closed during government shutdown

10 days ago

Great hike with beautiful views along the way. Steady increase the entire way up. There were all ages and levels of experience doing this hike. As others have mentioned, a few slick spots but I was able to get up and down easily without microspikes.

10 days ago

We were there on 1/9. The trail had some slick spots but we were able to conquer it without microspikes and they probably aren’t needed since most of the trail was dry. The lake was frozen over and absolutely beautiful. Due to the government shut down, the garbage cans at the trailhead had a bag taped over them. The bathrooms were also closed. There is an outhouse near the top, be sure to bring some toilet paper with you!

11 days ago

Hiked at sunset on the 13th, used lights, spikes and pole for safety on the last third due to recent snow. Steady climb all the way with frequent 10-15" step ups, although the trail is well maintained and traversed. It was a cool down hike from a great week for some perfect overlooks on the way up as the Sun set over Estes Park. We went ahead and completed the hike after pictures heading up and the lake was frozen solid as usual. Did some handstands, and headed down. Great cardio hike any day.

Hiked Sunday January 13th

Trail is packed snow. We wore microspikes as did most others we saw. The last half mile is a little less packed but not worth bringing snowshoes for. The parking lot was nearly empty around 9 AM but completely full upon our return in early afternoon.

Hiked/trail ran this 1/10/19. Snow is mostly packed so microspikes recommended, although I think more snow is changing that today. You’re in the trees with occasional peeks of Longs etc and more at the path were the flood came through. It’s fairly steady steepness in the switchback until the last mile before the saddle & then it has a few more fluctuation in flat/steep sections near the tree line & scrambles at the top. From the parking lot, it was about 3.5ish miles to the saddle between the twin sisters. I went to the West most sister first since it’s not much scrambling to get up there. Just rock scrambled up the other side. The tops are somewhat jagged/uneven & narrow so go cautiously, especially in windy conditions. Beautiful views though! I stopped to take a lot of photos but I left my car about 11:35 and got back at 3:58 (after running sections on the way down).

15 days ago

Did this hike a couple days ago due to RMNP being closed. Not nearly enough snow for snowshoes but the trail was packed snow and ice pretty much the whole way so microspikes are highly recommended. Consistently steep pretty much the whole way. The last mile or so is completely exposed so be sure to pack some layers as the weather at the top can be drastically different than the bottom. Views from the top make the effort worth it!

This is my favorite close by hike ❤️

Beautiful views by the reservoir

Hiked this trail in mid-September. Probably my most favorite trail ever. Well worth the scramble up the waterfall. Spectacular lakes set in a backdrop of towering mountains. And the colors were amazing. Definitely worth the effort to get there. Make sure to take the time to stop and enjoy the many views.

nice hike, mostly dry on 1/6.

17 days ago

This is currently open but the parking lot bathrooms are closed due to the government shutdown. There is an outhouse 3/4's the way up. It's uphill the entire way to the lake, there were all ages and abilities making it to the top. Most of the trail was dry/dirt but there were sections that had snow and crampons/spikes were not needed up or the way down. Made it the top in an hour.

20 days ago

Hiked this loop during the peak Aspen color. Saw a Ptarmigan within the first 1/2 mile of trail heading up to the meadow and last was the last wild life for the day. Saw two people coming down from the meadow, and no one else until the meadow. They headed further east up to to Green Mountain, and we headed north, ccw around the loop. The hike was in the trees / shade the entire time. The river along the downhill northern most part of the loop was good to listen too. The trail was dry the entire loop.
Very secluded, which spooked my wife. Total distance was 7.7 miles covered in 3:15 hrs total time.

Beautiful and easy trail. We unexpectedly got up close and personal with some elk and turned around at 1.5 miles.

21 days ago

The snow on the trail is packed so it is easily visible although completely covered. Trail is not overly difficult and the views along the way are spectacular.

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