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Took about three hours to complete, two out and one hour on the return trip. Took upper path on the accent, and descended via the lower trail. Great views almost the entire hike. Advise getting to the trail head pre 7am as parking is very limited on the Old Fall River Rd near the trail head.

Come on...Rocky Mountain we're talking about...every place is beautiful...some more than others....even a short little hike like this for some disabled 55+/- year olds has great rewards...waterfalls....love n peace 2 all...---...

At over 12,000 feet not everyone would consider the uphill part of the trail easy. The views are spectacular. Of course there are too many people.

The lake is just okay. The best part is the nice views going up and down the trail. Went during a huge thunderstorm with lots of hail so we couldn’t spend much time at the lake.

Loved every minute!

9 days ago

Incredibly easy, almost completely flat loop around Lily Lake. We saw lots of ducks and a few muskrats on the afternoon of August 1. The parking lot is small and fills quickly, but there's additional parking across the street for the Twin Sisters Peak Trail. If interested in a slightly harder (though still not hard for most people) hike with better views of the lake, check out the Lily Ridge Trail, which also starts at Lily Lake.

11 days ago

great for an afternoon stroll. we saw lots of wildlife including a moose.

Did this on a gray Friday morning work intermittent rain and didn't see a soul until we had circumnavigated the lake. This is a nice trail, though they are definitely better ones to choose from. The first mile is pretty exposed and it becomes shaded at the top of the climb. If you require instant gratification, do the lake loop trail counterclockwise. We went clockwise and didn't see the lake until nearly halfway around it. The lake itself is pretty, and a family of Mallards that approached very near to us added some charm. We ended up hiking over to Bear Lake and returned to our car via the shuttle, making it a 5 mile hike (also going around Bear Lake).

12 days ago

We got to the Bear Lake trailhead at around 7am on a Thursday and the parking lot was about half full, but with cars streaming in. The hike to Lake Haiyiha was beautiful and generally well shaded. They weren't a ton of other hikers on the trail. Instead of backtracking, we hiked over to Mills Lake then retuned by Glacier Creek Trail. The Glacier Creek Trail was a mass of humanity, mostly going the opposite direction, so we had to stop a lot. It was also the only part of the trail with little shade. Frankly, we just tried to power through this section to get back to Bear Lake.

A 4 outta 5. The lake and Bridal Falls made it worth it. The back part of the loop is indeed hot but it's a little ridiculous to complain about it!

I got a late start with my 19 month old daughter - left the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead at 830am on a Monday (7/30/18) and did the loop counter clockwise. I ended around 330pm. I gotta be honest, it was tough sledging on the last ascent on the backside of the loop. Mostly because I was carrying my daughter in a pack which weighed ~47 pounds and I was getting worn down.

A few things:

-Per GAIA GPS: 13.08 miles, 2,790' ascent, 7:18 hours (1:36 of stoppage time - lunch at the falls, water filtration, diaper changes).
-I was surprised at the lack of people. Saw ~8 people between TH and Gem Lake. Probably ~5 between Gem Lake and Bridal Falls area. ~12 around the Falls. ~10 from Falls, around back part of loop, and TH (mostly within a mile of TH).
-Water is pretty much everywhere. I refilled near the Falls.

Trail was a fun trail to hike. We are not the most physically fit persons. Due to that we took the trail from bear lake to bierstadt lake. Then we headed on to the park and ride lot. This allowed us a quick steep ascent then descend to the lake and another descent to the p&r lot. Still a challenge coming down due to rugged terrain. Great way to get in 4 miles.

14 days ago

We decided at the last minute to add this trail after going to Emerald Lake. The first part is a rocky, steep incline that leads to a switchback. Not long after the switchback are some gorgeous Mountain views. The sun was going down and hitting the mountains perfectly. The lake is about another mile from here. You have to do a bit of a boulder scramble to see the lake, but it’s worth it!

14 days ago

really gorgeous destination. the lower trails were crowded with obnoxious tourists who were violating protected restoration spaces and picking flowers (in a national park, smdh). once we got through the crowds and up into the trail that takes you explicitly to lake haiyaha, it was a really nice hike. definitely worth it.

14 days ago

Did this one with the family. Good short hike and the kiddo fell in the water (lol). Enjoyed all the rocks and climbed almost to the top. The waterfall is definitely cool.

The view at Bierstadt is absolutely gorgeous. However, the trail still needs to be better marked. Leaving Bierstadt to the desired destination can be quite a challenge/ frustration. Serious signage improvement needs to be implemented

Beautiful hike with great streams along the way to the lake.

on Lake Haiyaha

17 days ago

Excelllent hike. Highly recommend adding the side trip to Dream Lake. At the intersection with the Glacier Gorge Trail, we had a close meeting with a bull moose. Parking is limited. The shuttle from the Park n Ride (4 miles before Bear Lake), is the way to go. Buses run every 15 minutes.

My husband and I decided to give this one a try. We started at the park and ride stop and hiked to the lake. It’s a steady incline and I appreciated having my trekking poles. Mountain views on the incline are phenomenal. The lake is quiet and really pretty. Instead of hiking out the same way, we hiked over to Bear Lake. That part of the hike is very quiet because of dense trees. It’s also a little rocky. All in all, a beautiful hike and great workout!

17 days ago

Nice jaunt to a high elevation view of the top of Trail Ridge Road and 360 degree view of the Rockies. Lots of cool tundra plants and flowers. Do the little rock scramble at the end to the actual memorial. See how many mountains you can pick out.

17 days ago

Beautiful hike. Great for the inexperienced hiker!

18 days ago

This may be my favorite lake hike i've done so far in Estes. While loch lake is beautiful, it has a lot mores switchbacks on the ridge in the sun. Haiyaha is more covered and has less people. The hike has a little bit of everything and you get a great view of the park on the way up. Took me about an hour and a half to get up with some boulder climbing at the end. I'd highly recommend!

18 days ago

Very beautiful loop trail and lake. Hiked in July on a Wednesday at 11 and there was a couple parking spots available. Trail had lots of birds, different ducks, muskrats, and couple water snakes. There is a separate overlook trail that goes a bit higher if you want to add another mile to your hike. Was kind of a spur of the moment hike that day, we wanted to take a quick short hike and we are glad we checked out lily lake. Very gorgeous views of surrounding mountains and the lake is great. Saw some people paddle boarding too.

Beautiful switch back climb through pine forested and low brush with many varieties of wild flowers.

Adventuresome hike for us. Started trail at the park and ride which means the elevation is greater from here than at the trailhead or picking up at bear lake. We had over a 1000ft elevation change from the park and ride compared to 300 ft from bear lake. Other than that it was a great hike and would highly recommend it. Took a ton of pictures. Two grandparents, son and grandchildren.

21 days ago

Doesn’t look very appealing from the beginning of the trail but we are so glad we stopped to hike this one. Very cool trail with mushroom rocks and a couple lookouts at the top of the trail. I thought the wild flowers everywhere were awesome. Climb up on the rocks for very cool views in all directions. Took us about 45 min from start to finish with about 15 min to check out the views from the top. Hiked July 11. One of the better trails we stopped at on trail ridge road.

21 days ago

Very nice hike. Beautiful lake with big rocks to climb over at the end. Had lunch there and took in the awesome views. Look for the old gnarled bristlecone pine there - a very unique tree. We continued on to Black Lake.

Thanks to the reviews on this app we chose this trail for the one day we had available on a long road trip from Texas to Montana. We were not disappointed. I’m 57 and healthy but no hiking experience. My son-in-law is the opposite- a life full of hiking some epic places in the US. And his 3-1/2 year old son who is pretty tough and not pampered and loves to explore. The falls are long and low and stretch along the trail. No epic 100 ft tall water falls here. I was in heaven. This was strenuous for me - I had to stop to catch my breath every so often due to the altitude. We live on the coast and this gets up to almost 10,000 ft. I loved it. We made it to Mill Lake which sits at the base of towering mountain peaks - what an epic setting. We continued on animal trails (just to make it more adventurous for my grandson) to Jewel Lake just beyond Mill Lake. Beautiful. We climbed giant granite boulders, walked in the water across a narrow portion on Jewel Lake, had birds eating crumbs out of our hand, saw a marmot or weasel, and just enjoyed God’s amazing creation. We arrived at 5:25 a.m. to avoid the crowds and I strongly recommend this. It was so busy on the way back, it just wouldn’t have been the same journey if all those people had been with us. Amazing I took soooo many pictures.

Finally! A rugged trail. After Emerald and Alberta was afraid everything was wide, graded, paved or staired. Nice switchbacks up to a beautiful lake! Only reason 4 of 5 because we encountered a group of about 20 swimming and whooping it up....no peaceful lake. But otherwise, little traffic, and without the crowd would have been pristine!

22 days ago

The most beautiful lake I saw at the park. Lots of waterfowl. Bird watchers paradise. Located under Longs Peak.

Very enjoyable. Great break in a long car ride. Breathtaking scenery. The trail itself was an easy walk. Not a place to stop if you are looking for solitude, but if you like meeting people it’s amazing. Every time we were trying to take pictures someone would offer to help so we could get nice shots of all of us.

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