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The view at the top is great! Very quiet, not many people on the trail. Can get slick in some areas. Views were ok throughout. Top is your moneymaker

Nice, easy and peaceful trail along the Tompson River. We didn't make it as far in as I would have liked due to time, but I definitely plan on returning

Beautiful trail. Conditions were perfect today, a little windy near Homestead Meadow but otherwise great. Still a lot of flood debris that makes the trail interesting. Lots of different terrains. I thought it was a really interesting trail and the homestead at the end (about 1/4-1/2 mile up from the “end” of the trail, you can go farther to see more) was super cool. Parking lot was empty at 8:45 but pretty full by the time we left. Still spaces available. Just east of the meadow is the wreckage of a very old car near the creek!

A hidden gem! Hiked this on Sat 10/20/18 with my dog. We arrived 7am, plenty of parking available on Devil's Gulch Rd. Don't bother driving up Crosier Mtn Rd. There is no parking up there and the trailhead is only 100 yds up anyway. This trail is very well established and easy to follow all the way to the summit. There was still some snow on the ground, the trail was snow packed in spots, but nothing that would require spikes. Long stretches of trail through pine forest, really peaceful and pretty. The last half mile to the summit is steep, and a couple of other shorter stretches. Great views at the meadow and at the summit, although there are trees preventing a 360 view at the summit. You do get a great view to the south though, and can see Estes Park and Long's Peak. I saw about 15 other hikers during our trek (most of them coming in as I was on my way out), a bit more than I expected, but it was a perfect fall Saturday morning. My GPS clocked this at just under 8 miles from the road to summit and back.

Seemed more dry and desolate than most of the trails I've been on. Didn't see any water anywhere which was actually nice at times because of how quiet it got. Great views at the top.

As of 10/16 the gate was closed before the fee station which adds about 5 miles RT to any hike you plan to do. The road has some snow/ice but also has large dry stretches. Once you get near the Mitchell Lake TH you will be on snow the whole time. The trail is packed down for most of the way. I brought microspikes and snowshoes. Never put the spikes on, but snowshoes were very helpful once I got about 1/4 mile below Blue Lake. Was glad to have gaiters and waterproof boots. Beautiful hike.

Incredible experience! Dress warm and wear shoes for winter conditions. $11 FEE. This hike is full of captivating views of towering mountains and frozen lakes. 4.9/5!

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Moderate to easy hike, Blue lake is gorgeous! Snow and ice on much of the trail now. Cold and windy at top, but worth the work.

Solid hike, not too hard and great views.

This was a great hike!
I tried to reach little blue lake but I could not find the trail for the life of me. After about 1mile of pushing on towards little blue lake I gave up, my dog was not happy with all the small boulders and snow causing us to fall a lot.
Otherwise I would do it again in the spring when everything is green

Nice, easy and peaceful trail along the Tompson River. We didn't make it as far in as I would have liked due to time, but I definitely plan on returning

dogs are only allowed on leash for the first 3.1 miles, before the trail cruises into Rocky Mountain Wilderness Area, where pets are not allowed at all. I was really looking forward to this hike, and thus, pretty annoyed when I arrived to the very clearly marked trailhead. the stream along the trail was completely dry in late Sept, not that surprising, but still disappointing. & there was little to no foliage along the trail that i COULD do with my pup, which I was looking forward to, but that's not the trail or AllTrails' fault that there weren't many aspens along the route. I wish I'd planned my day currently.

Pack a ton of water. When you think you’ve packed enough, throw in another bottle. Beautiful views from lookout. 100% worth the hike.

Fabulous hike!!

Beautiful hike up to the top. VERY Rocky trails so make sure you have good ankle support. Also it's a long one, definitely bring snacks and lots of water.
There is a male moose starting to make a home within the first mile of the trail, small blue and white flags to the right of the trail mark where a new trail is being created to avoid getting into his territory. The flags are difficult to see as you come up the trail but look carefully - they don't make the trail much longer and it keeps you safe from a defensive bull moose.

beautiful hike with gentle terrain.

Three of us hiked up to Blue Lake, then two of us made our way up to Little Blue Lake using the directions from AllTrails... Well we sort of lost the non-existent trail for a little bit...

The map, and the descriptions takes you through a fun but quite precarious boulder field. You would need to have great mobility to make that trip... Or perhaps there was an easier route we missed when we veered off course a tad.

On the return, we found a far easier way up/down following a cut-off which I will try to show in my labeled photo (the one with all the arrows). If you take the tiny trail up, you can zig-zag your way up and across terrain that is far easier to traverse than the boulder field.

It was magnificent, and while there were a fair few people on trail at 10am on that Saturday, it was far from crowded feeling. There was only one person that adventured all the way to Little Blue Lake while we were up there, so that was as serene as can be!

One moose was spotted nearish the trail towards the trailhead.

Loved this hike! Great workout, beautiful views. We went from brainard lake, to Mitchell lake, to blue lake. We even saw a moose family along the way!

What an amazing hike! Its really easy with a bit of a strong incline right before blue lake. Super dog and kid friendly plus there is plenty of space at the lake to hang out.

The summit trail was pretty tough, gravely rocks made it slippery. The incline is constant, with some good breaks through meadows.
The end view would be better in spring/early summer when the snow is still around in the distance.
Watch your dog’s paws-some might not be able to handle how rocky it is without boots.

on Lion Gulch Trail

3 months ago

This was such a beautiful trail the 2nd week in October! It was dry enough that the steeper inclines were easier and had enough debris to grip to. We took our pup with and she loved it too! So calming crossing the Little Thompson river.

Trail was beautiful. Had some friends from out of town so we didn’t go to Little Blue Lake, but Mitchell and Blue Lake were amazing. Lots of little lakes in between them as well. Top parking lot was full even on a Monday morning, so get there early or prepare to hike from a lower lot.

the first half of the trail is a really Rocky Jeep Road. Fairly hard on the knees and ankles. The second half is in the woods send on a much softer trail. The Coney Lake is beautiful and the surrounding mountains are classic Rocky Mountains. The few hikers make this a perfect lake for a picnic and some quality time in the mountains.

Beautiful. Easy, rocky terrain, added 2 miles by going all the way to the bowl

3 months ago

not recommended. if you don't like first quarter mile you won't like trail because it's about the same. No views or panoramas at all. Quite gloomy and closed in the whole way. Main reason to do this trail would be to link to Lost Lake at end of this trail but that's another 4.4 miles or to join Boundary Trail back to Cows Creek but best of luck doing that one! Just done Lawn Lake which is better in every respect. Try that one first

3 months ago

found a perfect spot to hang a hammock

Loved this hike. It was tough but well worth the views when getting to meadow mountain. ♥️

Pretty easy half day hike. You’ll enjoy many streams, ponds, waterfalls along the way!

Pretty good trail. First part to Mitchell lake had very little elevation gain. Between Mitchell and Blue lake, it got rocky and had more of a steady elevation gain. Didn’t try to get to little blue lake as I had my dogs with me and didn’t want to ruin their feet. Saw a moose in one of the fields between Mitchell and blue. Started at 730am and there were only a few other cars at the trailhead. When I started back, saw a lot of people and trailhead lot was full when I got back to my car around 1030. Would suggest starting early if you’re not a fan of crowds.

3 months ago

Great trail. Our group actually went up to Lost Lake and a day trip to the glacier near Lake Louise. Great times.

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