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The vegetation, trail, and dramatic view point are all impressive. I enjoyed this better than Devil's Slide across the canyon.

Spectacular views. Can be hard for folks who take time in adjusting to altitude low pressure at 10k ft

Fantastic hike!!!! One of the best that I have accomplished this year. It is 11.4 miles, not 13, but if you don't like going down hill, the last 2.5 miles will feel like 5 miles. As others have said it is that first (and last) 2.5 miles that are the steepest. The middle is relatively easy (if you are used to big hikes) while the switchbacks make the last mile quite doable. Very pretty, no steep drop offs, lots to look at, the rock and tree formations are fantastic. The Forest Service office in Idyllwild opens at 8 but you can also get a permit in the outdoor kiosk.

The view from the top is well worth the effort! I didn’t think the trail was too difficult, but you can feel the incline and the altitude may be bothersome if you aren’t accustomed to it. Parking wasn’t an issue for me around 3:30 on a Saturday although earlier in the day, it seemed to be pretty full. I did get off trail once, but it wasn’t that far before I realized my mistake and backtracked to the correct direction.

I did this hike solo on a Tuesday and it was exactly what I needed to get away from my busy and tiresome mom life! There were maybe 15 other hikers so not crowded at all. The climb was steady but not steep. As another reviewer pointed out, there are a few places where it might be easy to miss the trail but only if you don’t have a trained eye. Just keep following the footprints!

There’s a beautiful open, flatter area with big, tall pines near the top of the ridge before you turn off for Suicide Rock. This was probably my favorite part but the entire trail is just gorgeous.

Definitely bring water, snacks, and good shoes!

Also, the ranger station in Idyllwild is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays per the sign in their window so plan ahead to get a permit. Although I was not stopped, they do make it very clear you need one.

Very nice!

15 days ago

This hike was fantastic! I consider myself a novice hiker and found the length and altitude a bit strenuous. However, the views at the top were well worth the trip!! My husband I started the hike at the Deer Springs Trailhead at 1:08pm, made it to Suicide Rock at 3:33pm (after multiple breaks) and completed our descent at 5:18pm this past weekend. Here are few takeaways that I’d tell anyone looking to do the hike:

1. First and foremost, you’ll need a wilderness permit to complete the hike. I ran into 2 park rangers who asked for our permits (safety reasons apparently). You’ll need to stop by the ranger station in town before heading up the mountain.
2. I had a hard time locating this trail on my GPS. The easiest place to locate is the Deer Springs Trailhead that takes you to Suicide Rock. There’s free parking along the highway.
3. Wear hiking boots!! My husband completed the hike in Nikes and he was sliding everywhere. You’ll thank me later.
4. Bring enough water and snacks to get you through the hike, especially during the Summer months.
5. Don’t forget your camera because the views (and even the hike up) are stunning.

This is definitely a hike you need to complete if you’re ever in Idyllwild! Happy hiking!

If you a serious hiker - don't waste your time.
This is a trail in the backyard of some mountain houses, you will hear people in their backyards all along. The views are Ok, and it is as short as it is not challenging.

While I think San Bernadino still has my pick for favorite peak around here I really enjoyed this lovely trek up to San Jacinto. While a tough trail it's not particularly technical and has a similar gradual elevation gain to the previous hill. It's definitely one of the quieter options to hit the peak...for a near perfect Sunday to be making the trek the parking lot had tons of spots when I arrived right before 8 AM and I had the trail to myself for long stretches until the Wellman divide. After Wellman it's a tough 2.3 miles (for me and my asthma the elevation was really taking its toll for some reason this time) to the top including bouldering if you want to achieve that coveted sign pic. The trail also got markedly more busy as those who took the tram up joined the trail as well as those coming up the more well known Marion Mountain trail. For late October there was some running water for filtration if you need it and spectacular views to reward you. The weather was also a little deceptive...I was worried it would be cold like Bernadino had been two weeks earlier but the lack of wind and bright sun made it actually pretty warm, I only donned layers when I stopped at the summit to eat and relax before heading down.

Adventure pass or similar is REQUIRED for parking as well as a hiking permit which you can pick up 24 hours a day at the ranger station in town before you climb to the trailhead. I did meet some lovely rangers who checked mine as I made the ascent. Personally I think I might try to find a place to camp for the night when I inevitably go back...driving from Glendale was fine in the super early morning but traffic on the trip back made the drive seem interminable and almost an hour longer.

Loved this hike! It had great views! Well worth the hike.

To summarize this trail it is a difficult one. Im a fit guy and i cant say that it is extreme, but the distance and elevation does make it hard. Absolutely amazing views all around and the different landscape makes it just an outstanding hike to enjoy. Looking at other people hiking i would say- if you have bad knees then it is not for you. My app got me to 15.2 miles from the Humber trail parking lot to the top and back in 7hours plus half hour break at the top. Hiked it on 10/20 was 60 degrees half way up and at the top had put my jacket on. Some snow was still seen. Great experience.

Beautiful easy trail.

Dope trail dope views dope! there was snow towards the end but didn’t bring micro spikes so it was kind of sketchy.

This is a gorgeous and well maintained trail. The elevation gain was gradual, which is always nice. It happened to rain and hail on me for much of the hike, and I was SO COLD despite my fast pace. Bring layers, and definitely gloves!

I had no adventure pass, so had to wait until 8 am for the ranger station to open. It turns out I could have purchased one at the grocery store as well.

So someone’s review said to start at the trailhead where the parking is and my friend and I think they are completely wrong. If you start from the dirt road entrance which is off of Taqhuitz rd I believe that is uphill. You finish the trail at the parking lot and if you follow the road a little up and to the right you find restrooms and picnic benches. When you go back down there is only a small part that is up hill but then the rest is downhill. We both hiked with our babies in baby carriers. Trust me when I say start from the first road.

The hike itself of course is beautiful because you are going through a beautiful forest and beautiful sights as you go higher and higher. However The end isn’t as rewarding as Taqhuitz peak. When Taqhuitz peak opens again from Southridge, I would suggest trying that one. It is a moderate to hard hike due to the switchbacks but it is very beautiful and so worth it when you get to the ranger tower.

I use this trail for backpacking training. It usually takes me 10 to 12 hours round trip, depending on how I feel. Its long and intense, ideal for PCT, CDT or AT training. Bring plenty of water and food

Great hike! Clearly marked, beautiful views, steady climb and well maintained!

Great hike, nice views, not too strenuous and beautiful weather

I definitely suggest starting from the bottom. When I did the trail I only knew of starting at the trailhead . My friends and I hiked through and realized there was parking on the street to start from the opposite side. Hiking back was mostly uphill and we would have preferred to do it the other way around. To hike uphill first (out) and comeback (back) downhill , park on the street end of the trail not the trailhead end of the trail.

Stunning views. Easy hike.

Great hike. Beautiful with different views that are amazing. Trail is not rocky which I love. Some switch backs but not many. The peak is incredible. It can get windy but we got lucky and it was calm. The tower allows you to see forever views.

1 month ago

Nice easy trail with an incredible view at the top!!! It is starting to get a little cool at the top but it sure beats the summer heat!! Found a good spot for a hammock nap at the top too!

Just came off this trail. it has a well earned "moderate" rating as it is approximately 2.6 miles of constant grade from the trailhead the saddle.

Trail is well maintained, switchbacks are well graded. All in all, this is a great hike with nice access to the PCT, Taquitz Peak (1.4 miles south from the saddle), and San Jacinto peak via the PCT (7 miles north from the saddle).

Beautiful views, though physically challenging. Hiked the trail last Saturday. Went through five liters of water.

This is known as the shortcut to the cactus to clouds but it’s still pretty intense. I loved the scenery on this hike. I did this one about a month ago (early September) and it was about 100 degrees in Palm Springs but it’s about 30 degrees cooler at the top of the tram in the park so pack accordingly. I tried to get a ticket for the tram on the website but they were out so I just showed up 30 mins before the first tram at 8am and was able to get a ticket no problem. The hike is pretty easy to follow and shaded most of the way so it helps. The last 10th of a mile requires some scrambling but nothing too crazy.

Overall a good experience.

Nice views. Dogs liked it too

Great hike, very worth it. The climb to Little Round Valley is the hardest part. After the valley, the final assent isn’t much farther or as hard.

If you approach the highest point from directly below, there’s an easy boulder problem ;)

Such a great hike. I did this in June. I was just starting out for the season. Was hard for me to the meadows. Meet PCT hikers at the meadows. Will be back to go up go the peak

First off, here’s what my GPS (Garmin GPSMAP 64st) gave for distance and elevation gain... twice.

Mileage Round Trip: 15.49 miles
Elevation Gain: 4,876 feet

The reason the elevation gain’s so high is because the hike is a geographically anomaly described by grandparents as their walk to school... uphill both ways. Joking aside the ridge dips and gains a lot so be prepared for ups.

Spectacular trail with a bomb view of San Jacinto Peak a few miles in. This was my third time to the summit and definitely not my last. Enjoy!

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