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Went a day after the rain and everything was pretty much dried out except for the very top, where there was still ice! Took out small dog and he enjoyed it very much, wasn't a struggle for him at all. I took hiking poles too, but they weren't really any help, so you don't actually need them. It is just hiking uphill all the way up, but once you get to the top the views are wonderful and the fire lookout is pretty cool too. There's a bathroom all the way up at the top too. People also use the first half of this road for offroading, so be aware there will be trucks, jeeps and other vehicles making the trek up with you. Parking is just right at the trailhead, not a huge space, but there weren't many cars when we came so I'm sure you don't have to worry about it being full.

3 days ago

Beautiful hike on 1/12/19, Saturday morning right after the rain. trail stayed in good condition. Scenery was beautiful. Hills were very green from recent rain. the climb was a little bit challenging but we took it slow.

it's all fire road but you will get your exercise going uphill

Fairly inexperienced as a hiker, but this hike was a great way to spend a morning! The main trail was fairly challenging and there were lots of side options to try. Enjoyed it a lot!

Nice hike this morning. The trails weren’t too bad after the rain.

I went on December 21, and ~85% of the trail was in ice or snow. The last half had the hillsides completely covered in snow, from 1 to 2 feet in it. I lost the trail many times after the first half. Very dangerous without a GPS as you can lose your sense of direction (where trail leads), as you’ll see foot prints going various directions and splitting. When I went, there were only 3 other people that I was aware of. Very beautiful and quiet. It was around 40 degrees but it’s not an accurate reading, and there were still heavy gusts when you start to summit.

Decently steep in some places. Views at the top are amazing!

Made it halfway and had to turn around due to time. It’s a scenic hike, nicely shaded by Oaks at the start, but exposed for about a thousand feet of switchbacks. I plan to give it another shot this month to the Gorgonio summit. Parking is limited at the trailhead lot so get there early and know ahead of time that there are no restrooms unless you head up to the ranger station at Vivian Creek.

20 days ago

Loved it! Best hike I’ve been on this far but we got lost on the way back taking a short cut.. highly recommend staying on the trail lol

Great trail....early mornings is the best way to do this trail. Hello to bella and her owner who I ran into last week.

Almost 11 miles of trail great for a day hike. I’ve hiked this trail many times and I never get tired of the views from here. A must see

Hello to anyone that reads this. There are many regular Runners, Hikers,Walkers and Mountain Bikers along with Myself that use these trails as often as 3 times a week. I’ve been noticing a lot trash and water bottles along the trails. Rule of thumb of being in the great outdoors folks, if you bring it with you... take it with you! Thank You

23 days ago

Great set of trails for an hour or a few, hidded in the middle of town. I take guests at all skill levels. higher spots have almost 360 views & are not difficult.

I hike this all the time. Esp hike up the steep incline of Progressive which runs along side and through it, then walk down the road. It's not very pretty but the views are pretty good and it's great for cardiovascular health. I park on Elker when I hike all the way to the dopler orb.

1 month ago

I have hiked moderate trails before and thought this was a good trail to train on for more difficult hiked. The trail is a service road that is wide and well maintained. So, you walk on flat surface the whole way. There is no place to sit and rest along the way except a hillside to lean against. It is all up hill to Beek's and is consistent so you don't have to worry about drastic inclines. The views of the cities are spectacular and you can see the mountain tips from a whole new elevation. I will be using this trail to help me train for Mt. Baldy and Mt. San Jacinto.

I love this trail! I call it cactus gardens because of ask the wild prickly pear you see at the beginning after hopping the creek. I do it often but am frequently chased back down to my car by mosquitos before I can make it to the top.

1 month ago

Nice little backpacking trip if you want to do gear shakedown hike. Nice views, two established camps along the trail: Alger Creek and Dobbs Cabin. Some parts of the trail towards Dobbs Creek are washed out.

Just hiked this trial this weekend. ALL snow. 24” of fresh powder made the summit impossible for our team. Setup for the night at High Camp. Great hike. Cold at 24°. Well worth the experience. Will come back for the summit soon.

1 month ago

Really fun trail! We went around 7:30am and heard a lot of coyotes yipping about halfway into the hike. We took the trail all the way up to the highway and ended up doing an out and back instead of one of the loops you can follow past two trees trail. Very few other hikers, we only saw three people the whole hike, which was about 4.5 miles. We had three dogs and saw a coyote at one point so we turned back. Definitely would do again but be watchful for coyotes in the morning.

I finally completed the 6 pack of Peaks. This hike is freaking hard. We left at 6:05 am and finished at 4:30 PM. Spent less than 15 minutes at the top for photos. 1st mile after you cross dry river bed is a killer. The last couple miles the same, killer. I did this hike about a month ago. All snow now I'm guessing. Mt Whitney next August!

Nice trail and fairly easy hike

On November 11th, we arrived at the Mill Creek ranger station to pick up our camping permit. We arived before they opened to increase our chances of getting a walk in camping permit. With it being a Sunday we lucked out and had our choice of campgrounds. The ranger station sets aside one walk in camp permit per sight per day. Our plan was to hike to the summit and camp at the summit camp site that night. We arrived at the trail-head around 9 am. our packs weighed about 35 ibs each. We started with 4L of water and a filter to resupply our water at high creek camp ground. We carried extra food, fuel, first aid kits, layers, cooking supplies, and the normal camping load. The extra gear was due to the extreme weather that was forecasted. The first mile is by far the steepest. After two hours we arrived at half-way camp ground. Don't let the name foul you, it's only 1/3 of the way to the summit. We reached this site in about 2 hrs. After a quick break, we pushed on to the next camp site, High creek. High creek is around 6 miles in. At this point we were at about the 4 hour mark. High creek is a very nice camp ground and is defiantly the most popular. I recommend applying for this camp site well in advance. But if not, just show up earlier and if your first in line, you'll be a walk on! Whats nice about this camp ground is that its protected from the weather, a nice water source, and great camping spots! We spent about an hour here. We refilled our water from the creek via filter and cooked a nice mountain house meal. As we started pushing for the summit another 3 miles up the mountain the temperature started to drop fast. The last 2 miles are pretty exposed. You'll hear countless people comment about how windy and bone-chilling it gets the last 1.5 miles as they descent. Don't worry to much, if you have layers and a good windbreaker, you'll be fine! Also be sure to bring a good pair of gloves and a beanie. Once we reached the summit at around 5pm, we were welcomed with a beautful sunset on top of the highest peak in SoCal! There was a few small patches of snow. The summit camp ground is about 50 feet away from the summit and is extremely exposed. Although they're about 6 manmade rock shelter to reduce the wind hitting your tent, it still makes up for a windy night. As we set up camp we both experienced our hands going almost completely numb from the cold. As the sun disappeared we set up our tent just in time. At this time it was a rush to warm our hands and jump into our sleeping bags. It was so cold that we decided not to cook that night. The forecasted called for the low to be around 5 and with the windchill to be around -13. We were told the winds would be around 15 but awoke to a wind advisory of 50+ gusts! Luckily we had the proper gear! Our phones stopped working due to the cold and our camel bac froze. At around 1 am we woke up do a midnight summit. It was truly a special moment being on-top of SoCal and only us were crazy enough to experience this that night. I'll never forget all the stars and the sense of purpose that night Brough to us. A sense of belonging that only nature could bring. At around 8 am we broke camp and hiked down making stops at the same camp grounds as before. The climb took us 8 hours and the descent took us around 5. Ultimately, This was a very fun hike! Although a day hike is doable, backpacking this trail seams more enjoyable. Next time I'd love to make this a 3 day trip. Camping at high creek the first night, hiking to the summit day 2 and sleeping back at high camp the 2nd night. That would be more relaxing. This hike is tough but worth it.
Side notes: altitude sickness is possible after 8,000 feet. Both my friend and I got sick at the summit for about two hours after we set up camp, This was due to the heavy packs and fast paced hiking to reach the summit before sunset. If you become sick just stop where your at for a little while until you feel better. If you don't feel better turn around below 8,000 ft and adjust!
Bring a water filter so you can save weight by refilling at high creek.
Start early! It gets dark fast!
Look out for wildfires! We saw multiple firetrucks putting out such fires as we drove home.
Hike with a friend! Trails like this are safe, but weather/ injuires can happen fast and to anyone.
Leave no trace, keep this place beautiful.
Have fun! Enjoy not just the summit but the journey that leads up to it. As you climb notice the different ecosystems!
Camping at the summit was a great time but I wouldn't recommend it with the summit being so windy!

1 month ago

Pretty good. Great for beginners, personally think it should be rated as moderate. Odds are a good amount of people tend to not even give it a chance due to the hard rating.

Short version: I've done it twice this year. Last February and this weekend (Nov 17). Beautiful but difficult. I'm in my mid fifties and in relatively good condition. So, for you young folks... read this review with that in mind. I've hiked Whitney once, San Jacinto a half dozen times, and have covered 15 - 20 mile days in succession on short sections of the PCT. Don't read anything more into all that other than I am an experienced novice that loves to hike.

This little trail is harder than all of my previous hiking.

Long version: Unless you are in hiking shape... not running or surfing or weightlifting shape... but hiking shape with the body used to having 30pds+ strapped to it and walking up hills for hours... regularly and who is? I recommend making a 3 day trip out of it.
Day 1) parking lot to High Creek camp which is 3000'+- of climbing in 6 miles with full pack
Day 2) High Creek Camp to the top and back, which is 2500'+- up then down over 6 miles with day pack
Day 3) 6 miles and 3000' downhill back to car.
This pace would seem to offer what I go to the mtns for which is both a challenge as well as time to put the feet up, get a book out and kick back in the trees. Both times that I've done this hike I've only camped one night. Both trips were awesome but somewhat painful and slightly rushed. Why not add one more night and slow the whole thing down a bit is the realization I came to this morning after downing another post weekend Ibuprofin with my coffee.
If your schedule is tight then the Redbull 10hr+- up and back in a day with only a day pack seems the most popular.
For me hiking is challenging, slowing down is more of a challenge. Probably more than you wanted to know but hope it helps.

Finally, I researched this mountain well prior to my Feb hike as I was considering going solo. I found out that even for experienced hikers with snow and ice gear hiking sometimes on beautiful weather days... this mountain has been very deadly; be careful!

Park on Foothill Prkwy near trailhead sign. Skyline Drive is a maintenance/fire road, graded and approx 12’ wide. Other trails fork off but the main road continues to the Doppler Radome (and beyond).
Not much incline the first 1/2 mile. Past the residential area the climb begins and continues for the next 3+ miles. Nothing too drastic or difficult, just constant, every step uphill. Near the last mile the trail levels out, then descends a bit, then climbs again to the dome.
I went on a Friday morning so past the residential “dog walk” area trail traffic was very light. Only saw a few other hikers and mtn bikers during the hike.
The canyon side of the trail is open, the other hugs the mountain which provides some shade along the way. Nice views of Chino Valley and Corona (north), Lake Matthews (east) and Cleveland National Forest/OC beyond from the top (south). Took 2hrs 10min on way up, approx 1hr 45min way down. Stay hydrated, pack 2L water minimum + snacks for energy. Be safe and have fun!

Great trail! I park at Oak Glen road lot, walk through the regional park, and I start my hike there. It's towards the back. If you take this route, it will also take you to Zanja peak. I find this route to be much more challenging for me. It's about 5.13 total miles from parking lot and back. It takes me about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.

Wow! A tough hike for sure, especially if you’re hauling enough gear to camp over night. Weather was amazing, clear but somewhat cold. The temp over night was around 20 degrees. The trek to High Creek Campgrounds with 40 lbs. worth of gear was a challenge. From Forest Falls to High Creek is a 3k elevation gain in 8.5 miles. It’s a haul! Then the summit is another 2,400 ft to the top. Round trip is really 22 miles back to the car. Took my 14 year old son, we both got a workout! Watch your time, both the hike in and out we ended up hiking in the dark with headlamps for the last few hours. There’s water at High Creek so you can replenish there if you have a pump/filter.

Loved it

Nice trail

This was the second time I've gone up to Gorgonio is as many months. The last trip up was 9/16/18 and I'll be going again on 11/24/18. The first time was great! I met up with a group called "Girls that Hike' an they allowed me into their graces and so I ended up hiking with them all day. What a great group!

On my second trip up, I met up with the Outdoor Athlete Enthusiasts, a group I met through Facebook! We met at 5:00 am, the trial head and proceeded from there. What made my second trip so amazing is there there was snow starting at around 9,500 ft! What we reached the summit it was covered in snow! I've read quite a few reviews and the majority seems to agree, this is a difficult hike and although I can agree, It's certainly not the most difficult hike that I've done!

Although, very short, I found that Mt. Baldy via Register Ridge a more challenging hike as far as elevation gain! On Register Ridge, you're gaining around 4000 ft of elevation in just 3.5 miles (or so) and a portion of that (half mile or so) is on the the Devils Backbone trail with is relatively flat on that portion of the trail! If you want to make it interesting, don't join the Backbone trail when it intersects Register Ridge! Take the short walk to Harwood summit and enjoy some nice views of the high desert! Think about it, two summits on one hike? That's kinda cool, don't you think?

OK, Back to Gorgonio...

When you head out from the parking lot, it seems pretty mellow. Once you get across the creek to the switchbacks, that first mile with test you to the extreme! Once you get past that stretch, it's a pretty good hike! You will encounter some difficulty but over it's not to bad! Beware of the "False Summit"! Before I went up, I'd read about it and watched videos describing it but I got snookered in by it! LOL!

Once at the summit, the views are breathtaking! The first time I went up, it was very clear and you could see for hundreds of miles in all directions! On my second it was clear to the north and east but behind us, the clouds moved in and it was amazing to watch it go from clear to cloudy! I'm talking dark ominous clouds! I though we were going to get rain but it never happened! The hike back was great! It was like being in a dark spooky forest! My daughters said that it reminded them of a cemetery in a scary movie! LOL!
I love this hike, I've made it my goal to learn this mountain! This next time I may camp out up there! Not sure yet! So, If you're up for a challenge, I strongly recommend this hike! It's one you'll not soon forget!

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