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Great Hike (13-14 APR 2018). My GPS showed 21 total miles round trip... We stayed on the trail. I think that the switchbacks have been extended. Friday on ascent we only saw 3 other people. Saturday, on our decent we saw about 40 hikers on their way up. Used only trekking poles.

2 days ago

For my first time hiking this trail kicked my ass all the way up the hill. It was a great workout. When you reach the top youll see that there are other trails! Be careful for snakes. Its getting warmer and they like to lay in the trail. First time i went was 4/7/18 and a rattle snake was laying in the middle of the trail.
The second time 4/15/18 and came across a smaller snake also laying in the trail.

on Dragon's Back

3 days ago

Fun trail! Although my partner and I got carried away and ended up following a bike trail it was still a lot of fun! Just make sure not to be chatty Kathy’s and get yourself lost and you’ll be right as rain!

Oh, and ‘Dragon’s Back’? More like ‘Lizard’s Back’! HA There was so many cute little lizards!

Definitely tough trek and well worth it! Be careful not to miss the trailhead on the left of the mill less than 1/2 mile from parking. Last marker reads summit camp straight, Vivian creek right. Go straight towards summit camp and you’re there. Got up and down yesterday 4/13/18 without yak tracks or micro spikes. Couple of patches of snow/ice less than 6-10 feet on trail. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Started this hike at 5am. There were already a few cars parked at the trail head. The trail is distinctly marked with signs from the trail head as you cross the Mill Creek River Bed.

It took us about 6 hours to ascend to the peak. We definitely took our sweet time. The weather was just too perfect! Hardly any wind at all and a cool 65 degrees for most of the hike. Still a few patches of snow and ice, but microspikes it not necessary. I would recommend trekking poles hiking back down due to the speed descend.

Be aware that once you come down the peak, don’t take the peak divide trail by accident. That will take you to the San Bernardino Peak, make sure you take the trail to the left.

Overall, one of the most beautiful hikes out here in the Inland Empire.

Bonus: We saw a bobcat hiding in a small cave.

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on Zanja Peak Trail

6 days ago

Wow. Nice hike. Loved how steep it was! The only downside is that there is so many different trails you could take that might end up getting you lost. However, it was fun overall!

Good views

Started at 5AM and took about 9.5H from the Vivian Creek trailhead to summit and return. There is minimal snow above 8k and was perfectly fine with poles and microspikes / yaktrax. Crampons and axe are unnecessary right now. The initial switchbacks and elevation gain are brutal and even worse when coming down. Take as little weight as possible to save your knees.

trail running
11 days ago

Lately I’ve been running these trails at least 3 times a week. I love it out here. There are some areas that are challenging and once you frequent these trails you cannot get lost. The trails will lead you to the Yucaipa Regional Park, Crafton Hills College, Hghwy 38 near Mill creek ranger station. It’s warming up out here so take a Camel Pack.

13 days ago

This trail is a great workout and has beautiful views. Lots of lizards and my mother and I saw a huge snake. We had to wait for it to disappear into the brush to continue walking. Lots of fun definitely coming back

13 days ago

Great way to break a sweat

13 days ago

The way down is slippery..I recommend a walking stick for more stability.

A bun burner for sure!

15 days ago

It is a good trail the way up is a bit iffy but not bad other than that great trail no trash good weather great view and it is a nice easy trail even thou slip and fell on my buttocks.

Challenging and fun. Meets up to other trails that I use allowing for shorter or longer hikes.

I've seen kids on the trail but it's not really the best trail for little ones due to its terrain and wildlife so if you have kids keep an eye on them. I've personally ran into mountain lions and coyotes and rattlesnakes.

If you want challenge this is definitely a good trail.

I love this trail. Great for running or a easy stroll.

Fantastic challenging trail. Completed 10/6/17. From trailhead to summit - 5 hrs. Weather was perfect in early October.

The trail is very difficult and conditions are terrible deep snow and ice are all over the trail but the view at the top is amazing the trip should take you about two days make sure to bring appropriate clothing and a tent

18 days ago

Started at the trailhead on foothill at 6:40 am (parking was already getting packed) took 3 1/2 hours to get to the Doppler. We stopped a few times here and there on our way. The trail is a dirt fire road all the way up. It’s very well maintained. There are some other trails that go along side of this main trail that cuts the distance from 6 miles down to 4.8 miles but it is a lot more steep. However it is not as widely taken so on a crowded day you can take one of these and it’s a nice get away from the crowd. Beeks place was very cool and had a great view. And lots of shade which is the only place you’ll have shade aside from the Doppler. Any time after 9am there is no shade at all on the trail so start early. After a light lunch hiked back to the car in 2 hours. Me and my friend both used 3 liters of water I oils recommend just a tad more because it gets hot in the sun. Overall had a great time and would highly recommend it!

21 days ago

This trail is my favorite in Corona by far. It has many different routes for different levels of hikers. There are south, west, and north trails. South trail is shorter but has a short and steep dirt road that you can see from 91 Fwy. West trail leads you to waterfall with couple mine caves on the way. Go pass beyond the end of trail sign, you will need to clime some huge rocks to keep going. A great 8-10 miles round trip if you can make it. The north trail is a uphill hike all the way to the other side of the mountain. I walked the narrow bike trail with my 2 dogs. It’s a bit slippery but will for sure burn some calories and test your guts. Bring good hiking shoes to stay safe. It’s a fun and challenging trail that you can visit all year round.

21 days ago

Great hike. You’ll enjoy the views

21 days ago

took my 3 and 5 year old girls on this trail for the 1st time. absolutely loved the trail as it was easy compared to some of the other trails we have been doing. the only reason for not giving it 5 stars is the abundance of dog crap for about the first .5 to .75 miles of the trail. can't believe how much crap was not picked up. today was a cool day and we started about 11:30am but due to the lack of shade, I would not recommend starting this late in the day. we did 2.5 miles in for a total if 5 miles. can't wait to go again. oh parking can be tough so be prepared for that.

22 days ago

Beautiful hike on a clear day, ran into a rattle snake on my way down so please keep an eye out and listen to your surroundings!

on Skyline Drive

23 days ago

So beautiful and quite peaceful. One of my favorites :D


I enjoyed this hike today and appreciated the good uphill workout. I had the hill to myself until two coyotes showed up. They ran off when they noticed me.
It rained yesterday and has been pretty cold...but I was sweating and heated. Bring plenty of water no matter what time of year.

Proper preperation prevents poor performance.

March 20th was my third time on the mountain this winter and I had the pleasure of bringing the girlfriend recently.
Started at 3 am so we could be high enough for some good morning shots. Together we reached a point about 2.5 miles from the peak but the girlfriend was dead! She just got back the morning before from a week long trip to Bali so I don't blame her. Ran/Jogged the last 2 miles up. There's two little peaks at the top but I went to the one 20 feet lower in elevation so I could save the real peak for the girlfriend and I. All in all a good experience with the right gear..and weather lol

Really nice, steep for a bit, flat for a lot, downhill for some. Tranquil. Not many people at all, like zero hikers. A few dirt bikers.

when you make it to the top, you have no doubt you did something. a little on the steep side at times, but worth t he views.

1 month ago

Beautiful view and no rocks. Smooth trail.

1 month ago

Amazing beautiful adventures!!!

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