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on Gross North Shore Trail

5 hours ago

Awesome for tourists

Great bike ride: park at Standley Lake Library. you can climb the berm behind the library to the canal trail then go north to catch Standley Lake Trail (really a service road). Follow the road to the North shore and through the campground to continue West for a bit before turning north across the road (100th St?) and into the dog park for 4 more miles.

beautiful hike. once your at the bottom it's nice and cool following the stream for a while.. I would rate as hard, but able to do it with my baby in my pack. glad we took the advice of others and did clockwise, down the brook trail and up Chavez.. nice challenging hike

Brought my friends from Kansas here for a short, easy, lightly trafficked hike with pretty views and that’s exactly what this trail gave us. It was 2 miles round trip and was perfect for my active and non-active friends.

Although it takes a while to reach the trailhead (where parking is limited), the hike around the lake is first-rate. The four+ mile loop is an easy to moderate trail shared with horses. This is one of the best hikes in the Arapaho National Recreation Area—don’t miss it!

This trailhead also allows access to other (more lengthy and difficult) hikes.

On our second visit to the lake, we watched kayakers and canoeists paddling around the lake. Fishermen were also in evidence.

Hiked this on Black Friday and with the road to the trailhead closed it adds about an extra mile out and back. Was pretty iced over and slick in areas so I hoghly recommend microspikes in the winter. I was the only one out there so I really enjoyed the serenity of watching the sunset over the frozen lake.

Was planning on doing the Blue Lakes trail but didn't realize you had to pay $11 entry fee cash only. So since I didn't have any cash on me, I just decided to park in the free parking lot and see where the trails would lead. The couple of bridges and waterfalls were a nice surprise and it was so peaceful with some fall colors. Only saw 2 other people on the trail on a Saturday afternoon.

A great hike just a drive out of the city and the trail is defiantly moderate or more. There are rocky terrain along the Chavez trail and so I appreciated someone’s tip about taking the trail up rather than down the sliding rock terrains. Thank you and hopefully others will do so too. Enjoy!

very nice trail. some great views and the aspens are beautiful. In a few days they will be glowing!!

this trail was amazing. parked at the trail head the night before and slept in my car. the lakes were cool and the summit even better. went on a Saturday and only ran into a handful of hikers. when we got back to the parking lot it was packed with the bierstadt crowd. definitely recommend for a challenging, rewarding, and less crowded hike.

20 small water crossings on the trail loop.

Saw two moose in the marsh area. Beautiful hike that’s on the easy end of moderate.

3 days ago

Trail was great. Didn’t see any mountain lions.

Pretty hike only 20 minute drive from Lyons.
Great views of reservoir and Longs Peak at the halfway point.
2.5 hours total.

What a beautiful hike! It is at the base of Mt. Evans 14er, so you get great views of the peaks around you as well as three lakes! At the top you get a great view down the valley; definitely worth the climb. We arrived at the trailhead around 7:30AM and got great parking, and only started seeing others towards the end heading back to our car. Definitely recommend this hike, it is one of my favorites in Colorado!

I started hiking around 2 PM and the trail was almost completely in the shade. Loved that I could stop pretty much anywhere along the way to get wet.

Great views in route and at summit. The trail presented is not accurate at 4wd road crossing. There are only wilderness signs on west side of road, no trail today. We took the 4wd road north to an established trail that goes west and merges to a summit trail. Another trail descends from simmit towards Alice. We explored that route and haf to tske with an unmarked and closed 4wd trail that goes east towards st marys and the illustrated trail. We eventually went off trail to go east and find the trail to st marys. The all trails presentation might be a snowshoe route or an older route before wilderness designation closed a trail.

Hiked this trail on a Thursday. I saw only two people and that was on my return. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the gold leaf aspens on the side of the mountain were beautiful. The lake was great and trail around it is a single track trail that gives you great views of the lake. I thought this was a nice and easy trail. Bring a lunch and eat it on a rock by the lake.

Went here last weekend, this is now my favorite trail in Colorado. Super well marked, not a high climb, wild flowers, aspens in bloom, just amazing!

This trail looks terrible. I understand now there was a fire and it’s very apparent. Do not waste your time walking through the dirt and ash this year.

Beautiful terrain, very little foot traffic. I was the only one hiking this trail for the first couple hours this morning. I left St Mary’s trailhead at 7:15am and summited around 9:45. Beyond the St Mary’s trail it was tough to navigate the proper James Peak trail but there is a big dirt road that you can veer to the left and eventually find the smaller trail on the right for James Peak. Once on the trail, it was very well maintained and easy to navigate. I’ve lived in CO all my life and hiked lots of 14ers but I enjoyed this 13er the most!!! Beautiful and stunning views!!

This is my favorite hike in Colorado. I typically only see one or two people/groups after you’ve made it up to the upper Chicago lake. But everyone you run into along the way is always very friendly & respectful. Echo lake itself gets VERY congested but most people remain there & don’t venture off to the Chicago lakes.
I went up yesterday & while hiking around the lower Chicago lake I noticed an abandoned campsite. It had been totally thrashed by time & weather. Just some bits of tent, garbage and boots... It was very odd. I thought it was worth making an account here to mention it. Never seen anything like that before on this hike.

Gorgeous scenery on this hike and so close!! We hiked early on a Sunday, before the Bronco game, and it was not busy at all! You get a little of everything on this hike. Shaded forest, river crossings, narrow cliff paths, sunny hot patches with cactus all in one hike.

It was ok. Got there around 9am plenty of parking.

Really nice hike with good lake and Mountain View’s. I think this should be rated as easy. I’m not that fit and had no problems.

8 days ago

I hiked this trail alone on a day when it was not highly trafficked. It was gorgeous and very rewarding with a lovely creek running through the bottom of the valley. Beware coming with kids, the Chavez Trail side has cliffs and steep parts, and I dropped my phone off of one of the cliffs and had to venture down to get it. Overall very rewarding trail system and would love to try the longer version of the trail.

Awesome hike. It goes downhill at first, which stinks for the hike back, but the lakes, views and colors are amazing. We went up to the second lake which made the hike closer to 10 miles

Again, misleading on the mileage. Not sure how they manage the miles on this website, but three people of varying gaite came to the same distance of ~7 miles. No big deal... The parking from Hwy 93 is located on the left side of the road, just before the red barn on the right. It's a small dirt road leading to the trail head parking. Good parking, but overflow is on the road, so no worries.
There are two ways to attack this trail, one is to the right and one is on the left. Depends on how you really want to tackle the hike. Both are pretty even in their ratings, and nothing too difficult. If you go left, from the parking, you will have an uphill for the most part. Both trails start with a small run through the hills, but soon become service roads. No real big deal, but they are both in the sun, so wear sunscreen or wear a hat. After that, they meander through the mountains. Agree that the streams run the path, but with the lack of rain fall, not much so. It's a nice hike, shared with bikers and others. Enjoyable, none the less. Nice hike and would do so again. Considering this is the second time as we could not locate Burro trail There are many junctions off this trail.

I would usually give this hike three stars because I don’t enjoy the Chavez trail. Today I took Beaver Brook to the bottom, spent time by the water with my pup, then went back the way I came. Still good incline and much more pleasant. If you’re like me and don’t enjoy boulder scrambling I recommend hiking the trail the way I did. I can’t wait to go on this trail next spring and early summer when there’s more water. Still totally worth it though!

Great hike and not crowded. We got to the trail head around 7 am, once you pass the lower lake and go around on the trail, the trail is hard to find/see (we could see the trail above - we just started hiking up until we found it again). Great incline in a short period of time. You do hit a couple false summits as well. Great views at the top.

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