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undeniably the most gorgeous waterfall I have seen in person. And I've seen a few...
there is also great 4 wheel drive/atv/motocross trails in the area (you'll drive right by these, so keep your eye open)

They told me to leave because of my horse

My absolute favorite hike, but I can’t stress enough to bring an SUV! The walk down to the trail head isn’t bad it’s having the 2.5 mile walk back up a rocky road after, luckily enough people are great and offered us to hitch a ride in their truck bed on the way back. That said, hope you’re prepared to get wet and muddy!

7 days ago

Knowing some tips about this trail will make your life a lot easier. Go with a friend who has been there before. And plan to get wet and dirty.

Amazing reward at the end!

12 days ago

March 3, 2018

Waterfall and the 360 degrees around it are a 6 out of 5.

Hike itself is kind of meh. The drive was fun and sketchy. You can get to a dirt parking area with most cars. But it would not be fun to walk the way down the road and back up. I was able to get 4/5 of the way down before the road gave way too much for my stock 4Runner and parked on turn around cove.

Another driver made it all the way down to gate with probably 22” tires on a pick up.

Hike was slippery and muddy and once you get to river edge have to hike on rocks the size of a human head for an eighth of a mile. It’s all about the payoff. Saw 2 other hikers and had the place to myself when I got there. Go now if looking for a good sight or wait until warmer weather to have a better time on the sloppy trail.

This was overall a very beautiful hike, with a few small precautions that hikers should be made aware of. First, the restroom at the trailhead is poorly maintained. Second, do NOT leave valuables in your vehicle, as there was broken glass scattered throughout the parking lot. Third, many hikers not leashing their dogs. Otherwise, the river was crystal clear and mesmerizing, and the terrain made for a fantastic workout! Bring lots of snacks!

Beautiful, short hike over packed snow. Family friendly and definitely worth it. Expect snow until mid March.

16 days ago

beautiful. shitty(ish) conditions in the dead of winter (go figure). kinda hard to find but fairness there was snow covering everything. absolutely worth it.

Beautiful waterfall! Just some notes on this trail:

If you start where AllTrails tells you to, you’re pretty much walking down an ATV/Offroading-type road the majority of the hike. I drove down this road not knowing this and pretty much made the hike towards the waterfall about a mile (one-way). I basically drove until I hit a white gate. When you get there, park off to the side and walk back up 50-100 feet and you can head down onto a trail to go to the waterfall. Do note, this is one of the two ways to get down to the waterfall, and it can be very, very sketch getting down and up. There are a few climbing ropes spread about to assist you, but it is pretty much a scramble down, and it was very muddy with snow yesterday when we did it. We encountered a hiker/photographer who had actually slide down much of this slope down and banged up his wrist (hope he’s okay!). If you hike it, you might find another well trafficked way down, but I didn’t spot it on the drive there.

In regards to driving down much of the trail, most people say to use an SUV or truck with 4x4/AWD. I did just fine in my little Subaru Impreza with winter tires (sorry to the stuck 4Runner that we couldn’t provide much help). Just choose your lines carefully, know your car well. It DOES get really icy, and the drive back up is pretty hilly. Turning off traction control helps, but be confident in driving in winter conditions if you attempt this.

Awesome hike. Soft on your feet and beautiful trees. The view of the pool is incredible from above. Really cold water. Heavy trafficked trail

25 days ago

Went here today (02-19-18) and had a blast! Unless you want to walk in 1+ miles in gravel to the trailhead, I suggest taking an AWD/4x4 vehicle due to the recent snow and high elevation. There's a white gate and majority of vehicles parked there since the head is pretty close. Don't forget to bring boots!

2/17/2018 - Pup Creek definitely makes you work for its beauty. This was an easy to access trail right off of 224. No snow on the roads or trail. The trail was worn down from the winter but looks like it’s usually well maintained otherwise. Lots of downed trees and even some sections of the trail that looked like it had recently washed out or had the potential to do so. The water of the clackamas river is a gorgeous turquoise/green and the forest you hike through is vibrant. Only downside is the road is also right there, but since I was hiking alone it was comforting. Elevation is fairly gradual but I definitely felt it on my trip back to the car.

29 days ago

This is a point to point hike along the Clackamas River that connects upstream Riverside Campground to downstream Rainbow Campground. I started and finished at Rainbow Campground trailhead. It is a good easy hike with very little elevation gain and I used it to increase my walking speed. Light snow was on the trail in some areas though not an issue. I imagine with all the spur trails to the river this is a good place for summer swims. Hiked on 02/15/18.

Great place to hike when it's not to crowded

Waterfall (pup creek falls) is a 5/5 - amazing.
Bald eagle sighting at parking site.

Hike came in at 9 miles for me (4.5 each way including off trail treks to see each smaller fall along the way)

For feb the weather was nice, no snow, trail not as exciting for the first 3 miles. Understandably a lot of downed trees with the sloping ridge/off season but also a lot of the trail was suffering. Clackamas river very pretty but hiking trail & river follow alongside a road with decent amount of cars across the way for the entirety. Nice hike with great payoff but dreaded having to go back on the same trail all 4m back.

1 month ago

Nice easy trail, very narrow in some places. There are two entry points. You can start at the first one one which is about .50 mile from the Ripplebrook guard station, which is also a general store that sells passes to Bagby Hot Springs if you wanna full day. There is a sign indicating the trail, but this point drops you off in the middle of the trail and you can walk up and down both directions. If you want to start at the beginning of the trail, head further down to Riverside camp ground for an easy 3.7 mile trek one-way. As noted it runs close to the road, but traffic was light as was the trail on a cloudy Sunday morning in February.

Beautiful forest and falls! Semi busy on a Saturday afternoon but not too bad. A few logs and muddy spots to navigate, but all in all a fun afternoon.

1 month ago

we went 1/28/18 and found a beautiful waterfall at the end! Getting there was a rugged muddy climb. I would recommend wearing shoes and pants that can get dirty. Totally worth it in the end.

Hike itself is not “hard” but it’s not for the faint of heart (or heights) pack some boots meant for mudslides if you go right now. (We were there 1/28)
If you find a drone floating in the water, that’s ours. Probably some pretty gorgeous footage on it too! Will go back when it’s replaced :)

Absolutely beautiful, look for the rope to guide you down and follow the rocks on the river to the falls. Someone was walking along the top ridge instead and it was suuuper unsafe with the mud and rocks.

Wonderful hike! A little muddy but still enjoyable. However, I almost missed the pool! If you reach a sign that says “does not loop around” you’ve gone too far.

Very muddy and slippery today. Well worth it though. It’s definitely moderate to difficult, but from where I parked I only clocked about 2 miles out and back. Back to parking; I’d advise if you have a capable suv or truck to drive all the way to the white gate, the trailhead is right there, otherwise you’re basically walking a gravel road forever. Lots of confusion today amongst new comers myself included as to where exactly to park, start hiking. Falls are amazing!

1 month ago

Hard to find but man was it worth it at the end!

1 month ago

Water level is super high today, the river was raging and no way to walk along the river directly up to the falls as appears to be possible normally. We made it by basically clinging to the side of the bank by roots and branches, skirting underneath the basalt cliff dripping with water, moss and fern. Totally worth it when we made it to the falls. The water was thunderous and the pool was a gushing whirl of water beneath, leaving us to enjoy from a precarious perch above. Needless to say, it was not a crowded day.

Ps don’t go straight past the gate, without the heavy traffic, a lot of people were going the wrong way. Also major thanks to the girl that gave us a lift from halfway back to the first lot!

This is the best waterfall I've been to in Oregon so far. It's like you're in a whole other world. It's so incredibly beautiful. We made a beautiful video showcasing the hike from the main trail head.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLgQzf64AMo&t=331s

Nice trail. Allot of people but all friendly. wish it was further from the road but pleasant anyway.

on Abiqua Falls Trail

1 month ago

this is an amazing short hike if you park right out the trail. I parked on the huge parking lot which I hope they'll fix it soon. I did 4.8 mile round trip from there. In my opinion I consider this an easy hike, but for beginners it's a moderate! But great waterfall at the end (:

1 month ago

Worth it

Nice views of the river and gently varying elevation along the route. The falls themselves are gorgeous. We saw a bald eagle hunting along the river. All in all a good winter hike that's easy to get to.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail. Lots of cute little waterfalls and a few nice places to hang out by the river along the way. No snow, but muddy (which my dog loved!). The elevation is not bad at all. A little steep in some areas. Overall a pretty easy hike. Pup creek falls was lovely. Be cautious when leaving your car at the trail head. Came back to find that a car near mine that had been broken into :(

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