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1 day ago

Wonderful....great arch with shade at the end.

SPECTACULAR. Great workout and phenomenal views. You gotta do it!!

I really enjoyed this trail. I guess that it is too short and too little elevation gain to be rated as "hard", but I have to say that there are a few sections that are full on scrambling.....you are for sure using your hands and feet to climb up steep bedrock. (Definitely not "just" a hike.) I got to the top of the trail at sunset, which is an especially lovely time of day to view the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

The bridge at the end is awesome. Unfortunately the trail getting there is infested in poison ivy. We vigilantly watched for it and tried to avoid it, but somehow both the dog and I started our week in Moab with poison ivy. I wouldn’t recommend for kids or pets.

1 day ago

Great hike. Beautiful Canyon. I'd say the hike is easy to moderate. only reason for 4 stars is because it was so packed. Not hard to keep your feet dry water is very shallow.

1 day ago

Really simple walk up but can do a bit of bouldering/climbing

1 day ago

Probably one of my favourite hikes I’ve ever done anywhere. The scenery was breathtaking, it has equal parts sun and shade. I saw a lizard, lots of cacti and the river that you run along side was perfect to keep my dog hydrated. I would def go back and do this again. So glad I did it while I was in Moab

One of my favorites! Short and sweet if you don’t have much time but want a good workout with amazing views fast. You must climb up a portion of the trail. It’s easier than it looks. Going down is a bit harder. Just go back down on your rear end and it’s much easier. Wear shoes with excellent traction and be prepared to get your hands dirty climbing up! It can get crowded so go early.

There are a few options. If you’re not a climber, or are afraid of heights, you can stay on the first level and hike around the base. It’s very pretty and a nice hike in and of itself.

Beautiful hike. It was crazy to see such greenery in the desert. Some great views. Hike was fairly moderate. At the start of the trail if you go right first it is a little more challenging cause u are climbing and if you go left first it is a steady climb but subtle.

Worth the work! Be sure to spend time up at the top!!!

3 days ago

This trail was by far one of my most favorite hikes we did while in Moab. It’s beautiful! Trees, shade, sun, arches, rocks, water and dogs! It was awesome. I joked it in my Chaco sandals and shorts in April and it was perfect. Maybe bring a little insect repellent. I noticed bugs starting to come out. Also, watch out for cacti and poison ivy.

3 days ago

I look my wife, 4 kids and small dog for this fun little hike. Everyone gave it a 5 star review! The water was warm enough to play in (even in Mid April) and the trail was was well established. Water crossings are a must if you really want to enjoy the trail and stay cool so I wouldn't bring your boots if I were you. The trail was a little more technical than I thought my 4 year old son could handle, but nobody fell or got scared so I guess it wasn't too bad after all.

I wouldn’t recommend it for people not in good shape and comfortable climbing. And please leave you 1 year old and your dog at home. Not appropriate for canines and babies.

I would consider this an easy moderate trail. It was very scenic with the creek running alongside the trail, all of the greenery, the canyon walls towering on both sides, and of course the arch or land bridge at the end. You might get your feet wet since the trail crosses the creek several times. But, if you have good balance you might be able to stay dry!

Beautiful views and easy walks for kids. Falls are incredible but very busy with lingering tourists.

The prints and fossils were cool, but the cyclists scream profanity at you and your kids for being on the wrong side of the trail, regardless of the fact that they too keep wandering over into the pedestrian lane AND there's a tour bus we're all trying to avoid. Nice place to bring the kids though, if you're into that kind of stuff. I've had a few issues with cyclists on the trails but these people were something else. Manners y'all.

Breathtaking. Fun for the entire family.

Amazing loop hike! This place feels like out of AZ with so much greenery.

Mostly flat. Easy to navigate. Some areas were washed out but easy to get around.
I assumed 3.4 miles referred to the entire loop itself but I stop counting at mile marker 5.
Not a bad trail for a light hike.

A bit steep for us- but even 3/4 if the way up is quite a view. I’d choose Templeton over this just because the scramble is too treacherous for me!

My favorite hike in Sedona!! Well marked trail. Breathtaking views when you arrive at the top. Can be challenging for some in a few spots.

Easy hike. My favorite arch of all time!

Excellent option if you like The Narrows, this is a much less populated water trail. Neoprene socks keep your feet warm in the cold creek water. First half of the hike is a bit exposed but the 2nd half is shaded in the narrow canyons.

All time favorite

This was worth every penny for the guided hike. We enjoyed getting to try out some beginner canyoneering skills. It's beautiful in the fiery furnace.

on Cathedral Rock Trail

8 days ago


Loved this trail. I stayed on the black creek trail and the trees and flowers were blooming. Very pretty and relaxing.

Loved! Very scenic, a little crowded in am. Parking is pretty good if you get there early.

This was much more my speed as a beginner vs the longer hike to the upper falls via Flume trail and in my opinion just as pretty. The only negative comment I have is the amount of people trying to drive Hondas or Prius. It's about a 30-45min drive down a rough dirt road. They didn't let the Jeeps like us and 4x4s pass and we saw a few get stuck. Common courtesy let people with more suitable
off-road vehicles pass.

I loved this trail. Awesome day hike. Went all the way up the canyon out & back. Hidden falls is also great. Saw moose and bear. Some of the most beautiful views of any hiking you could hope for!

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